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I see all the usual libertarian capitalists are silent.
My money is on this one:http://www.steelforge.com/aluminum-7079/
Bulk of iOS apps are written in C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++. The switch to Swift won't happen until Swift 2.0 or 3.0 meets the hype.Having held conversations with some of the longest ObjC experts they aren't that impressed yet.
So? In short, they sold less than 6 million units this past quarter. What's your point?
Having been part of the culture that reshaped Apple I can tell you that NeXT was very in-sync with the French and German engineering cultures. Apple of today is as well.
Nice to see the lack of EE and Physics holders posting on how awesome this breakthrough is when it's a rip off of a memristor and not that impressive.
Look at all the messaging apps on iOS. WhatsApp is massive. Sorry, but there is room. I'm sure they'll extend it with animated GIF support, short video streams, hooks into other photo app products like Flickr, etc.
Having been employed by him twice, I am well versed in his charities. And those of his wife before his death and after.
The Wozniak remark annoys the crap out of me. That fat pudge has been drawing a salary from Apple of $120k for doing nothing, the moment Steve got back to Apple. He's more than been compensated for doing nothing since the early days.
The fact so few people have complaints about Apple Music, on here, tells me its a success.
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