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I guess Apple thinks of everything. I would prefer to hit control and then click as I think it would be faster, but at least there is an option.
Think Video iPod. I would think such a processor would handle that quite nicely. Probbly could work aS A GameBoy Evolution CPU too. Would trash PSP pretty easy.
I posted the exact same thing a month or two ago and a couple of people disliked the idea. I do think that is the way to go though.
IBM dogged themselves. They thought Apple could go nowhere else, so they treated our beloved company like the proverbial "red-headed step-child". They put Apple on hold so that they could lure the game console companies which actually will do wonders for IBM in the short run. However, they are now in a quandary. IBM has a lot invested in PPC and the Power server chips the 970 series is derived from. Without Apple, IBM will still develop Power chips, but the...
No. A disappointment to those who wanted a super-affordable, widescreen notebook from Apple. Even Dell's lowest grade notebook is widescreen.
iBooks have been updated as much as they can without sacrificing the powerbook. I suspect the PBs are next for update. Probably at Paris Expo. No widescreen iBook is a dissapointment, but there is room for a third model to join the lineup. I hope the next powerbook has higher resolution and better color saturation. Couple that with a faster CPU and better graphics card and it would be about as good as it gets realistically as can be hoped for before the Intel...
First the early Intel announcement and now this: http://money.cnn.com/2005/07/22/tech...ex.htm?cnn=yes When CNN starts getting into the "ooohh. Apple is going to come out with new stuff!", you know Apple is the hottest thing going. Amazing.
I would expect that these are due very soon. Probably at Paris Expo. A while back a rumor site with a poor track record listed a manufacturer as being contracted to produce G5 based iBooks and Powerbooks. With the recent announcements of IBM low pwer 970 FX CPUs in conjunction with Thinksecret's announcement of new iBooks, I would think that indicators point to the (simultaneous) release of new Powerbooks AND new iBooks very soon. The iBooks will probably have 1.4...
Yonah is an all new chip. it will handily outperform the mobile G5. Bank on that. Tonah is desinged around the Pentium M core, with changes. The floating point performance is a main target point of Yonah. The Pentium M already whips the G5 at integer and next it will beat in in floating point. The Pentium M already keeps pace with the G5 in applications from Adobe and Macromedia. The Yonah will only serve to leap ahead. After Yonah, there are a few others in...
The difference is 1.6 is the highest closked low power G5, while 1.66 is the lowest clocked Yonah. So even the lowest Yonah is faster than the highest "G5 M".
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