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Yay! No San Francisco font!
I guess we will agree to disagree.On a watch, I can see it difficult to read.On the phone, no.On the iPad, no.On the Mac, no.Especially with the Retina display making text look sharper than a printed page.I think HN is a great balance of reaadability and style and it keeps the UI from having a heavy feel.The SF font looks more Urban and has a hevier feel to it, whereas HN looks classier and more "high end."If readability was the only issue, we would be seeing text in...
THe connections are cool. I really don't care for the San Francisco font as a designer. Sure, it MAY help the watch be more readable, but it adds nothiing to the phone, tablet. or computer. And it doesn't look as nice as Apple's variant of Helvetica Neue. I guess they feel the need to shake things up when too many deisgners copy them.
Oh noes!Someone is disheveled because Apple decides to actually give ME control over how I pay.And treating locked down, secure, purposeful NFC as a bad thing?Lol.This is 2015 dude.Stuff matters now.If you want a tinker toy piece of junk, stick to your android.
Well put.
4 is backward. No need.
So... Samsung can't do math, places way too much importance on selfies (when actually I can do panoramas on my year old iPhone just as easily...) and has a useless curved strip on either side of the screen. Just another bother when it comes to landscape screen operation. Man, they are really going to have to hype this thing to death. And they'll be doing it with Apple showing them how. Lol Looking forward to the forthcoming iPhone 6s. Took them long enough just to...
Tee hee!
Larger 5k MBP incoming...
This is a good thing. Ive isn't the only talented designer at Apple. But one thing he REALLY brings to the table is he cares. A lot. He's a perfectionist and has a strong sense of visionary design in matters of pretty much everything. Steve jobs saw how the invisible dots connect in matters of business and humanity. Ive sees how design works clot just in some niche arenas, but in general. He will be the guiding force directing teams of hungry, talented designers...
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