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Please stop posting about your religious neuroses. Save it for Church.
 I find it hilariously disingenuous that Samsung talks about the expense of Sapphire when they dump $20 billion in advertising just smartphones.
steve jobs was always accessible and willing to talk, whether in the cafe, building one or just crossing paths. Same way at NeXT.
  You do realize that comparison chart will now have to be updated, right? By the way, those lack of RAW Editing features is a feature. There are tools to do this that can build as part of your workflow, commercial or free. Ditto for HDR Editing. Photoshop's draw is waning.
 CMYK will fall more quickly out of your To Do List. Incorporating LittleCMS 2.6.x into Pixelmator, if not already done, will be a synch in the future.
 The hell it isn't.
The legal cases pending will most likely kill the deal.
 I know 3 out of 5 of them personally. None of them were involved with the actual making of the products directly, whether hardware, software or what have you. They were leaders in directing and focusing teams to meet goals. Bertrand is a great guy. He hadn't been knee deep in coding for nearly 15 years. Rubenstein never wrote code and his expertise of working with hardware was in the past. Sina worked in branding, marketing and non tech related relations. He was one of...
``According to Harper's LinkedIn page, he spent just over 12 years at Apple. During his time there, he also co-designed and implemented the "CoreImage" real-time image processing engine that debuted in OS X 10.4 Tiger, which launched in 2005.'' He gives himself way too much credit.
Nest is basically describing itself as Filemaker Inc.
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