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No doubt.But without the benefit of knowing exactly how the hardware and software are communicating or where the gyro is positioned relative to the tip of the pencil, I'd imagine precision could suffer unless the whole thing was designed to be agnostic in terms of where the pointy end of the pencil is.If it's neutral, then they can implement it at the OS LEVEL.and then it would truly feel completely natural and have a distinct advantage over competing pen I put methods.
Agreed. They should have used the keyboard contacts to connect to Snd charge the pencil.So much missed opportunity. Though it's still amazing.Touch charging and an actual digital eraser are two HUGE missing features. Hopefully they get baked into version 2.0
It would be great if the Pencil had a sensor that let the iPad know when the eraser side was touching the screen. Instead of selecting the eraser tool in software. It would be like drawing and erasing with a real pencil. I actually thought it had this function until I saw the opposite end of the pencil tip was just a plug to power it up. What a waste. Would really cause the Pencil name to be meaningful.
And in that same world, Shiggy doesn't make great games...
Finally? Lol.The passing of time doesn't make wrong right. Nor does it mean that it's ok to kill off "by the people and for the people."This is literally a few people with too much power abusing said power.And you like it.Just remember that when such power is used in a way that affects you negatively.Imagine a legislature that forced Christianity down your throat.Now imagine the Christians who have this trash shoved down theirs.America is no longer a union. It's a kingdom.
You didn't see the FOUR speakers that auto-sense orientation and adjust output accordingly?Alrighty then...
lol. I'll never use the Twitter or Facebook apps. Don't need them snooping my private life anymore then they already do.
Gaming is definitely a killer app. The Apple TV is definitely a potential STB killer. I just hope they spec it out. With the volume a proper Apple TV will do combined with ecosystem potential, they can exceed the ps4 capabilities and completely own the market. Otherwise, it's just iOS games. And while a fun little diversion at times, they aren't all that.
So... The current Apple TV doesn't do this? My Xbox one has been doing this for a while.
If that was indeed, sarcasm, my apologies.I guess it flew over my head.Been dealing with too many people in their own little world this week.But to be honest, that wasn't very clever sarcasm. Lol
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