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How precise a vacuum is the question.
I'll lose all respect for them if they are designing an electric Minivan. I suspect the minivan is collecting data for the system.
It's cost prohibitive to heavy lift billions of tons of nuclear waste, never mind manage the many-bodied orbital equations necessary to steer the waste into the Sun and not just have it trapped in an elliptical orbit where the isotopes can be bombarded by x-rays, gamma ray bursts, UV etc., and create all sorts of ``unforeseen outcomes.''If we could even build such cost efficient lifters and guidance systems they sure as hell will be for space missions to explore, not to...
All of them are compressed. Only a fool would not do so.
The highest bill this Winter in Spokane with Forced-Gas and then Electric Range/Appliances was one month total around $109 for around a 2400 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 1 office home.In the summer is plummets to around $45.And when I actually properly bring the house up to 2006 code with R60 in the Roof, R40 on the exterior walls I'll see it plummet more.The 95% efficiency variable stage furnace is excellent. It'll be even better when I include the attached garage with insulation...
As a Mechanical Engineer I'm well versed in PB Reactors. The most recent project was shutdown by Westinghouse and South Africa. It's always looked promising since Fermi patented it in 1945, until the Atomic Energy Commission shut them down and derailed their progress for the next 40+ years, leaving it mostly as grad projects from the likes of Cal Tech and MIT.The PMBR was a very promising project, until cost overruns revealed the infancy of its development, even after...
Within 6 months the same study will be updated showing their current research is no longer valid.
Locations are first and foremost accounted when deploying solutions:http://www.energy.gov/articles/top-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-concentrating-solar-powerThere is also the issue of power distribution.Ultimately, when organic hybrid panels are deployed you'll be able to deploy them in any climate, store for weeks ahead and off-load excess power to larger backbone distribution networks that can then eventually deploy power to third world regions of the globe.Then there...
The big change moving forward will be replacing this 1300 acre panel farm with higher density cells per square meter that will drastically increase energy density collection.I'm sorry but the amount of land destroyed, due to arson, in 2014 alone dwarfs the land that could ever be used for solar energy collection. I won't waste time debating the hundreds of millions of acres destroyed to half-life decay in pursuit of nuclear deterrence, or fossil fuel toxicity.
Thanks for the lunacy comment. It wouldn't be a day on the Net without one.
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