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Their Scientific Spin-Off, Agilent Technologies is still top dog. http://www.agilent.com/cs/ContentServer?c=Page&pagename=Sapphire/Page/HomePage
Will all the Physical Chemists raise their hand? If not, STFU.
Or Washington State.
As Steven P. Jobs was a personal friend of Robin Williams I know my former boss would have paid a tribute on the Front Page and showcase the great talent through iTunes. Robin would expect no less.
What sort kind of a shill defends a global corporate conglomerate for data throttling, by deflecting attention to the FCC?
Amazon wants to be the sole publisher for the authors. They'll roll out a publishing platform suite as one tier with distribution another tier.
After about 12 months of iOS 5.1 not connecting via iMessage, Apple fixed the back end and it started working two weeks ago.
You're out of your effing mind if you think Email has become obsolete. The person who says this has never worked in Silicon Valley.
Thanks for the pointless FOSS argument where corporations invest heavily and FOSS says, ``thanks for the freebies.''Innovation is both a physical and abstract reality.
Oh no!Russia threatens to go beyond food blacklisthttp://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/7d63dcb2-1e18-11e4-ab52-00144feabdc0.htmlThreat includes Aerospace and more!!! Oh my!I guess Boeing and Airbus will have to redistribute those outsourced contracts back to in-sourced contracts and create more jobs in Europe and the USA.
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