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 That will require a full re-write to leverage SMP to scale up, and fully and OpenCL. Keep in mind that LLVM/Clang does not leverage OpenMP for Symmetric Multiprocessing. Grand Central Dispatch is not OpenMP. I would prefer Apple fully extend GCD to LLVM/Clang to expand its footprint and maturity. I would prefer working in GCD on non-Darwin platforms to grow it's rate than OpenMP or OpenMPI.
As they already should have done. They get major tax breaks from one end of the coffeurs and this they can absorb. The funds will sustain public transit.
I would love to see Apple release a server with GUI tools for something useful, ala PostgreSQL 9.3.x.
 I'm not certain Apple is appealing the ruling of price fixing, but rather the punishment that is interfering with its ability to compete in a fair and open market.
 I believe you meant to say, ``...presiding over several legal matters related to this case.''
 One perspective should be cleared up: British Law does not translate as well to American Law, especially US Corporate Law. If you don't have much exposure to US Corporate Law then start reading up. Perceiving this case from UK eyes won't help your cause.
Music is a first to the trough market, and Apple brought the entire end-to-end solution. Whether you are frustrated or not completely satisfied with iTunes it is the beast that provides the channels that keeps Apple the leader.   I am glad we won on this one.
 The term, ``I,'' never fit at NeXT but it was a common theme during the merger from whining Apple employees wanting their sabbaticals before Steve pulled the plug on the program. All of us wore several hats at NeXT and Apple. It's the difference between a spoiled brat and an adult. Fadell was never cut out to be Apple, never mind, NeXT material. The fact the guy was first hired solely as a contractor, after having worked in the past for Apple's subsidiary, General Magic,...
 Tony Fadell was none too bright while at Apple. The moment the guy proposed Apple use mklinux for the kernel on the iPhone I knew this guy did not realize we NeXT engineers took over the company and its future. You were never going to see Linux at Apple, period. The guy is a great bullshiter. There is no way he should have climbed the ranks within Apple like he did, but some folks managed [at the time] to garner steve's ear and if he liked you you got launched up quickly....
 It's like arguing with communications majors that they don't understand applied engineering. You'll never get through to them.
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