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Useless security, irregardless of platform, when it requires a smartphone [sms enabled] phone to activate.
Example project: WebObjects it was a weekend project conceived by a friend of mine who extended AppKit and exposed parts of FoundationKit via Objective-C to create dynamic web publishing, which naturally was extended to EOF 2.0, a project Craig Federighi helped develop after two interns created EOF 1.x. The two guys went on to found RunningStart Inc.I really wished they had stuck around.
Steve never hired deferential people. If you were incapable of barking back at Steve, he got rid of you.
With researchers and John Hopkins, Berkeley and Cal Tech independently solving the lattice issues of glass and allowing for the atoms to align analogous to steel, thus being coined transparent steel, I wonder if the world will soon be able to experience these advances, and not just be entertained with more research breakthroughs.Metallic Glass:http://www.jhu.edu/news/home06/jan06/glass.htmlGlass you can build with: Metallic glass that's stronger and lasts...
This decade is littered with trash talent.
So, we're now permanently including > 500kb a download per 640 x 406 embedded image in PNGs? At 90% quality it's 47.7kb in JPG. This is just too stupid for words.
What's the br in lawyer stand for? Blatantly racist?
Ah yes, instead of using your mind, just spend some money and rely on 3rd party tools that aren't designed for such trivial thinking.
Because take 24 hours x 90 days x 3600 seconds is hard to input as a factor to divide into 36 billion?36e9 / ( 24 hours/day x 3600 seconds /hour x 90 days) = 4629.62963 or $4,619.63/second.Seriously, are there any mathematicians or actual traditional engineers on this site, besides myself?Those 24 x 3600 are in one's head for life.
Don't break the bank, my fellow Apple alum. We spent more than that a week on coffee a decade ago.
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