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Swift has to be ISO'd and merged into LLVM/Clang with support for FreeBSD, Linux and even Windows. Even Microsoft recognizes the power of LLVM/Clang by announcing LLILC http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/llvmdev/2015-April/084459.html https://github.com/dotnet/coreclr Swift needs to be on all those listed platforms.
80%+ of the code comes from OS X.
Open your eyes and read. I wasn't addressing the Garmin, but just the GoPro and its competitors, in general.Personally, I'll just buy the GoPro.
You live in a fantasy world.
Any person who visits the great outdoors having a GoPro is a must.Making low budget videos is another must.Shooting memories from family gatherings is a must.Outdoor concert venues like The Gorge at George is a must.
If you'll recall I predict the Sport watch sells 5 million for its first full quarter.
It's quite sad.
I have zero sympathy for people complaining about free and how it doesn't meet their definition of support.
You expressed a comment either for sympathy, as if anyone will care that you've invested so heavily, or you are really hoping you get a conversation started about how Lucas is a prick.Rip'em and enjoy. If you want new footage you'll buy all digital.
It's a good thing the earlier comments determining feasibility aren't working for Apple.
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