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Netflix: Not a chance. It's a money pit. Yahoo: Never want to be an ISP Beats: Doubt this one as well. Apple won't pay much over fair market valuation, never mind 3x.   Apple is building tools for Producers to create 3rd party products, in various markets.   Headphone market is not a big one.
Hopefully, Angela contacts some former members and brings them back into the company.
 Correct. I used to update weekly and sometimes three times a week testing internally.
That's a laptop LCD panel top.
Moves can not guarantee squat once it becomes part of Facebook. What a silly point of even bothering to ``ensure current users.'' Current users are equally silly in assuming to ask, and should expect Facebook's Policies on data collection/sharing to be the only policy.
 All rendering engines now have a series of pipline stages, including Ray tracing, to get those realistic looks. Blender's Open Source Cycles Renderer is just one example. Renderman another.
Excellent article.
If you've followed Apples awarded IP for the past 18 months regarding embedded products, Samsung has a huge chasm to cross and catch up. I expect Apple to be slapping lawsuit after lawsuit with several of them, with Samsung whining that they should all be FRAND.
Amazon's stock took a bath on Friday, down $33+ [nearly 10%] by missing estimates, and with a P/E = 476.11 expect this bubble to burst in 2014.
 The trade-offs of introducing cooling to the environment adds a far heavier footprint to the cost of power at no measurable gain, when servers running at 103 degrees Fahrenheit vs. 83 degrees Fahrenheit is point less considering the systems are rated running, at full throttle, with temperatures far higher. In short, they've most likely tested the cost of power curve against the life span of a server and found no measured improvement of bringing down the temperature...
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