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Galaxy 5S hasn't been released, but it's OS has already been rooted.   http://wccftech.com/root-galaxy-s5-chainfire/
200mm zoom lens is a quality purchase. Good for AI to expense it in the future.
Interesting trend with Apple expansion of Patents. In 2014, to date [via Latestpatents.com] Google Patents Granted for 2014, to date: 480 Apple Patents Granted for 2014, to date: 420 Note: Apple is going to have a larger patent year than Google Patents filed, to date, for 2014: Google: 278 Apple: 479 Apple's patent filings have only been expanding and accelerating. They will easily pass 2,000 patents granted in 2014 making it their largest single year of granted...
Anandtech's article on the announcement http://anandtech.com/show/7901/amd-announces-firepro-w9100   Single Die, 16GB DDR5 Hawaii FirePro, 6 simultaneous 4k displays supported.  
That projection system mask Carmack is wearing is how come VR is still a decade away.
The interesting CC: Bill Campbell. In short, Sergey was CC'ing Campbell to act as an intermediary because the guys doesn't have the balls nor principles to respect someone who gave mentoring advice when he was nothing but a pissant student at Stanford.
 Still doesn't disclaim the fact the network is their [ATT, VZ, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc] product, their services, their business model.
 Well, it's not your network. They built it, manage it and lease it.
That David Hun comment made me laugh. I'm sorry but if you fail an exam because your smartphone can't tether I have to ask what sort of university would implement such an exam structure, and/or is it not your responsibility to make sure you get your exam turned in, one way or another? This generation thinks they're technologically adept, when they are completely inept to adapting to technological changes/glitches.
 You can still get that optimal performance of Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro Retina.
New Posts  All Forums: