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Every little penny slashed here or inflated there adds to the bottom line of short sellers and hedgers.
Sit up. Ergonomically, that is the worst position to sit while reading. I've never heard a mechanic complain being on a dolly, under the car, but I can always count on people complaining about 1lb while reading.
First pic is the iPad Air successor and the third pic is the iPad Mini succesor.
You didn't understand a word I wrote, or I somehow was incapable of convey my intent.Intent was to show that if Apple had created the Google Play non/play Model for iOS that Google has for Android, Steve Jobs would have been riding a crap storm from day one of the original iPhone to his grave.In short, Apple designed with a sandbox and closed garden for obvious reasons: DED showing one example [however the hyperbolic rhetoric] of Google's bad design choices is one of...
I'm just glad everyone loves their Apple products. My stock thanks you over and over again. This Fall will be my first iOS purchased product since the original iPad. I'll have to get a new iPad to boot, but still waiting on Apple to impress me with a decent mac mini. Just never could convince myself to blow thousands over the years on a smart phone. FWIW: If Apple had Google's approach to 3rd party accessibility to iOS and the iPhone/iPad the entire Google fandom would...
``According to reports, those with "overlapping" roles are mainly in human resources, finance and legal departments.'' I wonder where I've read this before?
Not bothering to sell the barges as fully finished/furnished is a waste of resources.
T-Mobile is advertising a new 4 lines $100/month and 10GB data just yesterday.
All the HR, Accounting and Sales folks tend to be cut. It's common sense.
In short, Yes.
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