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Not to mention some of the most idiotic advice anyone can financially suggest for a corporation targeted for $1 Trillion in valuation.
One of the main reasons I'm waiting until the iPhone 7 is released.
Don't forget the Austin Campus and there will be much more to come. The data center build outs will continue to be Green and expanded globally. Apple won't be happy until all redundancy makes down times impossible.
Unicode 7/8 are big as it will be in Linux/BSD systems. Emoji from Unicode is wildly popular in the mobile space. Getting iOS 9.1 and KS X 10.11.1 with them both for anyone working with glyph families will be thrilled
Apple Music and the new iPhones are making the rounds in Asia. The market is opening up for Apple Music. We discussed in a year that Spotify will be a minority player. 9 more months to go.
Sigh. Yes it does. It means unless you work for an OEM or a graduate student working on CPU designs and motherboards most likely even then the thought of destroying the CPU socket to attempt to upgrade it is a fool's errand.This entire design is a throw away. I wouldn't touch it with your money.
So much for nearly $1 Billion.
Wake me when you have built-in end notes, footnotes and cross-linking inside an exported document. These ``enhancements'' are limp beyond an iPad. Seriously, Pages and Numbers are the Appleworks of 2015.
Seems rather bad design for the preference to appear only after you instantiate a new remind and turn it on inside that listing. How many other apps will such a feature become visible only after you figure it out. After all, 99.9% of all iOS Apps have absolutely zero useful documentation.
iPhone 5S 32GB, iOS 9.0.2 Reminders does not exist under Privacy -> Location Services.
New Posts  All Forums: