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REAL class 101- don't criticize someone just for stating truth-only to comeback with your own support of that which was rightly criticized.And if Tidal we're classy, they'd have simply mentioned they don't have the rights to stream (because you know, tidal sucks) instead of using Apple as the very first word. LolSo sign up for Apple music and ditch tidal.Common sense 101- todal= suckage. Apple music= hotness.For goodness sake man! Choose hotness!Because... Tidal sucks.
And the whole "we have evidence, but we won't show you because we are too good" means they have no evidence and whoever said that likely doesn't understand the libelous trouble they are in should Apple decide to pursue this.
Lol. Tidal sucks. So they blame Apple. funny thing is Apple didn't have anything to do with it. Just go away little bum. Go away. And even if Apple did, it's called contracts and business. And the artists willingly take part in that. After all, let's not forget that Todal isn't about the people enjoying the music. It's about the business of producers making money.
See above.
lolYou miss the point.A judge can't just full out favor someone. She'd be gone. It's the subtleties.Learn life. Then come back.
Actually, I meant KOREA.I get she's born here. But she has the mentality of those who call themselves ABC, mr. Jung. Chinese who don't want to be called American, so they call themselves American born Chinese. It's ok to recognize Koh's Korean heritage when she's appointed to office, but not ok to recognize her bias when it's on display? And if you are Korean, you also know the racism that is prevalent in the culture.And let's give Koh the benefit of the doubt and say...
No It's Samsung's fault. Period. They copied. And when it looked like they might actually face some justice, they keep absing the system and getting out of it. Of course Apple is going to keep going back to make them pay. It's only right. Apple is simply doing what they have to in order to keep a runamick Samsing in check legally. Apple would not be forced to respond if Samsung would stop filing needlessly. And this latest is a case in poinnt. They filed and Apple...
Seems Samsung was the rapid fire party, not Apple. Apple filed two filings, Samsung four, two of them back to back. but of course, they have to punish Apple for Samsungs mistake. Koh just loves her homeland.
Google did a similar thing before with safari on the Mac. Google sucks. That is all. They can spin it into good intentions all they want. It is still bad news. Apple needs to enter the search and web infrastructure business. Kill off this crap.
Direct middle offset right aligned text? It's 2015. No golden ratio? The Jobs pic actually fits within a golden grid area on the page as a whole. But not in relation or harmony with the other elements. This one is a fail. And if they were going for an older Apple style, they'd have centered it with a serif font. So no excuses. This poster is minimalist. But not in a good way. Nor in an Apple way. Too much wrong. While trying to be chic, it just looks like an art...
New Posts  All Forums: