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 I am and as a NeXT and Apple alum we are already pounding them about releasing it.
 What do you think is released for Objective-C in LLVM/Clang? They need to incubate this within the community for standards and get it prime time seeing as they plan on making it the defacto for OS X and iOS. LLVM/Clang ObjC isn't the GNU ObjC Runtime.
Until Apple extends Swift to the LLVM/Clang project, I have absolutely zero interest in it.
 I have been on record here more than once, and early at Apple when we [NeXT] merged with Apple on what a waste Wozniak has become since the 80s [when he actually did some work at Apple beyond the early days].
I recall commenting on the necessary synergy between human and machine just the other day, and how stupid it would be for FOXCONN to can it's human staffing.
 Shrewd observation. Something they should have learned a decade prior.
Samsung's pain will grow when Apple's healthy numbers come out for the latest quarter.
``...By offloading raw sensor data to the M7 instead of activating the power-hungry A7 SoC...'' What a bs statement.
 More correctly stated, `Every material has a natural level of deflection on a stress/strain curve, and dependent upon the point of failure it's measure of deflection is linear. Once it goes beyond the measure of elastic deformation, it's plasticity kicks in and failure soon follows.'
 Hey genius, who the hell do you think made sure DARPA, ARPANET and the rest got funding? Senator Al Gore. There is a reason he's properly credited with making the Web happen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Gore_and_information_technology#Congressional_work_and_Gore_Bill If you don't believe Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn then you truly are too dense for words.
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