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If you've followed Apples awarded IP for the past 18 months regarding embedded products, Samsung has a huge chasm to cross and catch up. I expect Apple to be slapping lawsuit after lawsuit with several of them, with Samsung whining that they should all be FRAND.
Amazon's stock took a bath on Friday, down $33+ [nearly 10%] by missing estimates, and with a P/E = 476.11 expect this bubble to burst in 2014.
 The trade-offs of introducing cooling to the environment adds a far heavier footprint to the cost of power at no measurable gain, when servers running at 103 degrees Fahrenheit vs. 83 degrees Fahrenheit is point less considering the systems are rated running, at full throttle, with temperatures far higher. In short, they've most likely tested the cost of power curve against the life span of a server and found no measured improvement of bringing down the temperature...
 We had a saying at NeXT and later Apple: ``Sun is no NeXT/Apple [substitute accordingly]'' and I assume unless you had worked prior at NeXT or Apple the same would apply with, ``Google is no Apple.''
Mac Sales at 12% is a great sign for future growth.
 He learned from the best, Steven P. Jobs.
 That's the part people aren't seeing, but will sooner, rather than later. Apple just cut the nut sack of large traders manipulating the stock by opening it up to become a rising stock once again, for small investors. The flexibility Apple will have against Google's overpriced stock and Microsoft's overly split stock to a point of being a dividend only buy will become more apparent with future acquisitions and potential new markets Apple jumps head long into with new...
 How far away is Carnegie Mellon University from Pittsburgh? Submit a request. NeXT/Apple had some very prominent grads, perhaps they can grease the wheel a bit.
Press details here: http://www.globalfoundries.com/technology-solutions/leading-edge-technologies/14nm-collaboration   Technical details  PDF here: http://www.globalfoundries.com/docs/default-source/PDF/samsung-globalfoundries-14nm-collaboration.pdf?sfvrsn=0
Second Source: http://semimd.com/blog/2014/04/17/globalfoundries-and-samsung-join-forces-on-14nm-finfets/ 
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