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``According to Harper's LinkedIn page, he spent just over 12 years at Apple. During his time there, he also co-designed and implemented the "CoreImage" real-time image processing engine that debuted in OS X 10.4 Tiger, which launched in 2005.'' He gives himself way too much credit.
Nest is basically describing itself as Filemaker Inc.
``Everything media will go under the Beats brand including some hardware. iTunes, CarPlay, AppleTV, TV software, TV hardware, iPods, headPhones, earPhones, speakers etc...'' Not a shot in hell. Beats will become a brand for Apple and neither Iovine nor Dr. Dre will manage them. They will have creative consultant titles, until they leave.
 This has never panned out with Apple. Nothing Apple has ever created was based upon a perceive competition in hardware between OEMs. Not one goddamn product. Apple has always carved its own niche, rightly or wrongly. Apple didn't make the iPod because they felt prior individuals who entered first were going to beat them to a pot of gold from consumers. Steve didn't see a viable ecosystem until all the pieces were available to him and the team. That includes manufacturing...
 If you'll note the Apple patent, it directly sources the Nortel patents going back to 1997 and Apple also notes Sprint's patent. I'll wager you won't ever see Sprint attempting to claim infringement, what with Apple holding the Nortel patents.
Nothing in that legal brief discusses future lawsuits, only current ones.   Any fool with one eye can recognize by 2015 half a dozen more lawsuits will be filed, but not with the current legal differences, but with the past 18 months worth of new Patents.   For example this one will surely be...
 You're either too ignorant or too young to know Tim Cook is nothing near the blunders that is Steve Ballmer's legacy. The Beats acquisition will turn out to be a big win for Apple, but not for their headphones.
 Do folks like you not have a fucking clue that Apple provides the heavy lifting frameworks, so that a 3rd party ecosystem can flourish? If Apple produced best-of-breed for all your whining who needs a 3rd party ecosystem? Downcast doesn't do shit for the backend that Apple doesn't provide APIs to leverage. How else do you think a guy working for the NC General State Assembly the past 18+ years develops this product? Write your own goddamn app and tailor it to your...
 Right, because nothing spells lost advertising revenue for a streaming service like a public FM Radio broadcast.
The 4S/4 thickness and feel should not be lost on the upcoming 6 series. It would also allow for a greater volume battery an/or more internal components. At this point, thin has ran its course. Offering a 4S dimension and a 6/6S series dimension of 4.7/5.5 as the options would cover all markets.
New Posts  All Forums: