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iCloud services include iCloud Pages. You have a hard time connecting the dots. This site has been obsessed with iCloud Photo web service in an almost obsessive manner, as if another Narcissus service is something valuable. Meanwhile, my former colleagues at Apple Engineering have been sitting on their collective asses and not getting Pages, Keynote, Numbers and more with more parity to their client full apps; simple features that should have been part of the Inspector...
Wake me when iCloud Pages.beta gets Table of Contents for in-document and out of document link supports, back citations options and more.
They now sell well over 5 million Macs per quarter. I wouldn't be surprised if it's 6.5 million this quarter.
You're missing the point that the power curve has the frequency low to keep battery performance high. Battery performance nose dives if it raises the frequency towards to 2.0Ghz and above envelope.
AMD and Hynix co-developed HBM.http://electroiq.com/blog/2013/12/amd-and-hynix-announce-joint-development-of-hbm-memory-stacks/PDF:http://www.memcon.com/pdfs/proceedings2014/NET104.pdf
You must not read much in the actual Semiconductor industry.
Anti-Trust bars this from happening.Apple could become a licensed partner. Nvidia is never going to happen: CUDA only shop. AMD is slowly happening with extended partnerships.
Mobile? You must mean, Embedded Mobile. ImgTec isn't touching the Laptop/Mobile traditional space and never will. ImgTec like ARM have extreme power constraints and quite frankly have reached a tipping point. Without changes away from Silica to another more exotic material such a constrained surface area and size of SoCs will force these devices go 3D/Cubic or admit they peaked in performance/watt. The same is going to happen in GPGPUs of normal laptop/mobile to...
Apple doesn't wait for Skylake for 5K. The upcoming FirePro/R series baseline GPGPUs come out of the box with H.265 hardware based encode/decode and 5K support.Mac Pros aren't waiting on Intel for 5K.
AMD's APUs are on 28nm, the FX is on 32nm as they haven't changed since Vishera [Piledriver]. Steamroller and Excavator FX are scrapped. The replacement, Zen FX is coming in 2016.Excavator APUs Carrizos are coming this year already being tested in OEMS presently. They are being stamped out by Global Foundries 28nm.http://www.sisoftware.eu/rank2011d/show_system.php?q=cea598aa98af9ba391b7d0edc0f1d7a598a88ee7daebcda598ad8bf3ceffd9bcd9e4d4f281bc84&l=enEarly 2016 second...
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