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Anandtech's article on the announcement http://anandtech.com/show/7901/amd-announces-firepro-w9100   Single Die, 16GB DDR5 Hawaii FirePro, 6 simultaneous 4k displays supported.  
That projection system mask Carmack is wearing is how come VR is still a decade away.
The interesting CC: Bill Campbell. In short, Sergey was CC'ing Campbell to act as an intermediary because the guys doesn't have the balls nor principles to respect someone who gave mentoring advice when he was nothing but a pissant student at Stanford.
 Still doesn't disclaim the fact the network is their [ATT, VZ, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc] product, their services, their business model.
 Well, it's not your network. They built it, manage it and lease it.
That David Hun comment made me laugh. I'm sorry but if you fail an exam because your smartphone can't tether I have to ask what sort of university would implement such an exam structure, and/or is it not your responsibility to make sure you get your exam turned in, one way or another? This generation thinks they're technologically adept, when they are completely inept to adapting to technological changes/glitches.
 You can still get that optimal performance of Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro Retina.
 If I'm a parent I'm giving my child this product. I'm not buying an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C with 16/32/64 GB. Sorry, but the kid needs a way to contact me, find themselves around, get their homework assignments, but not to piss my money down the drain filling it up with games and videos, etc.
 HD will fail long before this format. Games with gigabytes of textures, streaming across a Thunderbolt 2/2+ from an Archive Disc [there will have to be an integrated SSD installed] will resolve your concerns.
  People aren't content with 8bpp. People don't know jack about pixel depth per channel. People see asinine pricing for 4K and walk away. The industry is caught yearly with price fixing fraud cases, whether they be for RAM, LED/LCD panels, to audio chips, you name it. Price is the singularity in selling electronics. 4K becoming common allows studios to jump to 8k and beyond.  A company that can produce a quality 16bit per channel, 4K Panel for Home Theaters for $1500 at...
New Posts  All Forums: