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Or how about a reference starting the prior statement followed by 3 ellipses being active that has the content collapsed, by default, so if anyone wants to view it they can, within the thread?
 It's a perception issue. I assume you want a nested, unfolding view when replying to others and a subthread is formed?
That's an example of mental masturbation.
 The VAT then pays for National Health Services, University Education costs, etc.
 Don't talk about mathematics and Economies of scale to me. It gets fucking old reading about how US and EU Corporations will just relocate. I'm advocating the entire G20 Summit do what it was charged to do: Fix the tax dodging at fair and reasonable rates. Apple paying 0.6% in taxes is fucking pathetic. When I worked at NeXT and Apple Engineering there was no fucking way we only paid so little. This hording of accounting practices comes after Fred Anderson left and Peter...
 Perhaps they can scan the Iris and look for discoloration patterns? Issues with swelling and more in the eyes are indicative of glucose imbalance.
 I'm certainly not opposed to working with people in need of having the written word well crafted. If you know anyone, just send me a line at my permanent address. Best back.
This kind of crap just gets old: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/536731/20140131/apple-inc-aapl-australia-taxes.htm#.UuwtWT08eEI  I don't give a rat's ass if you think ``It's legal, no laws were broken'' is ethical. It's getting effing old. These rates are the very reason corporations are strong-holding the direction of all US Policies. Pay your goddamn share of taxes, not this tax havens for every corporation who can spread them out across the globe!
FYI: The reason Google's stock has been intentionally run up: Declared Stock Split.
Training. That is a myth. I speak as a Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science double B.S. who is a NeXT/Apple alumnus who never saw a goddamn ounce of `training.' Though the corporation yearly cited my value to the company including world-class training, there was never a single bit of it. Professional Services had me training new hires to duplicate how I manage clients via the phone, email and processing their issues. Coming from Engineering they were thrilled to have...
New Posts  All Forums: