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IBM hasn't launched it's global distribution of iPad equipped enterprise solutions and you folks not seeing the picture either have no memory or weren't around when Apple announced the partnership for this global partnership covering desktop/workstation/iPad/iphone in all commercial markets IBM and Apple are king and will become king. iPad sales will explode in all markets that need them but I'll just give you a list: Commercial and Residential Real Estate Banking and...
The market is not saturated, especially when Apple grows more distributed and vertical services that come with the Apple Ecosystem. Most of the competitors are junk, leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth about the tablet world. They see the ecosystem in Apple and get it. It's the same reason Google is running around with its OEMs rushing out competing parts of the ecosystem, and forgetting to scale maturely.
Steve handpicked this team and knew he was leaving her in great hands.
Source: http://globalfoundries.com/newsroom/press-releases/2014/10/20/globalfoundries-to-acquire-ibm%27s-microelectronics-business?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=IBM
This is really unimpressive. No one needs a semi-transparent smoky quartz menu. Just make the goddamn menu black with white text and auto-hide the dock if you're serious about focus on work.
The features in iCloud Drive are starting to return features we at NeXT used daily and could not go without. I look forward to it matching what we had [we had a lot of extended capabilities internally built-into NeXTSTEP/Openstep never released to the public].
We buried the absurd idea of skins during the transition of Mac OS 9 to OS X.
And there are add-on chips to manage these displays on the Motherboard.
I would imagine the BTO 4GB AMD R9 M295X will be what you want. It's the one I'll end up selecting when I buy one.
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