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A grown man, or woman, doesn't bother hiding behind some asinine name like Silver Shadow. Hell everyone here unwilling to actually put their real name out there really has no balls, in my estimation, and thus really knee caps their statements to being nothing more than a bunch of scared or self-serving children.
Cocoa Frameworks are the big draw. If Swift makes C++ devs more comfy than I can see IBM being influenced more to partner up. But it's Cocoa that does the heavy lifting, not unofficial best of Objective-C and C without C baggage [Swift] and several modern features of Systems Programming. When Swift becomes part of LLVM/Clang proper then I know how serious IBM is with this partnership.
Growth in Macs continues to rebound, despite the claim they were declining just a few weeks prior. Growth in the iPad Air will explode this fall, along-side the iPhone 6. Cloud Services will explode with iDrive and Continuity driving more sales across the ecosystem, including Enterprise with IBM. Macs will steadily continue to grow more rapidly within the Enterprise and Education markets and we are overdue on a few models. iBeacon and Airport based products should be...
To have the money I spent in Arcades back to invest would easily allow me $40k right now to invest in new Macs and more.
 Tens of billions of US Dollars has gone into the development of Linux, on all fronts. It's lack of a unifying vision for the client-side has fractured the Linux Desktop into small factions. The server-side is well defined by the corporations who've spent the billions, and want their services tailor made. Unfortunately, the FOSS model fails when it comes to a UX/UI solution as there are too many cooks to spoil the soup. KDE is the clothes with a thousands pockets and...
 Jony doesn't design them. He has an entire team of talented designers and engineers that he coordinates with, now that he's a senior executive. Consider it a Professorial Advisor/Ph.D. candidate relationship: The Professor gets his name on all the work the candidate did, under his/her `guidance,' irregardless if they actually helped shape the work.
Reality: No single source fab takes over any embedded space product, now with a joint global partnership from Samsung and Global Foundries.   Either pull your heads firmly out of your bum or stop reporting such crap. The moment that relationship was forged ended all speculation on fab manufacturing for Samsung and Global Foundries regarding 20nm/14nm LPE and 14nm LPP FinFET and beyond.   Oh look! Here's the new...
Soon to be sued by Sennhauser and Sony, never mind the blatant rip-off design from Apple Beats.
Anyone talking about discontinuing OS X and Macs are just too stupid to debate.
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