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EBay just embraced defeat while kicking and screaming it's PayPal service to the grave. PayPal: A service embroiled with insecurity and controversy throwing stones is pure hubris.
A lot of men still seem to be ignorant about the fact women carry purses. I've seen plenty of petite to large women pulling out very large phones that fit in their purses with ease.
Offer, no offer, still bankrupt in the next 12-18 months. Whether from Apple and/or Google this solution is going to get consumed by the big players.
Display Port 1.3 is to be finalized before Fall and support ups to 8k display.
Morons. Now expect to go bankrupt.
Well written and to the point.
Speaking for millions of contented iPhone users oblivious to device storage capacity is astounding insight on your part. You should do it for a living. Then again, the original poster was venting their frustration for themselves not having the baseline be 32GB.More to the point, if those tens of millions of folks remain oblivious to the baseline being 32GB then they won't mind the less oblivious folks living blissfully feeling they got the most bang for their buck, without...
I believe the original commenter is making the observation that it should be 32, 64 and 128, not 16, 64 and 128. The original 32GB was beyond their price range and so they took the 16GB. They were hoping the baseline [within their price range] would be 32GB, thus avoiding to spend more than they budgeted leaving them disappointed.It's not difficult to fathom.
You have a poor imagination.Steve had us all stand around each other for every release of NeXTSTEP/Openstep and more.
I wouldn't. They haven't been good since the mid-80s.
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