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They don't understand actually what is going on. Apple paid other providers while it ramps up its own solutions. Once they pass a threshold those contracts end.
Not really. Come June WWDC Apple will come out with new freebies and better plans.
Wake me when they determine it was arson.
Things require new materials to handle Quantum Entanglement and Uncertainty Principle. Moore's Law ends.
Q1 2016, at the earliest.
Apple has 700 million iPhone customers. 36 million is pittance.
How about, who gives a rusty frack? Apple legal is massive and talent second to none.
AMD's entire GPGPU line up is refreshed in two weeks.
High accuracy GPS is just code for the US is moving onto an even more accurate GPS grid deployment system and authorizing generations ago tech to be public.
It's an oversaturation of young artists who really should do it as a hobby and not as a career. The talent drop in Rock for the past 15 years is alarming.
New Posts  All Forums: