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Riiiiiight... Like listening to music isn't practical... And lumbar support has been around forever. But actually lets take that as an example of what Apples CarPlay actually brings into view. It's not about something new. It's about something better. Lumbar support has been around s while. Whether your cars junky built in adjustments or some doodad you buy from best buy. But nyou want great lumbar support. Not just something that's there. Hence CarPlay. The ability...
Omg. Apple invents the gesture in this particular use case where it had never been done before and now that everyone wants to copy they get ripped. Plain sucks.
He DID disclose it publicly!!! So stupid. He notified THE NEWS! Lol Everyone wanting to find fault with Apple simply because they are so successful.
All the more reason why "One more thing" belongs to Apple.
Interesting. Even without China, Apple should be valued at much more than it is. I guess people forget the USA and other countried have economies as well - which Apple has successfullly leveraged. Apple sells the most Macs and iPhones ever, is selling a successful smartwatch and... this. riiiight.
Cook used it recently. So there goes that.It's Job's signature encore presentation line. The entire world knows this.It stays with Apple.And also in the words of Jobs... "Boom." Done.Now watch Swatch apply to trademark that.
"One more thing..." Is associated with Apple. They should go ahead and trademark it. But phrases shouldn't be trademarkable. Anyone trying to steal apples constant intro line and lock it down should be put in jail just for being that stupid.
Where Apple Music will make the most sense and pay the most dividends... The CAR.
You miss my point entirely.I'm not talking an uber system.Just more than ps4. And by now the ps4 parts are cheap. Apple gets to amortize costs across the line with Intel Nd whoever the gfx partner is. The device can still be cheap. But with Apples volume, ecosystem, fan base, AND THE potentoal OF LURING GAMERS INTO THE EHOLE ECOSYSTEM, it would quite surely be a win that not only gathers new users up front, but then turns those users into Apple ecosystem community members.
An Apple TV more power than ps4 along with cable pass through would basically eliminate the need for anyone to have anything else.
New Posts  All Forums: