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Note to Samsung: The level at which you blatantly mimicked the iPhone form factor (and iPad as well) in addition to patented software features is what is "ABSURD" Thetefore, an absurd amount of money to reconcile is just. Making that much money off of Apple design wasn't yours to begin with. It was Apple's. Now trying to argue that you didn't use an apple logo? Your idiocy is showing. 98 percent plagiarism is still plagiarism. Hope you learn your lesson. Wouldn't be...
Everyone I know that uses android devices doesn't do much with them.The rare Pictures, the txting, phone calls.A bit of email and Internet rarely.Most of these don't know how to use their device half the time.Contrast with everyone I know using iOS. Everyone is glued to their devices and is nearly an instant expert on usage. And these people actually take care of their devices because they CARE about them.THATS saying something.
So lovine prides himself at selling Apple a dream. Ok. Sounds like every other hustler out there. And I fail to see what getting shot or shooting people has to do with helping Apple. But hey... At least they have the capital to do more "street" commercials now. Lessons learned from this interview: Jimmy lovine can talk himself into a dream job at Apple. Way to go, Jimbob! Now let's see something tangibly good come out of this. Please.
I thought that was Cue's job. The reason you see him in areas that are languishing, etc. is because he is Apple's "fixer." When something important falls apart or languishes, he is the Apple go to guy to straighten it out. At least that's how I have understood it over the years.
So... Amazon cuts a deal with publishers to sell books a certain way using a certain business model favorable to Amazon and publishers. And it's Ok with the DOJ.   Apple cuts a deal with publishers to sell books a certain way that's favorable to Apple and publishers... and all of a sudden it's "collusion", "price fixing", etc. according to the DOJ.   Thanks DOIJ... That really clears up the ethics of fairness in business competition.
Except there is nothing wrong with an agency model... other than Amazon doesn't like it...
Wait... What??? An APP!! (and non Apple at that) has such deep access to MY OS that it can tell what apps (competing and otherwise) I have installed? How is this not SPYWARE??? And crap like this is why I don't activate the Facebook and Twitter apps on my phone. Apple needs to reject this. Otherwise all the claims Tim cook recently made about privacy just sounds extremely hollow.
In shock at how it's so easily possible to get away with flat out STEALING these days. What a rip!
Just because I reject the idea that "gay is ok" does not mean I have animosity toward those who practice homosexuality. I simply stated what the Bible (that also shows the earth be round before the rest of the world took note) teaches.I believe homosexuality is wrong. So is fornication. But people choose to do it. The Bible condemns it and offers homosexuals hope in the love, forgiveness, and transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Just as it offers fornicators, drug addicts,...
New Posts  All Forums: