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 Considering we live with today's youth's coining their favorite IM statement concerning reading: TLDR; pie charts visually cut through the lazy nature of today' Generation Nothing.
The salary, sans his bonus from stock, is reasonable.   His entire stock value was predicated on performance and thus he either produces results or does not. He's not guaranteed those options, irregardless of company performance, unless so many Fortune 1000 CEOs.
 I see that jury shot and think I'm watching, ``Kentucky Fried Movie.''
Are those stock photos from the 80s?
 It impacts the stock significantly. WSJ and others expect Office for iOS to be a big cost leader for Microsoft. Having 30% of that lead go [as it should] to Apple like any other 3rd party developer means money in Apple's pocket.
Galaxy 5S hasn't been released, but it's OS has already been rooted.   http://wccftech.com/root-galaxy-s5-chainfire/
200mm zoom lens is a quality purchase. Good for AI to expense it in the future.
Interesting trend with Apple expansion of Patents. In 2014, to date [via Latestpatents.com] Google Patents Granted for 2014, to date: 480 Apple Patents Granted for 2014, to date: 420 Note: Apple is going to have a larger patent year than Google Patents filed, to date, for 2014: Google: 278 Apple: 479 Apple's patent filings have only been expanding and accelerating. They will easily pass 2,000 patents granted in 2014 making it their largest single year of granted...
Anandtech's article on the announcement http://anandtech.com/show/7901/amd-announces-firepro-w9100   Single Die, 16GB DDR5 Hawaii FirePro, 6 simultaneous 4k displays supported.  
That projection system mask Carmack is wearing is how come VR is still a decade away.
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