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That is the whole point! The thing just launched with a very small supply. sony called it a shortage. See a resemblance to PS2, where people could not get them, because they sold out? That is not happening with the PSP, but it DID with the Nintendo system. So there IS a market for it. Sony was marketing it like mad before the DS even launched to steal thunder. The launch date is not near as fortunate as DS had, but still, DS is selling well even now, while PSP is not....
The Sony PSP just came out and it looked like it was going to devastate its competitors in handheld gaming. It does have great graphics for a handheld and has a bunch of other features too. The only downside that I can think of is the short 3 hour battery life. I saw on the news that some stores had people waiting in line to get one the first day. However, when I go to stores now, they have them in stock. This was even mentioned on todays newspaper. What is the deal?...
If a 2 button mouse is true, i will probably not have a scroll wheel as we know it. Probably a touch-strip with scroll functionality in the middle flush with the housing. That would be in keeping with Apples integrated look.MAcMaice are pretty nice, though.
Personally, I am far more interested in Revolution that PS3 or Xenon. Nintendo has always downplayed their hardware specs, but they always strive to have the most powerful system. It was that way with SNES vs Genesis, N64 vs PS and Gamecube vs PS2 (although the later introduced Xbox was slightly more powerful in some respects - but barely - and even that was only because Nintendo was caught off-guard by the MS entry a year earlier, when key development had already been...
http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/...4018_db083.htm Very insightful as to how Apple is run and Steve Jobs thoughts on Apple as a software co., hardware co., and vs. competitors. This is what makes Apple tick.
Myriad Pro (and all of the light and bold flavors) comes packed in with Adobe products such as Photoshop. I use it extensively in my designs as it is a classy font without being old fashioned and has a modern touch.
X2 will not have a triple core processor. It will simply have 3 single core CPUs. Thus it has 3 cores. I wonder what Nintendo is cooking.
while you may be at fault for signing and not looking, that does not excuse the company for lying and fraud. Even after signing, you had better blieve you will be able to return it for a full refund. My wife and I did just that with a Ford Focus that a dealership pushed over on us. We found out and had a battle getting the comapny to make it right. They finally did and then installed camersas and mics in all the sales rooms. Bottom line: if a company sells used as new,...
Ah, yes (trying to pretend that I knew that already). but it requires cables and the order to be determined on the Mac. How about more of a remote kind of way. (ie: bluetooth, airport) with a receiver that can plug into the TV or projector. The slide show generator with simple text titles would be the clincher. Along witht the integrated camera connector and I hear there is a way to have it record audio by speaking into the left earphone (or somehting).
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