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I'm still using the first gen iPad, as well.
 What an ignorant statement. It's been an acceptable norm for the past decade or more. Your comment makes sense if it were 1994.
 Yahoo is forewarning investors that their earnings will be less, due to this marginal drop in iOS traffic, for Yahoo! relies heavily on their Apple contracts to generate revenue. Come September when a new fleet of iOS hardware arrives he'll be upbeat.
`...slowing losing share.'   What the hell kind of descriptive journalism is that supposed to be?
 Don't quit your day job. Wall Street is 100% in favor of the purchase.
All wealthy corporates lobby and thus influence Washington DC to craft changes in Tax Codes to avoid paying traditional tax rates you would expect any corporation to pay. In short, it's legalized bribery, all thanks to an ancient US Supreme Court ruling about People and Personhood bs. Strip away those loop-holes and then let me see whether or not Apple and everyone else increases their ``lobbying arms'' to retwist and get those real entitlements back that they worked so...
 Most of the Semiconductor skilled labor is being hired as fast as possible. Clearly, with Malta GloFo hiring 600-800 skilled labor, starting now, they are ramping up their full GloFo/Samsung 20nm/14nm FinFET Fab plant to full capacity for the fall and beyond. All major US universities would be wise to require advanced manufacturing lab requirements for ME, EE, CE/ChemE/Material Science E, etc., but they never have. I'll be the first to admit I would have killed to have...
The US presently doesn't have the skills to do the work at such a large scale. That statement goes back to 2009/2010 and Steve told the President if he can get nearly 30k US workers with these particular skills he'll bring back the manufacturing. In short, the next revolution of Industrial Trade Arts must include Advanced Manufacturing tech labor at community colleges, nation-wide.
 Yes they are most definitely getting into the Headphone business.
 A real coup would be Apple acquiring the Sennheiser family and making it an independent subsidiary, along-side Beats.
New Posts  All Forums: