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 He'll probably structured to focus on new artists, and certain regions of the world, reporting back to Cue. I assume this acquisition is an Apple subsidiary so neither guy will have a position in the Apple Executive Team. As for the rest of the ``Beats Music'' executives, I see them paid a price and walk away as they won't be running much anymore.
 He's high if he cannot find a quality pair of headphones under $1000k.
 Ive has free reign, and Cook knows it. It was part of the deal with Steve and the Board. I believe Dre and Iovine will realize they aren't that important in decisions, especially when they really invest time in the engineering meetings, only to discover they don't know jack shit about the tech side.
Cook arrived at Apple in May 1998, so Eddy is off a year.
 True. For me too bad it's on the opposite side of the country.
The King of vaporware and terminal beta is Google.
 Yes. In short, you'll need a product that ties and manages your power systems as an automated platform that communicates to your iOS devices, which can control the lights, power the appliances, etc. Then again, other than on/off most appliances are dumb units. The AT&T Smart home commercial shown on TV requires all smart appliances, including controlling water flow rates, which would require thousands of dollards of replaced equipment+ twice that in installation...
Apple has stated they will be expanding hardware products in their traditional product matrix. We shall see.
Nothing in this mathematics is unique and/or original. Pathetic. Every Mechanical Engineer and grad student of advanced Engineering has used these applications Larry Page has done quite routinely. He implemented towards the concept of a URL Ranking system and presto! He got his patented first. Truly pathetic that this has yet to be tossed on its ass. Every single bit of these algorithms are routine in Linear Algebra and common in Mechanical Engineering dealing with...
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