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How about, who gives a rusty frack? Apple legal is massive and talent second to none.
AMD's entire GPGPU line up is refreshed in two weeks.
High accuracy GPS is just code for the US is moving onto an even more accurate GPS grid deployment system and authorizing generations ago tech to be public.
It's an oversaturation of young artists who really should do it as a hobby and not as a career. The talent drop in Rock for the past 15 years is alarming.
Artists get hosed because they first do not treat their band/music like a business and incorporate themselves, hire tax accountants, legal counsel on retainer and build any truly artist driven labels. The ``we just wanted to make music'' is a load of shit. Ask Queen, RUSH, Pink Floyd, etc., about it. They all control end-to-end their creative works. If your music is your livelihood then start treating it like it is your own business.
"Most People'' is a pejorative of bull shit. You cite a 2013 article, instead of getting off your ass and researching the actual results from 2013 to the present.You're completely fact free.
You could always set up your own mail services on a Mac Mini and be done with it.
I think problem lays more with Google proprietary IMAPish Mail services that I doubt will bet fully flushed out until either 10.10.5 or 10.11.
I prefer the slab.
Have you any scripts tied with Mail that you run?
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