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 Excellent post.
 But tim has say in his environment, so in reality, he doesn't have to be concerned with that. What he is doing is pushing his morals down the throats of everyone else.   And yet the first bash comes from you against Christians with this label of "basher." 
 It would be fine. We should. But when people start shoving their beliefs down everyones throats with the law, then it gets tense. ie: Cook urging Congress to pave the way for churches to hire gays as pastors... violating the rights and freedoms of those churches. 
 LOL They are choices. Nothing more. The greatest deception of recent times is that homosexuality is like being caucasian, hispanic, asian, etc. It's a complete fallacy.  It's a lifestyle choice.  Not immutable. Not by birth. 
 You almost never see it.  But what it will do is force Boy Scouts to hire men who shouldn't be over boys. Can you imagine hiring a man to sleep in a tent with young girls? Then why would you hire a gay man to sleep in a tent with young boys? Stupid. To also force churches, whose Bibles teach against homosexuality, to hire homosexuals on staff, completely violating their rights and freedoms.
@ Quadra - LOL.  What an intolerant joke you are. That's not bigotry. that's common sense.   Job qualification are what makes the employee. Not personal choices in lifestyle.   And if you think a boy needs to use a girls bathroom because he wants to pretend he's a girl, then you need help.   If you think a man should be allowed to compete against girl because he thinks he is a girl, then you need help.   Seems to be a pattern there.   Stay out of politics Tim....
Doesn't look iOS 7 at all. Looks like an android app Maybe a little cleaner looking.
I SOOOO hope not!   As it is, the current Nano rightly deserves criticism for aping the Nokia Lumia.   And it's not a nice look. At all.   Keep the dimensions, make it larger, and thin the bezel.   Anodize the aluminum, sure. That's nice.   I hope that's the ONLY thing that is similar to the current Nano.   The round icons - yuck. the Nokia Lumia look - yuck.   Current 5S - nice! Just refine it further.
 Actually, such care has been taken in the translation of the Bible, more than any other book in history. But... there have been errors. That's why it's helpful to go back to the earliest and majority manuscript text. The words are translatable and, as in every language system ever, also must be taken into context with the surrounding thoughts present. We can hope for having one word describe certain things just so, but more often than not, we don't have that. So we take...
 Not a fan of either of those churches. But you do realize that churches by nature have to be bigger than very large houses, no? You know, since they temporarily "house" hundreds or thousands of people at a time... And being offended because churches happen to exist, oh I don't know... nearby where people live? Most churchgoing folks actually WANT their church close by. food for thought. Maybe the White House should not have so much land because it typically houses less...
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