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 Yes, in terms of performance Windows era is being surpassed by a combination of Mantle and OpenGL/OpenCL optimized drivers on FreeBSD [PS4]/Linux [SteamOS]. In terms of deployments, iOS and Android have more game users than Windows, in the present. NextGen consoles [PS4/XBox One] will surpass their prior sales of the PS3/XBox360, but with the PS4 winning in user base. AMD wins the console wars. AMD extending Mantle API from the Consoles to the PC on Windows, Linux and...
The next move by Tim and the Board is to revoke Wozniak's $120k/yearly fake salary and put his past into the museum and move on.
 Believe it or not, gaming on Linux will soon surpass Windows.
 For all but the highest end games, I completely agree.
 And seeing as you probably don't own one, be thankful for the rest of us who get the dual FirePro GPGPUs OpenCL 1.2/2.x ready, unlike Nvidia who will never extend support beyond the 1.1 level for OpenCL. The latest CUDA 6.0.1 tops out at that. They have made zero commitment to OpenCL 1.2/2.x. Apple and AMD are fully committed to it. Apple can coordinate with AMD and have full Mantle API support opened up and then you'll be glad Nvidia wasn't the solution.
AMD wrote the driver for Windows. Apple is writing the driver for OS X and its focus is utilizing dual GPUs for WORK not FUN.
 Your assumptions are flawed.
Sorry, but did CASIO re-emerge?
 ImgTec isn't an Apple subsidiary. Pre-existing Corporations purchased by AppleAlgoTrim, C3 Tech, Polar Rose, Anobit and PrimeSense. None of these were deliberate creations of Apple and thus invested capital to build global R&D Centers. They are purchased companies whose R&D locations act as satellite divisions, all coordinating with the main IP at Apple. Most of those staffs either leave after the merger or relocate to Cupertino, while small hands on staffs stay remote.
 Those relate to purchased companies.
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