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i do a lot of graphics, web, video editing. I am doing this from the last of the Powerbook 17" generation on a Matte screen. It works really well. however, my friends' Macbook Pro glossy screen really lets you see the color. i would recommend glossy all the way. no holds barred. Go gloss.
I am running a Mac Pro (2.66 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, 2 500 GB HDDs--one for mac, one for windows) and we have it dual booting with Windows XP Pro and MAC OS. The install of windows went without a hitch using Bootcamp (really XP Pro is the only recommended version to buy. Many versions don't work -- ie: Media Center Edition, 64 bit Edition, etc)the problems we were having with Mediashout before (using a Dell 2.8 GHZ P4) is that it would crash and that would happen often. We would go...
Read: Tablet PPC the one thing a true tablet lacks... optical drive. "Oh, looky, Apple reinvents the tablet"
Just curious. no mention of Leopard - possibly due to the fact that Microsoft may just delay a wider release of Windows Vista (already available to businesses) to conjure up an "ultimate destructor" version that copies Leopard further (it has already copied tiger). However, look at the iPhone. the UI features a most professional looking black glossy color quite prominently throughout the software. The other most prominent color is blue (it wouldn't quite be OS X...
I was fortunate enough to grow up during Tysons reing as champ. I remember him coming up and then totally destroying Tevor Berbick (the linear champ by beating ali). tyson knocked him out in 2 rounds. Then the way he knocked out Larry Holmes was amazing as Holmes has never been knocked out before or since. People who know tysons today without having been around during his prime really missed out. He was the most exciting, most powerful and possible fastest...
Update: we got the Mac pro -- it is a screamer. it also runs windows XP Pro with Mediashout absolutely perfect.
p.s. the web layouts I use now are XHTML 1.0 transisitonal because they are using some old school (but lookin' cool) table layout along with CSS and will be redesinged to strict XHTML once it is more mainstream in web browser support.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I just want to creat a simple line and not a box border. I do use CSS for fonts, links, rollovers and box styles, but this really should work in html tables. Golive does it. Can Dreamweaver simply not match up in this regard? Is it a limitation? Even the older versions of DW cannot handle tables to the exact measurements it seems. Does anyone know how to make a table cell measuer 1px?
I normally use Adobe Golive CS2 for web development and design. Now I must use Dreamweaver 8. The only problem is that it seems Golive handles tables much better. With Golive I can set a table cell to be 1 pixel in width and height. With Dreamweaver I cannot do that. Even setting a cell at 1 px, it never gets smaller than 15px in height and 5px in width -- even with cell padding, spacing and border set to 0. If anyone knows of a workaround, that would be greatly...
The phone will be called something like "ichat Mobile", "Mobile Me", or simply iChat (even though the software bears the same name).
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