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  The only fanboys here are those trolling an Apple enthusiast site with pro Samsung/anti-Apple nonsense like "plastic is better than aluminum and glass."   And yes, polycarbonate is plastic, which is "cheap" compared to aluminum and glass.   Just a little reality check for you.   Good luck with that.
    Tt will be cheap if they do. and the price will probably reflect that.   The old white polycarbonate (plastic) macbooks were too.   Apple makes nice cheap products and nice high end ones.   But this is about Samsung's claim in why they use plastic.    It can look nice, it's cheap, it's easy to form.  but it's not a premium material.    So this has been a long thread that could be summarized as:   "OK Samsung.  First point was great for cheapness and ease of...
  And yet the same design works for many more.  My iPhone 4 never used a case.  and I never had any issues.   so the cases were rather optional.   And the subject was in reference to the premium feel of the phone and how plastic fails in that regard compared to the aluminum and glass combination.   Then someone mentioned the idea for a phoen with plastic to make it soft and rubbery. then you put up that pic like Apple already did it.   Pretty pathetic failure.   Once...
  It was a backwards step from the original and was the subject of derision in that regard.   In terms of materials.  The capabilities of the phone were great at the time.   So let's not be little kids and pretend the only reason someone picks on something is when it's from someone they don't "like."   Plastic has its merits.  Cheap, easy to form, etc.  But in keeping with the theme of this thread, it is rather lackluster and not "premium" at all, regardless of the...
Unfortunately for some, the iPhone is the best smartphone money can buy. It's the best looking, it's fast, it has the best mobile OS on the planet, it's more secure, it has a much better ecosystem, better production values, etc.And Android is really a second rate OS. It feels like various technical bits and pieces cobbled together to semi work together. The interface lags compared to iPhone and it seems to slow down over time compared to iPhone. Transitions are nowhere...
Why are you showing phone cases? I thought that comment referred to the actual body of the competing phones being mentioned.Apples to apples please.No pun intended.
  cool...   which of those is the iPhone?     Want to see pictures of damaged, frozen, cracked, yellowed plastic?
  when it's like mine and never in a case.    Seriously, that's like asking why is tile better than linoleum if you have a mat on top of it...   The mat and the case come off.   And having a metal computer is pretty awesome too.
Interesting that neither my first gen iPhone from 2007, nor my old Powerbook G4 from 2004, both featuring aircraft grade aluminum, have any evidence of oxidation whatsoever, despite suffering horrendous abuse.   good try though.
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