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Trackpad guestures should be an update for all machines that have two finger scolling. the only reason Apple will not do this is to force a limitation on current users just to have one more reason to "UPGRADE" and fork over your hard earned cash. The hardware is already there. It is a matter of a software install. Apple could and should include it as a software update.
That is an odd statement. You HAVE to be a PS fanoby. First of all, the PS3 is the worst selling of all 3 consoles and thirdly, it is not the PS that is winning the blu Ray war. It is the backing of key business parters that have dumped on an competitors. The PS3 will benefit from this format war, not the other way around.
Well, being that I am or will be a consumer of Blu Ray and not one who actually developed it, any gloating I do will be stupid. Also, the fact that Blu Ray has won the partnerships does nothing to declare it as the superior format - simply the one with the biggest business contacts and appropriate relationships with power players. that is about all that can be said.
Apple is not and will not sell most of these. Apple, like any company, needs flagship software titles like Final Cut and Shake to keep it in the front of the minds of those who are major players in the movie industry and thus, keeping it in front of students, and thus you and me. This would be the equivalent of Chevy selling the Corvette to Hyundai. Apple will keep their PRO software as it not only generates significant income, but creates a special link between...
Microsoft is pushing a new advertising scheme where they video you and computer software adds a companies product onto your video image (ie" sunglasses, clothes, etc.). I don't know about you, but I don't think any company has the right to use my image in its advertising, even if it is just meant to advertise to me. I think it is also a privacy invasion. leave it to Microsoft to get in your personal business to try to get money coming out of you. The technology...
The volume buttons on my iPhone register every time. i would definitely take it to an Apple Store and if there is not one by you, to ATT and if there is not one of those nearby, call your point of purchase.
I think that is an excellent way to do it. However, Apple will probably do something different just because this is posted to the public. I hope they go with your idea though. Very good. I know I would appreciate that solution. It is a pain not having it, but otherwise, the iPhone is awesome.
Man, I gotta say I envy you. I have only had the chance to use it at the Apple Store and Fry's. I can only wish that I had the 30". If you overspent, that is one thing, but if it is within your means, then maybe you have it just situated too close? For video editing, I think it would be ideal. I have to pair up two 19 inchers.
I have got to be honest here. On Intel I think Leopard may run better than Tiger, but on PPC, Leopard runs just as fast in some areas, but in some others it is slower and there are many issues that don't seem to work quite right. I am running a G4 1.67 GHZ with 2GB of RAM and 128 MB VRAM. I am running Leopard with a clean install and then updated to 10.5.1. Leopard is overall slower than Tiger, but the features it adds are too good to go back. some examples of slowness are...
i assume you are running Leopard? I am and I had he same problem. I would open Mail and it would crasha split second later. time and time again. The only way I could resolve it was to go to my HOME FOLDER > LIBRARY> MAIL and move all the contents to a backup folder. then I had to setup Mail all over again. To start, you may want to try relocating all files except the folders that read "MAILBOXES" and "POP..." or "IMAP..." Be sure mail is closed when you do this. Then...
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