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Does this guy not realize the contract Iovine signed anchors his ass to Apple to make that $3 Billion pay out? That article reads like the guy is a complete moron.
Correct. Being in the industry looking out, those not in it have truly fabricated a world far more amazing than what actually exists.In a valley chalk full of start ups NeXT and Apple stand out as a business failure/business success but ignored in the mire is the fact that without the failure the success never happens. More importantly, the place considered a failure was actually far more intense and interesting to work within than the success.
Issacson only mentioned NeXT. This book definitely covers a lot of it.
Great for the data server end of the equation. Now double the efforts to make iCloud iWorks apps actually worth a crap, and not some asinine EndNotes add-on service crap ala the OS X apps. Hell, Libreoffice is getting an iCloud version via the WebKit GTK+ 2.10 release in the next 6 months that expose the entire suite. Seriously, it's juvenile that ex-NeXT alumni and Lighthouse Software architects working at Apple cannot make a world class Office Suite they managed to do...
Gotta look like their singularity AI crap is being utilized for the shareholders. Don't want to admit that giving Kurzweil and Stanford a bunch of cash isn't just posturing.
JP Morgan owes billions in fraud for piss poor mortgage lending.
Google can't do squat without some 3rd party hardware OEM.
Woz was done by 1986. NeXT was born and the reason Apple exists is solely with Steve and NeXT. Wozniak could look but not touch a goddamn thing around Cupertino when we merged. He doesn't know his head from his ass about advanced manufacturing to modern industrial design, etc.He has lived off his name for decades.
Just one of the pictures. We had all sorts of media displays throughout Redwood City Chesapeake Drive Campus and across campuses. I'm assuming they are attempting to shoot on Stanford, San Fran and Redwood City.The problem with doing the main campus is some idiot turned the front lawn where we played Volleyball into a piece of shit concrete block.You didn't have to do a fucking thing to those buildings. Just move in and your company would be cool.Oh and throw in some...
Fix the box: Apple TV with an A8X. That way in 4 years when you actually offer a newer version people will feel they got their money's worth, not to mention you need a device that pushes far greater than 1080p within the next 18 months. Make it dual A8X or the upcoming A9.
New Posts  All Forums: