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Lol. No.It's Apple pushing the envelope.And an iPad can't do half the things you can do with the MacBook.Though the MacBook encroaches upon the portability of ipad, it's much more useful for many many tasks.But it's also Apple pushing the industry forward, forcing change.If history is any indicator, that's a good thing.
No 4k is a mistake. Especially in this era of an Apple that pushes Retina everything. Doesn't matter how many content providers offer content up to 4k. What matters is that you are not locked out of that content as a PENALTY for buying Apple TV. Ridiculous not to offer the capability.
lol.Being born any ethnicity is not the same as choosing a same sex partner.And people who actually know why they believe this is wrong will likely not change their minds.The "it goes against my grain," "it's gross," etc types will likely alter their beliefs just to get along with the majority.
 And thank you for giving the object lesson as to exactly WHY religious freedom protection laws are necessary. Because people like yourself don't understand why the Bible is believed to be accurate and you don't care. Therefore, you think it's all "a bunch of hooey." And therefore, you wouldn't care that Christians are FORCED to pay for abortion or rent a bed to a gay couple or hire a gay person as the pastor of their church, etc. The real error is taking the man and woman...
She must be making some serious money from Apple.
A tablet. That is no good as a tablet. Rather get an iPad. A laptop that's no good as a laptop. Rather get a MacBook Actually tried the surface pro 2 for 2 weeks to open my mind to another approach. Was an exercise in frustration. Let's get this out of the way the surface is not a workhorse. And ms needs to rethink that pronto.
Lol. Jay z justifying charging more. Go away jay. Producers and consumers alike both realize you must have a happy medium. I'm not supporting an artist who doesn't want to support me. Apple saved the music industry with the .99/song model vs. straight theft. But then you have jay z who wants to say "thanks" his own way.
lol @ jay z. Dude is even a boxing promoter now.
Giving a full blown laptop only one port, but giving a tablet multiple ports?... Seems like flawed thinking to me. And artificially limiting the the lower end notebook line to increase value of the tablet line seems like a Microdoft thing to do. Something very off about this. Plus that case looks thick. Doubt this is any new iPad.
And here I thought Apple was about great computing products. But now someone of a fairly recent rise in capitalistic power wants to force his beliefs down the throats of Americans and urges the f feral government to break from one of the few things that keeps them in check by overriding a state matter? No tim. I respect your business acumen. And you seem to be a nice guy. But this is wrong. You are a gay man. I get it. But seriously, you have It backwards. Please stay...
New Posts  All Forums: