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it is just like itunes, but without drm. hello, isn't this and the prices the reason universal ditched? doesnt seem like its any different. i think universal is just on a power play. and the amazon method is pretty much what apple was doing, but with DRM because that is what studios demanded. funny how they will let amazon not do it, but make apple do it. i like amazons approach because it seems fair. mac and windows and in the MP3 standard, which everything can play....
it would be interesting if the new imac already has this and is just waiting to be unlocked with leopard.
no. good work, but it looks too much like commodity pcs from hp and toshiba. too cheap. apple will have to come out with somehting that tops the current models.
nasty! look like the HPs and Toshibas at best buy.
i don't think generous is the word. i have owned my g4 less than two years. apple BETTER have support for it in leopard. even 10.6 actually. unfortunately, i bought my PB g4 loaded because it was perfect for everything i needed it for at the time. i also figured apple would not be so dumb as to discontinue support after two years. they are not, but it is not being generous at all.
excellent points.
ok, both of your ideas. you could have saved yourself some typing by reading the following from my previous post. allow me to quote myself: "Nothing in this thread points to an idea that the button does not work, but that it works differently for applications that are designed for it to do so. Again, it works fine if you understand when to use it and what application do with it." "you can argue that it is not consistent because of the freedom the widget allows programmers...
ZFS is in, but not default. RI has not been recently commented on.
the whole tech section is anti mac and that has been know for a while. the article is so biased and full of lame assumptions and comparisons, you have to wonder where they found this guy. in any case, it doesn't matter. leopard is coming out and if it is indeed stable by 10.5.1 then it will have officially blown vista away. the interface as we know it so far is already an improvement and the features are enough that ms will have nothing left to do but try to reinvent the...
I liked Aero at first. Even better than OS X. It just doesn't seem to handle the passing of time very well. It looks like it is trying to be a video game and the transparentcy everywhere get annoying after a while. the transparent menu bar in Leopard looks just about right to me.I also don't like the way graphics are handled in windows. OS X makes the windows look so smooth. vista has harsh lines when the windows end. it looks cheap in comparison.the more I look at vista...
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