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You lost me right there.
Sure, stand out front of Adobe, in the Seattle Freemont District. Great district, greedy lawyer.
Beats Electronics: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/result.html?p=1&srch=ezsrch&pn=&apn=&all=&ttl=&abst=&aclm=&spec=&apd=&apdto=&isd=&isdto=&prir=&ccl=&icl=&in=&icn=&is=&ic=&an=Beats+Electronics&acn=&as=&ac=&ref=&fref=&oref=&parn=&pex=&asex=&agt=&uspat=on&date_range=all&stemming=on&sort=relevance&search=Search   Patents: 27   Apple Inc:...
 Tim's undergraduate degree is Industrial Engineering. He's an Engineer.
Claims of buying this for its Contracts with Labels or ``Streaming Service algorithms'' makes me question you folks knowledge of Apple and the actual massive streaming infrastructure Apple already has in-place, not to mention the algorithms they've been developing for the past 16 years.   Apple has been getting content producers on-board for the past 18 months.   There is something else, at work, in this arrangement.
 Thanks for the stupid comment.  We can't have a thread go without one.
No. The entire industry of streaming, world-wide was just above $1 Billion in a saturated music market that has matured.
Netflix: Not a chance. It's a money pit. Yahoo: Never want to be an ISP Beats: Doubt this one as well. Apple won't pay much over fair market valuation, never mind 3x.   Apple is building tools for Producers to create 3rd party products, in various markets.   Headphone market is not a big one.
Hopefully, Angela contacts some former members and brings them back into the company.
 Correct. I used to update weekly and sometimes three times a week testing internally.
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