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 It's a miracle. The stock is already climbing back up.
This is classic market manipulation. They took the tentative figures projected with the China Mobile deal and back-filled for this quarter, raise the requirements, while shorting the hell out of the stock, so when it falls they actually make money on the amount of it dropping.
On-topic:   This cross-licensing won't indemnify them from squat. It's intent will not hinder Apple or Microsoft from suing the crap out of them.
Offtopic:   I have never seen the front face of Google's Mountain View HQ, until now: The Music Project approach to I-beam art meets/function is fine. The butt-ugly 70s HP glass behind it is painful.
 They're doing the job required of them. Let the system work itself out.
 The dozens to hundreds of folks who worked on the iPod at all phases of engineering should stop letting asshats like him take the credit.
How he got that title of Godfather just shows how stupid the press corp continues to remain.
``Despite the low number of assembled units, the test reportedly marks a major milestone for Foxconn. Working with sapphire, rather than Corning's softer Gorilla Glass, is said to markedly increase the complexity of the devices' manufacturing process.'' Not to mention increase the brittle qualities of the surface area material and thus I don't see this as an either or, but a composite material bonding the Gorilla Glass with the Sapphire Glass.
 So nice seeing folks talk to Apple/NeXT Alumni as if they are behind the times.
Glad the see the new icons aren't 2D.
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