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Please don't forget to write and tell us all about it from Prison.
Many are under the deluded impression that DSLRs are past tense and not important. I'd prefer the Olympus line ,but these are great also, especially for their extensive lense offerings.
He should be excellent. Paul is a fellow NeXT alum. He's been immersed with ObjC for over 25 years.
I find Objective-C far more legible and self-documenting.
Wrong. NSException has been part of the Openstep Frameworks since Openstep 4.0.http://support.apple.com/kb/TA45874?viewlocale=en_US
``The company is also emphasizing the new language's performance, noting that Swift code implementing a common search algorithm can execute 2.6 times faster than Objective-C, or up to 8.4 times faster than comparable code written in Python.'' The 2.6 times faster is an exaggeration, seeing as you would write the search in C and the ObjC class would be referenced in messaging only when you want the results.
Fellow Washingtonians think alike. And as an alum at NeXT and Apple I would be one of those antagonistic voices to Craig and others about how neutered and pandering these apps have become to nothing but a throw away society.I understand the consumerism, but when all you do is cater to the douches who can't get enough of their own self-love you erode your vision of using computing to advance society.
No.Logic Pro X just got a huge upgrade and it's target is strictly professionals.Unless everyone and their dog wants to make professional tracks get used to GarageBand only. Most likely Apple will extend Logic Pro X with Final Cut Pro X, like seamless tracking across project layers and splits.
Perhaps the user would rather pay Apple than Adobe and put up with their bug issues. I know I would.
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