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And that is the cop-out poster quote of the day...Thanks for playing!
Then they should at least give the option to disable. It gets in the way and I NEVER use it.Seems like a throwback to the 90's.
It wasn't heat dissipation. It was the fact that no one is using 100% cpu all day.So of course it will exaggerate the variance.But still interesting insight into the superiority of TSMC design.An interesting read:http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/05/18/heres-how-samsungs-14-nanometer-transistors-compar.aspx
Normally the smaller process would be more energy efficient. It just seems that Taiwans process at 16nm is that much better than Samsung at 14. Score one for TSMC. Good news actually.
The guy was appointed to monitor ebooks. Not music, etc. He's actually providing evidence for the case Apple made against him earlier this year. Should have thought about that before writing this in hopes of tarnishing Apple. Now Apple has proof from the man himself that he's trying to overreach.
Day one buy. Not only is this the best tablet, it will revolutionize digital drawing.
Yet copying Apple is a defining characteristic of competitors. Look at the MacBook Pro and look at the sb4. It's clear they were more than inspired by the aging mbp design.The laptop is a compromise and it won't gain traction. The surface pro 4 is ok. But not great. iPad pro kills it as a tablet while mbp kills the sb4.
Lol. Thanks man. I needed the comedy to lighten today's stress.Microsoft launched Sync a while back. It's not very good.
The difference is that people WANT Apple design on their stuff because it's nice.Nobody buys android devices or uses Google apps and praises them for style.Because their style is crap. Except when their partners copy Apple.
Nasty. "Material design" (in which they take their design back in time to iOS 1 days, looks like crap. This app now looks like crapp. Google stuff always looks kinda dumb. Like an art student without the gift for it is designing. But at least they were clean and not so cluttered in their apps. This... It's just crap. Please keep your crapp design off my devices. If your making for Apple, stick to iOS design guidelines. Don't jar me when I open your app from my feng...
New Posts  All Forums: