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Received the exact same email from "Andrew" after asking them to help me with deleting my account.NOT the way to handle this. Disregarding anything you say and pretending like somehow we are still wanting to be excited about them stripping features. LolHere's my email and response. I literally wrote: "would like to delete my account." Their response? "Thanks for your support."I went from simply wanting to delete an account I won't use... To despising the company.Hi...
This. Would be the best possible situation.Could be available in the Newsstand app.
It's beenavailable cross platform already.The only thing they're doing differently is trashing the iOS version.
Funny. Apple hosts the entire app. Promotes the app. Ensures security and availability of the app... And charges 30% to be part of the iOS ecosystem which includes their legendary security and delivery. And the haters come out to praise amazon for making life more difficult for the app user. iOS just works. It's smooth. It's reliable. It's trustworthy. Now amazon wants to make customers feel like they're using an android. Yuck. Funny how all of a sudden the haters (or...
 Excellent post.
 But tim has say in his environment, so in reality, he doesn't have to be concerned with that. What he is doing is pushing his morals down the throats of everyone else.   And yet the first bash comes from you against Christians with this label of "basher." 
 It would be fine. We should. But when people start shoving their beliefs down everyones throats with the law, then it gets tense. ie: Cook urging Congress to pave the way for churches to hire gays as pastors... violating the rights and freedoms of those churches. 
 LOL They are choices. Nothing more. The greatest deception of recent times is that homosexuality is like being caucasian, hispanic, asian, etc. It's a complete fallacy.  It's a lifestyle choice.  Not immutable. Not by birth. 
 You almost never see it.  But what it will do is force Boy Scouts to hire men who shouldn't be over boys. Can you imagine hiring a man to sleep in a tent with young girls? Then why would you hire a gay man to sleep in a tent with young boys? Stupid. To also force churches, whose Bibles teach against homosexuality, to hire homosexuals on staff, completely violating their rights and freedoms.
@ Quadra - LOL.  What an intolerant joke you are. That's not bigotry. that's common sense.   Job qualification are what makes the employee. Not personal choices in lifestyle.   And if you think a boy needs to use a girls bathroom because he wants to pretend he's a girl, then you need help.   If you think a man should be allowed to compete against girl because he thinks he is a girl, then you need help.   Seems to be a pattern there.   Stay out of politics Tim....
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