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Funny how the overweight lady was trying to question Apple watch as a divisive thing simply because it has a luxury version. I don't hear others being questioned with luxury items. In fact, Apple Waych Edition is simply another entrant in the history of luxury. It may be a game changer. But so was the clock that did away with the Sundial. Lol The question itself seemed flawed. She treated Apple like a competitor, which they are. But so are the other designers and...
Port for battery connectivity to external batteries in modular band?...
MacBook at 12" with 14" to follow? Followed by 16" and 18" macbook pros with extremely small bezel? Would minimize the footprint to where even an 18" would barely be any larger than the current 15"
This was an example of Apple not putting the product first and consumer second. Perhaps the first time since 2001. And it wasn't a good idea. Ever. So can we go back to normalcy please?
It's just another notebook and a new watch. Just like when there was a new phone. Or tablet. Apple made everything so simple. That's why they succeeded. Then they threw it away and complicated things. Hopefully this was a reminder to not "fix" (as in neuter) what works.
You're missing the point.Apple makes more products so automatically it will have a large carbon footprint even though it is more environmentally responsible, per-product, than its competitors.The bus comparison he gave illustrates that buses are more responsible, even though they produce more pollution than a car, because the bus carries many more people, therefore it not only negates the difference, but becomes a positive.Apples existence depends on creating products. But...
Apple is one of the top few producers in the world. They are going to have a giant carbon footprint. But they've been responsible in minimizing it. Great job so far. And investments in solar and timber only show how serious they are.
Forstall had one great contribution. He convinced Steve to do "full" OS X on iPhone. Beyond that, nothing. The OS tgat resulted was the work of many people not named Forstall. Beyond that, he was a something of a jerk, a self-serving employee and had no real vision of his own. The other good thing was that he was loyal to Jobs. But post-Steve, he was very much a liability. If he had some humility and played well with others, he might be an asset. But he's not. And...
Great. So Retina 8k will be the new Apple desktop retina standard. Imac 32" 40" monitors. Cheap lines like Macbook will have standard retina. And then the MacBook Pro will have Retina 5k. And I'll finally have my 18" MBP Retina 5K! Wonderful. And yes, It's a nice dream.
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