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Within 6 months the same study will be updated showing their current research is no longer valid.
Locations are first and foremost accounted when deploying solutions:http://www.energy.gov/articles/top-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-concentrating-solar-powerThere is also the issue of power distribution.Ultimately, when organic hybrid panels are deployed you'll be able to deploy them in any climate, store for weeks ahead and off-load excess power to larger backbone distribution networks that can then eventually deploy power to third world regions of the globe.Then there...
The big change moving forward will be replacing this 1300 acre panel farm with higher density cells per square meter that will drastically increase energy density collection.I'm sorry but the amount of land destroyed, due to arson, in 2014 alone dwarfs the land that could ever be used for solar energy collection. I won't waste time debating the hundreds of millions of acres destroyed to half-life decay in pursuit of nuclear deterrence, or fossil fuel toxicity.
Thanks for the lunacy comment. It wouldn't be a day on the Net without one.
It most certainly would be 10bpp, if not 12 or 16bpp. It's the reason HP has moved to 10bpp for its high end. By the time Apple gets OS X internally ready for that is only then will we see 10bpp or higher.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/ultrazdisplays.html
And when you baseline your bit depth to 10-bit RGBA all of this is moot.
Please don't forget to write and tell us all about it from Prison.
Many are under the deluded impression that DSLRs are past tense and not important. I'd prefer the Olympus line ,but these are great also, especially for their extensive lense offerings.
He should be excellent. Paul is a fellow NeXT alum. He's been immersed with ObjC for over 25 years.
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