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 Considering it hit $502 and is now trading back up passed $508+ it's rather obvious this artificial saddle point is now on its way up. It's a miracle that Russia just announced reselling of the iPhone after a 4 year hault.
 None of these large sells are long-term investment portfolios. They are straight up hedging and/or shorting to manipulate a positional advantage. To read others crying foul that WS is some benevolent financial apparatus is effing retarded.
 In 5 minutes if I had bought 5 minutes prior I've just made $2+ per share. Make that nearly $3 per share now.
 I'll repeat myself: 
 No he didn't. The stock was heavily shorted a week before the earnings announcement.
 Ignorance is bliss. You don't become a $200 Billion+ revenue corporation by being an ignorant CEO. You not buying in on Apple during the iPod phase is the true ignorance.
 It's a miracle. The stock is already climbing back up.
This is classic market manipulation. They took the tentative figures projected with the China Mobile deal and back-filled for this quarter, raise the requirements, while shorting the hell out of the stock, so when it falls they actually make money on the amount of it dropping.
On-topic:   This cross-licensing won't indemnify them from squat. It's intent will not hinder Apple or Microsoft from suing the crap out of them.
Offtopic:   I have never seen the front face of Google's Mountain View HQ, until now: The Music Project approach to I-beam art meets/function is fine. The butt-ugly 70s HP glass behind it is painful.
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