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Acquiring beats to go after a younger generation? Lol. The youth are into iTunes. Not Beats. Andre is pretty old. And lovine... Ain't young. I guess apple can fire back now with ethic diversity criticism. Beats didn't seem all that successful with half a million subscribers that they bought when they acquired MOG. and limited to the U.S. Esp in light of iTunes' 800 million and international base.
Why would Samsung settle? They're not footing the bill. Apple has tried to talk to them before. Forgo the legal route. But Samsung always chooses court. Two issues with this: 1) LOL @ peeps who think Apple is the "bad guy" for taking Samsung to court. 2) Samsung must be a bad word at the Mountain View water cooler these days.
so... MS is avoiding direct comparison with the iPad again. Instead choosing to WEIGH their tablet against Apple's laptop. LOL. Not much a a weight difference to begin with. Beyond that, if you want a laptop, the screen hinge beats the new kickstand by far and the floppy keyboard is going to be annoying while trying to balance both that AND the kickstands tiny contact area on your lap. Moral of the story: Get a tablet for tablet use. Get a laptop for laptop use. MS...
Actually, in the Apple 2 era, there were biometrics. Was a pain.But the new setup is pure awesome. And only to get better with time.It's now "feasible" whereas before the tech wasn't quite ready.It seems the walkie talkie thing may be destined to lie in the past with Ericsson devices.Doubt there's much demand.
There is a leader. Not a leader group. In the words of highlander, "there can be only one" And either you lead or you follow. If you follow, you are automatically not leading. Samsung can't even be honest when it admits something sheesh. I suppose next they'll claim to "innovate by plagiarism"
Could they pick a creepier guy to go around creepily staring at people while wearing bright yellow earphones? I think this commercial does more harm than good.
Received the exact same email from "Andrew" after asking them to help me with deleting my account.NOT the way to handle this. Disregarding anything you say and pretending like somehow we are still wanting to be excited about them stripping features. LolHere's my email and response. I literally wrote: "would like to delete my account." Their response? "Thanks for your support."I went from simply wanting to delete an account I won't use... To despising the company.Hi...
This. Would be the best possible situation.Could be available in the Newsstand app.
It's beenavailable cross platform already.The only thing they're doing differently is trashing the iOS version.
Funny. Apple hosts the entire app. Promotes the app. Ensures security and availability of the app... And charges 30% to be part of the iOS ecosystem which includes their legendary security and delivery. And the haters come out to praise amazon for making life more difficult for the app user. iOS just works. It's smooth. It's reliable. It's trustworthy. Now amazon wants to make customers feel like they're using an android. Yuck. Funny how all of a sudden the haters (or...
New Posts  All Forums: