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http://macdailynews.com/index.php/we...ruses_malware/ Pretty interesting.
Hmmm... Did not know this but- Digitimes has revealed that Yonah, Intels forhtocming dual core mobile cpu is called the "X" series. Sounds interesting. http://www.digitimes.com/mobos/a20050609A2006.html Powerbook X50. That has a decent ring to it.
Tyson just lost to a guy who was beat down 4 times. Once by a guy who had lost 17 of his previous fights. Tyson quit in the 6th. He was amazing early on. Now, he is just an old man. So sad.
X86 always had life ahead of it. It was the Netburst architecture that was the folly. Opterons and the new Xeons beat the G5 pretty well at numerous tests. Anandtech just did an expose showing how bad the reality is here. X86 is good when executed well (ie: Opteron, Xeon, Pentium M) The future has never looked so bright for Apple. I was worried at first, because of the impact the transition could have, but after calming down and thinking a while, this is the...
Will Apple simply call their CPUs whatever Intel calls them? Or will there be an Apple-Centric name such as "G6"? Personally, I think that Apple should either continue the "G" moniker, or adopt a potentially cooler sounding "X" moniker (ie: "X1" for desktop and X1-M for mobile-with variations for the consumer vs pro machines which will likely differentiate in number of cores at first). The X makes sense for as long as "OSX" is out. And it also makes sense for...
The Intel switch is a good thing for Mac gaming. http://www.insidemacgames.com/features/view.php?ID=355
You know, I was just thinking about how Apple has always lagged in games and how PC gaming is a huge market. Now that they are going with processors derived from the Pentium M family (Yonah and its successors-dual core), it all makes sense. The Pentium M outperforms the fastest P4 and fastest Athlon 64 FX chips in many benchmarks. Specifically, though, the GAMES. The CPU switch will allow Apples vision of Open GL 2.0 to become reality and with the whole world...
If these rumors are true, IBM has shot itself in the foot. Sure the game consoles will make a great band-aid, but here they are on the cusp of a huge rise in Apple Macintosh marketshare and they don't want to develop for a "small volume" company. The idiocy of this is that if they would just produce a wide variety of PPc chips, that Apple would become a arge volume company in short order. Especially if one of those chips is a mobile G5. Powerbooks would probably surpass...
^ The above graphic is the reason why PBs should stay silver. The black just looks cheap.
Just what I have been wondering. Two scenarios: A) the whole thing is bogus so they dont report it. or B) They have no clue because Apple fired their sources. and/or they are too scared because Apple will sue them to death.
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