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It may not be waning demand for iPad Mini.   More than likely, it is simply waning demand for Pegatron's particular component as apple revamps the Mini.   Let's keep it real, Pegatron.   LOL
I also think a 17" Retina laptop would be an astoundingly brilliant thing to do. There is one drawback I can think of - processing power. Driving that many pixels is sure to be a drain on the GPU. Still, that's nothing a new generation of mobile GPUs shouldn't be able to handle with aplomb. 17" MBPr would be amazing. I'd buy in an instant.
Stupid idea. Hopefully they didn't invest too much into this pre-flop. Facebook makes money currently from ad revenue. And they're doing alright. They just want to be google. Own everyone's info. But most people don't want every detail of their computing life owned by a company known for "accidents."
"Samsung says it wants the delay so that the parties will have time to resolve the suit. Samsung lies. They have no intention of trying to resolve the differences." Indeed. Apple approached Samsung before ever getting the law involved. And they didn't have to do that. Samsung could have resolved everything then. They chose to milk it while they could, got favorable help from a judge of Korean decent (even AFTER a very competent jury vote), and now are spending even...
  Speaking of polished turds...   And NO WOMAN would appreciate being gifted a turd, polish or no.
  As was already said about Android... it is a turd.   And a large quanitity of turd never becomes quality anything.  Just a big pile of poo.   Marx probably didn't think that one through.  And obviously neither did you. 
  Yeah... because a ring is the same thing as a smartphone and has the same sentimentality. Note, we are talking about "premium" materials in the context of a phone/computer.  not "precious metals." LOL.  I'm getting some popcorn.  The level of reaching you do is pure comedy.
  And you continue to show your ineptitude.   I Like Apple.  Hence I am a member of this forum.  But they EARNED that trust with great products.  When I started getting my MSCE certs, I made fun of Apple.  then I had to support Macs.  Fell in love with them.  Way better to use and to support.  then the iPhone came along.  It changed the game.  I bought one.  Loved it. bought another. Loved it too.   Android came out, tried it, but it was crap, both in software in...
Actually, Samsung has a closer working relationship with MS than Apple does.
    Completely missed his point.   This was his original point.       @ igriv - Read and comprehend please.   Don't just fire off some hurt response all random.   What he meant was, no matter if Samsung actually did go ahead and use premium materials like Apple does, it would still be doomed to run Android plus Samsungs little touches to it, like badly copied App icons.   That is the turd.  And the materials surrounding it is the "polish" if you will.   Great. Now I hope...
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