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Oh right... Because Iran has zero ties with other Islamic terrorist nations and groups...So enlightening.
Hopefully Apple stays away from Iran. The nuclear deal is a mistake. And Iran is one of the worst nations to be allowed to have such power. They've already declared Israel is a target to be removed from the map years ago and link the U.S. to Israel in their thinking. Apple don't do it.
Overcomplicating everything. Not eat apple-like
So he should call it the hospital.Always thought he was "doctor" in terms of doctoring other people's music to sound better.He doesn't call himself pharmacist dre. Even with a degree as a "doctor" of pharmacy, he'd be referred to as a pharmacist.But we both know that not the pharmacy being referred to.Surprised Apple is going with it.
The pharmacy? Seriously? Wow.
So you champion 5 people telling the nation what they should do. This was previously and should still be a people vote. Not legislating from the bench.And regardless of it now being legal according to the courts, its still not right, good, or moral.And it's still sin.
Now if only Apple would match for human rights where Christian pastors are separated from their families, placed in jail without trial, tortured, and terrorized simply for their beliefs in Muslim nations. Or marching for freedom of speech (oh never mind. They have an issue with the confederate flag all of a sudden, but continue to sell music that encourages the murder of peace officers). Not sure how marching in a gay parade equals inclusion. They've hired gay people...
Difficult to blame them after the vote/Bromwich tag team scandal.
And jobs' quote wasn't about who you sleep with. It was about people who Made real differences in the world where things were clearly wrong, like racism. And God doesn't "gift" people to be gay. Nor is He "for" it. He deeply loved the person and will save a repentant soul while also providing the grace to live a transformed life. But whatever.
So... I guess no Dukes of Hazzard games coming soon on iOS?...
New Posts  All Forums: