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And that is how Microsoft was born. And as Apple took them to task in the early to mid 2000's by saying "good enough" is not good enough.Apple needs to get back to what got them on the upswing to begin with. Make it special.
that is the problem. The iTunes look is now super OLD! We have had it for a long time now and just taking this old theme and making it appear all over leopard is not an innovative way of doing things and it looks a bit dated to be honest. I think it is still classy, but not all that Apple can come up with. That and the idea that they would go with that theme throughout. It looks like they missed the boat. The aqua scrollbars are still in, but in a couple iLife apps they...
Well, it looks like Aqua remains. In th enew leopard pages, they show aqua scrollbars (Why? they have half their ilife apps using new scrololbars and the rest using aqua. Oh well, It still looks like a worthy upgrade, but Apple is faltering in the UI consistency arena.
the font comparison article has been debunked as pure flamebait. The Apple fonts are indeed sharper. The pics the article uses are not even from Safari or from Mac OS X without some kind of distortion to cause them to look worse. Try the test yourself. you will see that the result you get are far, far different. the first thing I noticed going to OS X from XP was that the fonts are much more crisp. the the original poster, you will absolutely love the fonts in OSX and...
Oh man! I seriously can't wait for Mac OS X 10.6 "BATTLECAT!" the ultimate in cat code names... "I have the power!"
How do you get the APPS folder to the dock? When I try it, I get the smoke icon that threatens to delete the folder. I would love to have the apps folder on the Dock.
Well I hope they had time to squeeze in some UI polish and more consistency (either eliminate Aqua or alter it so that it fits with the platinum theme - or better yet, insert a true worthy successor to Aqua instead of the bland iTunes theme) before the software gets mass manufactured on DVD.
Leopard finalized and released to manufacturing. Oh boy. Let's hope that some as of yet undisclosed user interface polish has secretly been put into the OS. The edition that is available to developers needs work. (Although it would seem logical that what we have seen is what we will get as Apple has put resources already into their website with the video spotlights on the Leopard UI and apps.) I just hope that this being Apple, they have a pleasant surprise or...
Of course XP SP2 is free. It is a stinking bug fix! The day you have to pay for that is the day you don't need a computer.
I agree. Aqua looks great. and the glossy aspect is what really gives it some pop. The itunes look is decent, but it can almost be seen as a backward step. Sure, it looks more mature, but not necessarily better. Apple can do better and they should. There should be some aspects that are glossy in leopard that are in keeping with the new theme, but not simply the old buttons and scrollbars. I also like how the button you are supposed to press pulses waiting for your input....
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