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I am not waiting for the autfill to come in. If I type "ibm" and then hit enter, I get an error page. There is an issue. It has always worked in tiger. It has never worked in any of my Windows boxes. Tigers Safari added the ".com" after getting to the site regardless of any previous visit or bookmark. all I had to do was type the domain name (ie:ibm) and hit enter. If the site ended in .com, I would be there. It is a real time saver. If the site ended in .org, .net, etc.,...
Usually The "rolleyes" icon is to say "whatever.." to someone. that is why I commented on it. You say that it was not intended and I will take you at your word. Thanks for clearing that up. I enjoy this forum and do appreciate the time people like you have taken to comment and try to help. As for the post you replied to, I have reread it and I am fine with it. Basically, it sounds like someone who is tired of people guessing that it is probably a silly operator error or...
Earthlink is not my ISP. I can see where that could be an issue, but Safari was working fine with my ISP just an hour before I installed Leopard. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be an ISP issue.
thanks for trying. i don't understand why the face icon is in your post. i read every thread and even responded to most. my problem is most perplexing and it seems that no one understands it, but rather guess at what the problem is. safari used to work a certain way and now it does not. even after i reset safari or reinstalled tiger, it would ALWAYS add .com to the domain i typed in, regarless of browsing history. i would like to resolve this issue without having to...
no look, I know what I am talking about I clean instAlled tiger a few times and safari always added the .com suffix by itself. this I'd not dependent on the history. trust me. something is wrong and this is a clean instAll I appreciate the replys but I'd sounds like no one is listening. Safari is supposed to do what I am saying without the site being in history
Hitting return give me an error page that the site cannot be found. I never get tot he domain. This used to work until I installed Leopard fresh.
No other programs no plugins, nothing. Tried as other user. What is up with this?
no, that is not the issue. Tahnks, though. The thing that is so great about Safari was that you never had to type unnecessary stuff like the "www" or ".com" Now, the ".com" just does not appear automatically anymore.
Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it, but unfortunatley it did not work. Safari still does not add the ".com" automatically like it used to. I have reset many times, cleared NVRAM and PRAM and moved the plist and restarted. Most confusing.
DW CS3 is well worth $100. It has many new feature that you would be extremely happy with, not the least of which is the Spry framework for AJAX that allows super easy implementation of fancy java based animations and functions that normally would take forever to code. Highly recommended. the CSS abilities are also more rounded out. If you also use photoshop and/ or Illustrator, it is a no-brainer. The integration is phenomenal.
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