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They do. It takes months to modify security architectures to incorporate these end cases. These end cases take years to exploit and people crap the bed when they are discovered.
Drop the screen capture. It gives a really poor impression, compared to the video.
About effing time the 140 character limit is killed.
If you follow WebKit-Dev you understand how come it took so long.
This was the point of the keynote 99.9999% of viewers missed. I leaped out at me.
And yet the nearly 1 billion Apple customers will win with more artists interested in 58% of that pool over Spotify.
Spotify on OS X is a system pig.
Spotify will be a junk stock in 12 months after its IPO.
A feature that should have been since the 5 series.
At least I got my wish on Swift going Open Source, eh Dick?The more Swift matures the more it takes from ObjC/C which makes me even more happy.
New Posts  All Forums: