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 Like the same word being "made" as in you made me mad. Or I "made" lemonade. It's not only the word used in ANY language. It's also the context in which it's used.
 There were Old Testament laws that specifically applied to Jews for various reasons, proselytes for other, and even the sacrifical system was done away with once the "lamb of God" made the ultimate sacrifice. This was to do with sin. that's the "why" of the cross. The Bible is called the Word of God. In John 1, it makes clear that Jesus is the Word. After Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the Bible states this: "     For this reason God gave them up...
If you think cnet is bad, try reading zdnet for more than 5 minutes. The obviously influenced bias is overwhelming.
There simply isn't room for that with the decent specs in the watch. As far as the phone... Mirrors.
Meh. They don't need to. Apple started the 3D maps and with their aquisition a year or so ago of interior mapping company, they have already even there. Glad they aren't "pulling a forstall" and rushing things.
Not true.By the same logic, phone camera optics can also be enclosed in the length of the phone, which has far greater real estate.
Way too many disturbing facts about this case.   1) The judge actually taking the time to JUSTIFY her wrong is a preemptive measure against any oversight action taken against her. she knows what she is doing. Of course she comes up roses and Apple is "the bad guy" in her written OPINION. And that's all it is.   I can see her abuse of power serving her very poorly in the near future.   2) Let's not forget, she was publicly stating Apple was guilty way BEFORE THE TRIAL...
And yet, I've never once seen a chrome book in the wild. Not at any corporate meeting, not in any cafe, not in any studios, not anywhere... iPads galore. And more apple laptops than any other. Somehow, this "info" seems very flawed. No corporation has use for a chrome book.
Meanwhile, Mr. Icahn was ousted from a video game company that he was somehow on the board of.   And that company has been very public about how happy it is that he is gone.
So disappointed in the message on the back of the posters.   Great machine, Truly awesome.   Great posters. Nice idea.   But then they completely ruined it with the alluding to curse words.   Nothing professional about that - curious since this is the Mac PRO.   Apple going from class to crass?   Let's clean it up, Cupertino.
New Posts  All Forums: