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Let them automate. The investment cost incurred buying, installing and maintaining such cutting edge equipment will outstrip any savings. They'll want to pass on that cost to their customers [Apple, etc] and Apple will walk to a competitor.   Full automation has never been successful at levels worth scrapping human oversight and coordination. Automated control systems are developed and flawed just like human beings. Kinematics is a great subject most M.E. programs never...
Every one who was at WWDC already expected this outcome.
 The statement in the PIXAR Business Plan is wrong, referencing Steve as President and Chairman of the Board at NeXT. He was never the President, and always CEO, from its inception. Steve spent a helluva lot more than $10 million getting PIXAR off the ground. It's one of the reasons he went out and got Perot and Canon to invest several hundred million into NeXT.Alvy is still butthurt, to this day, because he had to ultimately sell most of his leverage in PIXAR to Steve, in...
If Apple adds iCloud APIs for one to have their own in-house NAS be a point of presence in iCloud I imagine it would open the door for Apple to expand their hardware ecosystem.
 No it's not. 20nm LPM is not 14nm FinFET.
Samsung isn't building crap, at Malta. That's Global Foundries. Sure, these are the first stages in their cross licensing and manufacturing agreement to use the same process [combined IP between them both], but it's Global Foundries Malta Fab 8 plant, in NY. Get it right.
RAM is Dodge. Talk about redundant.
TBWA didn't come up with the slogan, `Think Different.' Apple asked everyone to submit slogans, and he submitted his own, `Think Different,' which he liked best and lots of folks were venting how it's not grammatically correct, but then he touched upon the ``Just Do It'' and ``Got Milk'' campaigns in the Cafe for everyone to see. He then took it to TBWA and together they expanded it what we got with Dreyfuss.
 The discount is basically double the price of general membership dues.
 http://membershipwireless.com/index.cfm/go/shop/do/browsePhones/ Filter out for iOS
New Posts  All Forums: