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While it is defintely beta on Windows, it is flawless on my Mac.
You know, I am actually starting to think that OS X or OS 11 will be a wide open commodity. I am remembering two years ago Steve Jobs gave an interview in which he said Apple is "a really good hardware company, but wer'e an even better software company." then, this year at "D", he praised Gates for realizing that "it is all about the software." While Apple moving to Intel is good for so many reasons, it can also be seen as the first step to making and Apple OS available...
Hey everyone, I was just thinking today about Leopard. After being a bit wowed and underwhelmed at the same time, I came to a little better understanding of the new OS X today. 1) The translucent menu bar is nice. I like it. It has a refined look to it. 2) The dock looks great with reflections and a mroe even shadow per icon. I still don't know about the trapezoidal thing though. I think I don't like it so much. Kind of cheap looking. that is one constant. 3) the...
There is one reason Safari on on Windows... Market Share for iPhone. Remember the iPod? It was paired with one app that crossed over as well. As I recall, the iPod became quite the success story. Same deal with iPhone and Safari on Windows. No big deal. Just another world takeover by Apple.
I am trying it right now. Very nice. Feels like a completed app and not beta. very good. and fast. Also, to the poster who said some features are windows only, I have not noticed that. Only that there will need to be some extra plugins added to make everything work smoothly on windows.
totally agreed. I like the reflections, but not the trapezoidal object. Hopefully they fix it somehow, or at least animate it so it looks truly 3D. As is, it looks like a backwards step.
I think the stage is being cleared for Leopard, iPhone, new and new iMacs. The common theme among them will be some kind of limited touch screen capability.
The iPhone and then Microsoft's recent "me too" mulitouch showing of their game table got me to thinking.... I think touch, multi or not, will feature into Leopard and new hardware. Specifically desktops. It would be cost prohibitive to do the whole screen, but you could have areas of the screen respond to touch. ie: the dock. I googled the idea and there is actually a few article well thought out already. There is a link to one here. Check it out. It is...
ms is trying to be different. more like a sony now. they are losing share to apple these days and open source stuff. their monopoly no longer fools people into not seeing how inferior their products are. MS knows if they do not have many revenue streams they will go down. the core businesses for them are no longer nearly as profitable as they once were. the very fact that microsoft is fighting battles on so many fronts just to survive is not a good sign. add...
this is a cry for apple to buy them. Jobswon't want forner board members on the side of a sony or ms.
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