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Live on another planet and experiment with such a stupid idea. Half of education is the social growth of children in large schools.
Forcing my ass. This is the AppStore policy.Yeah! How dare they invent an operating system and control it.
Wrong on all thoughts. It saves no more time and money. Mechanical assembly parts are less costly than IC design parts.
That's Low Power only. If you know anything about Fabs you know 20nm LPE won't work in CPUs or GPGPUs.
That's brain dead. Apple would more likely release an APU or wait for Zen from AMD than go with an ARM set up.
TSMC couldn't manage quality at 20nm and hosed Nvidia and AMD in the process. None of these `goals' are based in reality.
Far more interesting charting:http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/external-debt
TheWhiteFalcon is correct.To put it bluntly, internal NeXT and Apple Engineering Servers were never accessible directly, w/o your network mounted account having custom access to only specifically signed off folders mounted on secure servers.Universities didn't get access to squat but a server that was way down the line from current source code. In fact, we only allowed PR releases [pre-releases] for specific builds and those never were custom builds like what we did for...
Horse crap. Greece has a combined GDP of
Absolute fantasy believing the iPod Touch will have iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 specs.
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