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If Apple were going to do this already we wouldn't be getting leaks, by PayPal, to the media mentioning it.   Apple doesn't need PayPal and I'd prefer they stay clear of them.
 It requires something you cannot buy: True Vision and the ability to build a loyal inner core that can wear many hats, are tops in their industry at nearly all levels, while being willing to embrace leadership from someone with a lifetime of insight that has never been common. In fact, its exceedingly rare.
 Those numbers are missing a lot of extraneous costs one can assume they are just magically moving under Google accounting's other R&D funds.
 What growth does this provide Google? Quantify it. I'm looking forward to this analysis.
 Samsung isn't in a cross-patent licensing deal with Motorola, but with Google. Lenovo doesn't benefit from that.
 The point the original poster is making is since the acquisition of Motorola Mobility [even then told to be a money pit] the stock ballooned on successful acquisition and subsequent growth for Google in the android market. Google didn't grow jack other than ad revenues from its partners, and mainly from the success of iOS ads. Ignoring the costs of legal suits leveraging this junk patent list tells me Wall Street doesn't know jack about economics, nor technology, but only...
 Good for you. I cannot stand Android or Microsoft's phone offerings. Wake us up when MetroPCS offers the iPhone 5s for 1/3rd. What's that? They don't? Imagine that.
 The detractors will call the future iPad platform hardware no innovation, nor the future dominance in markets Apple will control as also not being innovative, while ignoring the entire Tech Industry busting their nut to mimic Apple.
 What a world we've seen develop, eh? The world where Jamie Diamond is the head of a corrupt/criminal Banking Cartel whose corporation negotiates a cheap settlement of $20 Billion in fines to the US DoJ/SEC, and he gets a $20 million bonus, but don't see any asshats in Wall Street calling for his resignation. It might have to do with the fact JP Morgan hired world class Geologists to survey Afghanistan and Iraq to discover Afghanistan is sitting on untapped mineral rights...
 The NSA was entrusted with keeping the nation domestically secure, along with the FBI. Whether the US Patriot Act is revoked, and or eventually removed [another brilliant GOP piece of propaganda that no sitting congressional leader with a weak district challenged(s)] it doesn't mean the NSA/FBI will be no longer tasked to do domestic surveillance. It's part of their reason for existing. I'd rather see The Department of Homeland Security and the DEA dissolved.
New Posts  All Forums: