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O S X And, if you must.. you can run windows. that is not to mention the Macintosh superior desing, build quality, service and honesty. with a Mac, you know what you are getting - the best computer for the money and not something pushed out the door only for the purpose of increasing profit (although apple profits handsomely, it is still a better bargain than anything else out there).
5 pounds is nothing. Macbook can run OS X and Windows too. Thinkpad cannot run OS X. Decision made.
Wow. that was hilarious! First, the guy trying to advertise the Zune bascially had to admit that it totally stinks and then the news lady pulls out her shuffle that everyone was fawning over how much better it looks than the Zune -- and it is not even the prime competitor to zune. I almost died laughing! The news guy actually asks why doesn't Microsoft get some good design people because Zune looks so clunky! Ha Ha!
Hello, I am looking to purchase a new computer to run a program called "Mediashout V3" on. Right now, we use a Dell P4 2.2 GHZ with 512 MB RAM and Nvidia Geforce w/ 256 MB VRAM, which crashes every now and then while running the program. We are looking to purchase a Mac Pro with Quad 2.66 Xeon, 2 GB RAM, ATI X1900 XT w/ 512 MB VRAM, and 2 500 GB hard drives. I am thinking to install Windows XP via BootCamp onto one hard drive and leave OS X on the other. we were going...
I for one hope they NEVER change the design. It is the classiest look I have ever seen and I think any desing other than the aluminum look would be a downgrade. Even the Nano is alu now. Aluminum will never go out of style. there are two things that instantly give the look of class to any design, be it a computer, a building, a car, or an accessory -- glass and aluminum. they can make it thinner (no, I haven't the foggiest idea how), they can make it sturdier, moreof a...
it will be an invisible touchpad with only a small graphical indication of where it is. Apple is a stickler for aesthetics and a minimalist style. An unnoticeable trackpad seems somewaht obvious, probably using the same technology as the iPod scroll wheel and Mighty Mouse.
1.67 GHZ 17" Powerbook here. 2 BG RAM, 7200 HDD. Photoshop runs like butter. The fans on this thing are never audible. Same thing when ripping DVDs, H.264 encoding and creating iMovie projects. The latest Powerbook are fast and silent. I abuse this thing and it runs like a champ without breaking a sweat.8)
Is this a possible Newton rebirth? the iPone/ iPad/ iPod all rolled into one? probably not, but it would be cool if Apple could pull this off and not suffer the "jack of all trades and master of none" syndrome. Maybe it is a wireless network tied into .Mac or something. Either way, I think the prospects are quite interesting.
You obviously have some great graphical talent. the product does look like the mutant child of an Apple/sony venture though. the center wheel looks straight from sony. apples designs are much cleaner and nicer looking than sony's. I hope applenever borrows anything from sony. this is just my two cents on that as an actual product release. However, Your editing capapbilities are quite good.
True, he did close WWDC with that... and then we had the iPod Nano/ Rokr event. Then he said it again... and we had the iPod + video event. i do not believe he closed that event with the same phrase. I think he is trying to build a special little hinting vocabulary. I think there is more coming very soon. possibly an Apple cell phone. Possibly new Mac Mini.
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