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I really REALLY don't like Apples sales model and tactics with the watch. Just seems overcomplicated and un-Apple.
And yet tidal and spotify, etc. are overlooked completely. Meanwhile, the one who actually revolutionized digital music sales is being targeted for nothing. Sometimes these people just need a good smack upside the head to bring them back to earth.
Looks like... Skylake Macs in 3 months?
256k is radio quality. It's all good.
It is definitely more masculine. Not TOO much, but it's noticeable.AS I am seeing the implementation on iOS 9 and OS X EC, it looks much more palatable, but I can't help that it feels like a bit of a backward step. It's not really more modern looking. In fact, it appears to come from a less high tech era.As a designer, you know that tastes vary and you also know that as art styles mature and tastes converge, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. while...
Interesting. Looks like they are using a combination of Helvetia blue and San Fran. Helvetica for headings and San Fran for body copy
At least it doesn't switch to the nastifonious San Francisco font.
Yay! No San Francisco font!
I guess we will agree to disagree.On a watch, I can see it difficult to read.On the phone, no.On the iPad, no.On the Mac, no.Especially with the Retina display making text look sharper than a printed page.I think HN is a great balance of reaadability and style and it keeps the UI from having a heavy feel.The SF font looks more Urban and has a hevier feel to it, whereas HN looks classier and more "high end."If readability was the only issue, we would be seeing text in...
THe connections are cool. I really don't care for the San Francisco font as a designer. Sure, it MAY help the watch be more readable, but it adds nothiing to the phone, tablet. or computer. And it doesn't look as nice as Apple's variant of Helvetica Neue. I guess they feel the need to shake things up when too many deisgners copy them.
New Posts  All Forums: