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I don't feel like giving Apple another $20 bucks or more to keep that investment, all because they want an effing thinner phone.
This won't make a better sound solution. It's effing retarded.
Notes on the iPhone looks nothing like what you show on the iPad. It has no folder management. There is no Notebooks cataloging.
It's not updated yet on the Store.
One has to line up the issuers before the retail transactional aspect of the entire chain works. If you think the retail chains want to manage all the processing, and the banks just receive a request to deduct or add to an account than keep dreaming on that one.Banks want those transactions to still give them time to hold onto your money and make microtransactional trades off of it for profits. It's one of the reasons they bogged down interstate transactions up to 5...
Who cares. The Desktop version is a pig. They keep pushing back the time when Gecko is done. Periodic crashes. I have more stability using WebKit2 on GTK+ than Mozilla.
Of course no one believes it. Until it becomes a federal crime for such BS they'll continue to do it and manipulate markets.
Half of my bosses at NeXT and Apple were women. They were always better managers.
Soldered memory means skip the entire product.
The Wifi device is Node 0. It's at (0,0) The Phone is at Node 1 (Radius = 31 feet). What's the confusion?
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