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it will be an invisible touchpad with only a small graphical indication of where it is. Apple is a stickler for aesthetics and a minimalist style. An unnoticeable trackpad seems somewaht obvious, probably using the same technology as the iPod scroll wheel and Mighty Mouse.
1.67 GHZ 17" Powerbook here. 2 BG RAM, 7200 HDD. Photoshop runs like butter. The fans on this thing are never audible. Same thing when ripping DVDs, H.264 encoding and creating iMovie projects. The latest Powerbook are fast and silent. I abuse this thing and it runs like a champ without breaking a sweat.8)
Is this a possible Newton rebirth? the iPone/ iPad/ iPod all rolled into one? probably not, but it would be cool if Apple could pull this off and not suffer the "jack of all trades and master of none" syndrome. Maybe it is a wireless network tied into .Mac or something. Either way, I think the prospects are quite interesting.
You obviously have some great graphical talent. the product does look like the mutant child of an Apple/sony venture though. the center wheel looks straight from sony. apples designs are much cleaner and nicer looking than sony's. I hope applenever borrows anything from sony. this is just my two cents on that as an actual product release. However, Your editing capapbilities are quite good.
True, he did close WWDC with that... and then we had the iPod Nano/ Rokr event. Then he said it again... and we had the iPod + video event. i do not believe he closed that event with the same phrase. I think he is trying to build a special little hinting vocabulary. I think there is more coming very soon. possibly an Apple cell phone. Possibly new Mac Mini.
If you listened to the end of the MWSF keynote, Steve Jobs said: "See you soon." He has recently used this phrase to indicate there would very soon be another press release/ keynote enhanced, press gathering around some new and amazing Apple products. I think some new stuff is coming very soon. Maybe things that were planned originally for MWSF.
They are now shipping bundles that incorporate CS2 and Studio 8 as well as lesser bundles. macromedia.com now looks really ugly and Adobe is offering losts of tutorials on its site. In any case, big news.
Well, I have recieved my new Powerbook this morning (EARLY!) and I have to say that it is a dream machine. No dead pixels. No flaws of any kind to report. After being a Windows guy for so long, I cannot believe how easy the Mac makes things. first, I opened the box and was greeted with a wonderful new computer smell and beautiful packaging layout. then I popped open the computer and turned it on. to my surpise, the battery was pre-charged and I went mobile. The...
I have waited almost three years for this day and I am just a few days shy of recieving my very first Mac, fresh from Shanghai. It is a Powerbook HD 17" with 2 GB RAM and 7200 RPM HDD. Needless to say, I am excited as can be. I will be using Adobe CS2, Macromedia Studio 8, Quark, and Final Cut Studio. I cannot wait. I cannot believe I am posting aobut this, but I cannot help it. That is how excited I am. I thought about waiting for the Intel versions, but I...
I actually think Apple is leaning toward this color, but not this material. Even in their current PB ads, they are trying to show Cinema displays and PBs in a darker light that makes them look graphite in color. I do not think they will go black, but I could see graphite, or an "almost black" color happening next year. I favor the current look, but the graphite looking ads do look great.
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