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Not bothering to sell the barges as fully finished/furnished is a waste of resources.
T-Mobile is advertising a new 4 lines $100/month and 10GB data just yesterday.
All the HR, Accounting and Sales folks tend to be cut. It's common sense.
In short, Yes.
Seeing as the traffic algorithms managing distribution of traffic aren't for public consumption, and adapt quite frequently as cities expand and contract, it would be a rather pointless exercise.
Think Solid Modeling, Engineering Simulations, etc.
No BTO to 32GB is for my way of thinking an immediate no sale. I will never buy a Mac that limits the RAM to half the standard support.
From my friends at Intel, they know they aren't gaining business with Apple, beyond new Macs. And if they keep screwing up their fab issues they'll lose out more to Samsung, GloFo and TSMC.Apple wouldn't hesitate to branch out to AMD by 2016 with the new direction they are headed having the talent they now have back at AMD.
The 20nm die shrink with 14nm FinFET drops power consumption by > 60%, coming from 28nm, while increasing speed by > 40%.Source: http://globalfoundries.com/technology-solutions/leading-edge-technologies/20lpmThe 20nm LPM adoption by GlobalFoundries allows for both GloFo and Samsung to transition to 14nm FinFET jointly.
The photos reveal the A8 die shrinkage compared to the A7, revealing they will be using 20nm/14nm FinFET. If the predictive transitor rates grows, combining the CPU and the newer ImgTec GPGPU it's clear they are no longer using 28nm.
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