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This.I guess that guy didn't actually look at the graph or scores.If he did, he would see Apples A9 whooping the S6 CPU on both counts, though the multi core edge was slight whereas the single core edge was a lsnddlide.
Interesting. Ios9 on my iPhone 6 Plus is every bit as fast as ios8.Maybe you should backup your phone and do a factory reset.
Simple, fair, and most of all, gives the choice to YOU.
This.I pay you to block my ads. And you take money from someone to force the same ads upon me that I paid you to stop.That's criminal.Apple needs to ban such developers from the App Store.A 6 month ban for the first infraction sounds fair.This is the kind be of thing you see in the android or MS ecosystem. Not Apple.Leave it to pieces of crap like this guy to get that going here.
If true, then the A10 will be Competing with Intel chips in processing power. But with better power saving sbilities. Interesting... I just hope this isn't a repeat of late 2005. If just bought a PowerBook 17 and bam! Apple makes a game changing architecture shift a month later. Lol I've been waiting to purchase a skylake Mac. If an A series Mac debuts afterward... I guess I'll have to buy one? Lol
Lutz is the proverbial "car guy" and was quite innovative in his dat. He's a guy who genuinely cares about making the best vehicles possible. It's understandable that he would hold this view. However, car companies are much like telcos, cable companies, and large governments - they are big, slow, and so tied to old ways of thinking, old processes, and old business models that they cannot even imagine something new or different being BETTER. The fact is that technology...
Strange. It looks like a cheap high school classroom in that photo.
Which reminds me... Those store pics look cool, futuristic, minimal, and different than anything before.Jobs and team didn't go for "resembling" current chic stores. They showed everyone else what could be.While the "ahrendts store" looks nice, it isn't any better than the current store designs and may actually be s backward step in term of not only style, but style and layout leadership as well. This looks like Apple is following others. Not leading the way.I know this is...
The new font is a little uglier. But it's actually weighted more evenly and will likely be more legible for folks with less than ideal vision. So it's a win. I personally will miss the Helvetica Neue however. Especially the Ultralight.
But I'm guessing a separate sensor would be of benefit to precision.Maybe pencil 2.0I'm already chomping at the but for the iPad Pro.I e never really been an iPad fan. I am now.Been looking into Wacom drawing tablets.But with this, there is no need.Plus you get this king of tablets on top of everything.
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