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Me too. But Apple needs a Pro series thin and light. My guess is it will go 12" or 13" widescreen and they have not finished yet. It will probably debut when Intel comes out in Apple hardware.
Seeing how 15" and 17" PBs now have worthy screens and especially the 7200 RPM 100 GB HDD option, I think the current form factor will be around until WWDC next year. However, there is definately room for one more discreet CPU upgrade. As it is, the new upgrades are excellent notebooks. If we cannot yet have a CPU upgrade, these are the best choices. Perhaps 7448 G4 in January, then Intel Merom in June.
I would think G5. Just be careful. The mods like to lock threads like this. I don't think intel will happen until mid '06.
oops. editing error.
I would be thinking Pro software along the lines of webobjects, Final Cut Studio, and of course the Pro hardware to run them (ie: quad-core Powermac, 970GX Powerbook). I suspect that the PB and the Cinema Displays will now have integrated iSight built in as well. Then again, this is Apple, and we may see something totally new, like the iPhone (although that seems like old hat right now). We need killer Macs and we need them BEFORE the Intel updates.
A few sites have been reporting on a pending PB update. They all seem to think that it will be a 1.7 ghz G4. With Apple most likely about to roll out IBMs newly announced MP Powermacs, would it not make sense to upgrade the PBs to the new IBM low-power chips as well? Especially since they have a notebook-class G5? I think so. Remember the low power G5 topped out at 1.6 GHZ. Yet we know Apple would never "upgrade" to a "slower" processor, even though the G5 at...
I would not buy a black Mac. White looks clean and high end. The aluminum look is the most professional, clean, stylish look I have ever seen and I hope this look progresses for a couple of years. If we must endure black, I think it should be black metal, with a brushed metal texture. The black Nano is OK looking. I like the white better. I think that Mac people are buying up the black Nano because they think they will stand out from the Mac crowd. I think...
I guess Apple thinks of everything. I would prefer to hit control and then click as I think it would be faster, but at least there is an option.
Think Video iPod. I would think such a processor would handle that quite nicely. Probbly could work aS A GameBoy Evolution CPU too. Would trash PSP pretty easy.
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