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So... Apple uses standards essential tech and gets banned. Samsung blatantly rips off design elements, proprietary tech, UI layouts, hardware design, etc. and gets an extension allowing them to still sell infringing products. Great. Gotta love it when your own country sells you out.
  Jobs is irreplaceable.   But he hedged well.   when he came back, he made sure Cook was on board and Ive was given creative room.   Jobs was the rock star, but Cook did the work.  He was the one making sure everything was in its place and running smoothly.  A well fed machine.   Ive created the hardware that made the world take notice.   A solid component engineering team and the world's best software engineers made it all come to life.   Those folks are not only still...
or iPhone themes... LOL
  Um... I think you may have missed the part where none of that is actually true...   Android isn't even close to parity with iOS tablets.   It's a fabrication.  And one very well exposed in this article.
It does appear that there exists a consortium of some sort that is collaborating to help everyone other than Apple to combat the American companies simple, truthful, high quality products that people actually want. Note to others: If you want to compete, stop with the lying. Just make the best products you can in categories you can compete in. People will buy them. Just be sure you support it for the long term. No "Plays for Sure" trauma. And leave the rest well...
  The Nexus 7 IS a cheap imitation.   Android IS a cheap imitation.   That is simply true.   While I don't believe Google is going to bring down the world, nor do I agree with some of the childish remarks made often, it is a simple fact that Android and its stolen code is a cheap wannabe iOS knockoff.  And the Nexus is and cheap, wannabe iPad knockoff.   Using Android after using iOS is like driving a Pontiac Firebird after driving a Mercedes AMG Black.   And the hardware...
Suffering???   Seriously?   More like rejoicing in justice being served.   You can admire Apple on their own merit.  many do.   But you can also rejoice when they are vindicated from the evildoers trying to take them down.  And yes, I call stealing the OS concept "doing evil." copying their standout design features is doing evil.  Lying and misrepresenting sales figures to hurt Apple stock prices is doing evil.   In fact, you don't have to admire...
Two things I am waiting on before purchasing a new MBP (which I am finding very difficult to wait for...): 1) 32 MB of RAM (at least as a BTO option!!) 2) Better GPU. the current GPU is good. but it's been a year... and I am one of those who NEED all the RAM I can get. The new Mac Pro will help out quite a bit in these two areas at the office, but not on the road (and no, though it is "portable," I am NOT taking it out of the office.)
I like that apple has server downtime, though not in the way you might think. But it allows you to be sure the system is running on all cylinders so to speak and minty fresh. I don't know how many times we've migrated things over and had it live while we noticed discrepancies over the next hours and days. There's an inherent security in doing it "old school" I'd rather it be done right than fast.
So basically this has nothing to do with iPhone or apple. It is only about a Chinese company killing people with its negligently faulty adapters. The iPhone belongs in the story as much as the company that built the house with the outlets in it. Might as well mention the electric company while we are at it. I sincerely hope there is no twisted element to this where people's lives are put at risk to manufacture political leverage.
New Posts  All Forums: