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I'm just enjoying the irony that a security expert uses Hot Mail to discuss concerns about security.
Schmidt was a zero at Sun Microsystems and a bigger flake at Novell. How he was the only talent available for the douchebag twins at Google to have CEO is still something of mystery.
Be thankful they have quality SQA. The lack of SQA in the Linux community is considered a pillar in the FOSS community.
FYI: It's P.P.S., and P.P.P.S. [Post-post scriptum and Post-post-post scriptum]
Minimal changes needed to support through 2015:A7 Processor [dropping 32 bit completely]802.11acDIsplayPort 1.3/HDMI 2.0 [5k/4k]H.265 support10/100/1000 BaseTRaise the cost to $199 and eat some profits to grow the base.
Good for you. I'd highly recommend not citing your experience as the way to go. Having replaced complete logic boards on iBooks, Macbooks and more spending on AppleCare is a no brainer.Then again people will spend $300-$500 for a case on a phone that still shatters only to find out they should have bought AppleCare.
You have to be a complete fool to not buy AppleCare
Best way to test the strengths and weaknesses is to go full throttle.
``Further, benchmarks from the new A8 chip reveal only minor boosts in performance from the iPhone 5s' A7 SoC, with the iPhone 6 Plus version coming in ahead of the pack. '' These benchmarks are useless as the system is leveraging far beyond the Dual Core 64bit ARM CPU. Develop a Benchmark that taps into the DSPs [M7, etc], the 6 core GPGPU and the dual cores, at the same time and then I'll listen.
You should not expect to see a GM until Swift 1.0 gets thorough SQA'd and signed off.
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