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Way too many disturbing facts about this case.   1) The judge actually taking the time to JUSTIFY her wrong is a preemptive measure against any oversight action taken against her. she knows what she is doing. Of course she comes up roses and Apple is "the bad guy" in her written OPINION. And that's all it is.   I can see her abuse of power serving her very poorly in the near future.   2) Let's not forget, she was publicly stating Apple was guilty way BEFORE THE TRIAL...
And yet, I've never once seen a chrome book in the wild. Not at any corporate meeting, not in any cafe, not in any studios, not anywhere... iPads galore. And more apple laptops than any other. Somehow, this "info" seems very flawed. No corporation has use for a chrome book.
Meanwhile, Mr. Icahn was ousted from a video game company that he was somehow on the board of.   And that company has been very public about how happy it is that he is gone.
So disappointed in the message on the back of the posters.   Great machine, Truly awesome.   Great posters. Nice idea.   But then they completely ruined it with the alluding to curse words.   Nothing professional about that - curious since this is the Mac PRO.   Apple going from class to crass?   Let's clean it up, Cupertino.
 Actually, most laptops are never upgraded. they are designed to deliver a max amount of performance given the design caveats that come with very limited space in a mobile form factor. Same thing with Smart devices these days, only more so.  As the market demands thinner, lighter notebooks, yet still with large displays, desktop class performance, and all day battery life, some concessions have to be made. being that most people never have the need to open their laptop for...
 They do. They come with Intel Crystalwell GPU. they also come with the additional discrete Nvidia Gforce 750M GPU. The CPU is Intel Haswell.
lol so many missing the point of the 5C. it exists for a few simple reasons: 1) to sell more 5S' - seriously. when you are looking at one product, you want the higher end model of that one product - especially when the price disparity isn't huge. If the 5c was cheaper, it would be different. but Apple sells it higher so that way when you are in the market for it, you end up lookinig at the 5S for "only" xxx more. 2) to enlarge profit margins versus selling the more...
Actually, the Class Action allows the ruling to benefit the USERS, the ones who were actually hurt by Googles actions.I don't remember getting a cut from the 22.5m
Brought to you by Creative Cloud.
Note scores compared to Cell Phones? LOL. The thing is a tablet. The competitor for 5S is the S4. And the 5S kills it dead. The Note 3 that just came out will have to compete with the iPad 5. the comparison between them will be the Note 3 iPad 5 with cellular radio. Willing to take bets on how that turns out...
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