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They'll sell 5 million sport models by Q4 alone.
Cramer's a clown, and a former hedge fund hack, but his show influences a lot of gullible investors. Tim giving him some air time goes a long way to having Cramer as a cheerleader on a network equally and dumb as a FOX Business. CNBC and FOX Business are just gossip channels for folks too lazy to research about investments.
The two exchanged compliments,...
I think it is truly astounding people can proclaim blood sucking lawyers for this but think it rational that Koch Industries/Duke Energy and others are just trying to profit while ignoring their destroying the environment of DC via lobbying on steroids, bribing the Supreme Court [Scalia & Thomas invites to private parties and Koch fund raisers], and the actual planet's climate.
I fully agree Final Cut Pro is more than worth it. This Appleworks approach to OS X tools is getting old.
Because a diver doesn't have a specific watch and gauge strapped to their wrists when geared up.
That whole UI and lack of pro tools is a real let down.
I'm only interested in the Sport model.
Thumbs up.
How much does the lens weigh? Geometrically it looks unbalanced.
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