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I have waited almost three years for this day and I am just a few days shy of recieving my very first Mac, fresh from Shanghai. It is a Powerbook HD 17" with 2 GB RAM and 7200 RPM HDD. Needless to say, I am excited as can be. I will be using Adobe CS2, Macromedia Studio 8, Quark, and Final Cut Studio. I cannot wait. I cannot believe I am posting aobut this, but I cannot help it. That is how excited I am. I thought about waiting for the Intel versions, but I...
I actually think Apple is leaning toward this color, but not this material. Even in their current PB ads, they are trying to show Cinema displays and PBs in a darker light that makes them look graphite in color. I do not think they will go black, but I could see graphite, or an "almost black" color happening next year. I favor the current look, but the graphite looking ads do look great.
Barefeats.com just did a quick take ont he new Powerbooks. They say that there is a way to get them resolution independent. Has nayone tried this? Also, since it is available, why is it not default? Link: http://www.barefeats.com/pbbrief.html (half way down the page in orange box)
No idea when Apple will upgrade the CPU, but the new screen is far and away sharper and brighter than the previous model. The resolution is very high and so many items look a lot smaller. It is great for photo editing though. The RAM is faster, but Apple is running it at the old speed, so you will not get bany better performance from it. The 7200 HDD option is the way to go. You will notice faster EVERYTHING with this speed. Whenever the hard drive is accessed,...
This is a link to someones personal benchmark, but it appears to be honest, so I will post it here. According to this page (graph about the middle of the page), the Powerbook CPU is tremendous at crunching numbers in a pretty straightforward way. I noticed this when at my local Apple store the other day. The Powerbook seems a LOT faster than my P4 3 GHZ Alienware desktop at many tasks. It is a program called SuperPi. The G4 came out ahead of some pretty stiff...
Does the lid close evenly? Do the keys touch the display?
How does the lid close? Does it close evenly? Also, so the keyboard keys still touch the display? I am getting the same PB in a few days.
The only beef I had with the previous 17 was that the 15 screen was much brighter and had greater color saturation. Now, with such high resolution, color saturation, and brightness, I think the 17 is looking better every day. I went to the Apple store yesterday and I think the 17 does not look much larger, but viewing items on the screen was much more impressive on the 17. As the gentlemen said above, the built-in factor increases the value of the screen. Also, this...
I am going to buy a new PB in three days. I have one question: 15" r 17"? I will configure either with 2 GB and 7200 RPM HDD. This will be my only computer. I will use it for web design and graphic design as well as some book layout. Airplane travel will be minimal. However, I will travel on occasion and I will be transporting from home and work on a daily basis. Your helpful insights are greatly appreciated.
Actually, it sound an awful lot like the logical progression of the new Apple Remote (which is iteslf iPodesque).
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