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Difficult to blame them after the vote/Bromwich tag team scandal.
And jobs' quote wasn't about who you sleep with. It was about people who Made real differences in the world where things were clearly wrong, like racism. And God doesn't "gift" people to be gay. Nor is He "for" it. He deeply loved the person and will save a repentant soul while also providing the grace to live a transformed life. But whatever.
So... I guess no Dukes of Hazzard games coming soon on iOS?...
If you have a church app on the app store, get ready for Apple's liberal censorship. A sermon that mentions homosexuality? banned from the app store, while LGBT fans get a special "curated" section. Forcing game makers to change the historically accurate representations of historically accurate banners?
Yeah. Because inventing great tech is equal to making immoral life choices.Good one.
Looks like you just made up your own story.Not only did what you say have nothing to do with his post as you misjudged him.But it was clear you think Christianity somehow isn't as deserving of representation as the other religions (some of which promote seriously evil actions).You also seem to think Christians aren't being discriminated against these days, either in the USA or globally.Just watch the news for crying out loud. Between having laws made by gay activists that...
Apples been doing this "every year?" I've never heard of it before. When did they start? Not really happy about "gay rights" turning into a boy allowed to all of a sudden call himself a girl and creep out my nieces in the girls bathroom in elementary school... Something SERIOUSLY wrong about that.
Disappointing. Cook taking his personal morality and forcing it to the front. With this and censoring American history, things are getting a bit ridiculous.
Post of the day.
So a Apple has a problem with HISTORY NOW? What?
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