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Try vapor dispersion.
You're not grasping the reality here. The Union requirement allows Apple to hire folks with Union benefits, ala Apple corporate benefits, they would never receive from private contractors.Most of these contractors would quickly adopt a temp agent model approach and screw the staff.Apple has no interest in securing their properties with staffing having no incentive to protect it. Building an in-house staff as corporate protection for IP and employees, as a regular Apple...
What does any enterprise partnership garner for any OS Vendor? If you have to ask then you have no experience in the area. It has nothing to do with private apis.
The NeXT UI HIG was a leap forward from Apple, and the first thing we discovered were warring factions inside Apple to butcher OPENSTEP and that's how we got OS X: a compromise.HIG is under Ives, who should be be overseeing it.Unfortunately, Keith Ohlfs was never interested in taking it over when offered after the merger. But he's a special consultant on the new Steve Jobs film.
He has a financially vested interest in the old system. This blows up his plans.
And without the Government, Bell's toy never becomes a reality.
Sure thing UK.
The lunacy for this company is that Apple will ultimately win and burn their existence out of the landscape. They've opened themselves up to all their patents being reviewed in Appeals.
How do you have free markets when the only players in the market can be a handful of conglomerations? Without a level field of regulation where municipalities and private entities can compete for my money will I ever maximize my bargaining at the table.
New Posts  All Forums: