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Speaking of apps...
Everything listed is conjecture w/o reproducible bug scenarios. You cannot fix a bug if you write generalizations and not reproducible steps to demonstrate the bug(s).
Yeah. The first news worth reading all day. CES is as exciting as walking through a mall.
If you paid attention to the US Patent it cites all prior art in their patent filing. After reviewing against all that they still received a patent so I imagine your dispute would be ignored.
I see the two condescending Europeans circle jerked one another with a thumb's up.The value of the Barn or any barn is for those who have direct history with it. I doubt you have history with Stonehenge, right?Steve has direct history with that Barn as a kid and those former orchards. Young nations will always hear the condescension from the old nations. Of course, the young nation must remind the old that they shot their wad long ago and like all old rotting fruit need...
I hope Apple publishes a set of Public APIs so the likes of OwnCloud can extend services to iCloud like having your own server running OwnCloud on your IP with RAW files as a clickable option to reroute to via iCloud.That would be a cool feature, especially for small businesses and those not interested in tiered file space fees.
I'm presuming that a degraded copy of each file showing up in that structure is being stored locally. If I have 10MB raw image files I still have to capture and create a local small footprint image to see when sorting through my collection.When you look at your Mac what does your set up say about your local files reflecting that view?
What is the total size of those 334 photos? I imagine the AppleTV being quite low on storage would appreciate an attached HD.
Amazon: Nearly 4 million square foot expansion in Seattle.http://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/blog/techflash/2014/12/amazon-adds-nearly-4-million-square-feet-of.htmlPaul Allen has made a huge investment with is Vulcan Real Estate:http://www.bizjournals.com/profiles/company/us/wa/seattle/vulcan_real_estate/1084493Here is the next big project just south east of CenturyLink...
New Posts  All Forums: