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Everyone of these films tries to make Steve Wozniak the unsong cultural hero of Apple, when he was an afterthought the moment the Macintosh was born. He's been an afterthought ever since.
Whose the Jetson's obsessor?
End to End encryption is a product of your mail servers on both ends, not the mail client.
Knowing some of the members the work on rearchitecting the product has been in play for quite some time. Richard Crandall's [RIP] group works years ahead of what they ultimately add to OS X.
All Operating Systems are a moving target. Otherwise, what would security hacks do for a living?
Your investors expect to make money off of this film, Sorkin. With a purported $30 million budget you're damn right people are expecting to capitalize on it and expect you to do the most as a writer/creator with this opportunity, you opportunist.
So much for all the geniuses against the Rose Color Gold. Glad Apple ignores rumor sites.
Those emoticons are not flat certified.
If you can find a way for Notes to not have words become keyword triggers for Calendar it would be greatly appreciated. Words and Numbers like on a clock that include: tomorrow, today, yesterday, 12:00, etc., all get bold yellow and when you select the services panel slides up with options to add to Calendar. Definitely a bug or one feature that should be note to note configurable.
We've had the internal tools to detect legitimate copies of binaries since NeXTSTEP.
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