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Citing your years at Apple pre-NeXT 2.0 won't help this person. Discussing UNIX and HFS+ with Apple Core Engineering practices, etc., would help.
Correct, but clarify it is ~ 50 million/quarter versus 5+ Million Mac/quarter.
Correct, which means it doesn't scale worth a crap on heavy load operations and thus won't ever be stuck in a Laptop/Desktop/Workstation.Anyone thinks AMD not having Keller back and the head of AMD GPGPUs leaving Apple to return to AMD won't release a beast is truly delusional.The reason the industry has x86_64 is because of Keller and company. We'd be stuck on 32 bit if it weren't for that team he has once amassed.FYI: Jim Keller designed the DEC Alpha processor, not to...
Observations:Yes TSMC just announced 16nm FinFET+Risk certificationHowever, they lost their partership with Global Foundries, who joined with Samsung a single unified FinFET solution:It's 14nm FinFET by Samsung and Global FoundriesTSMC stamped out 20nm SLP/16nm FinFET just like Global Foundries when they were partners.Problem for TSMC is this won't be ready until July 2015 while 14nm FinFET arrives from Samsung/GloFlo for scaled production Q1/2015.Intel is already pushing...
That is an absolutely huge waste of engineering resources to tailor OS X lite for a laptop, to save a few bucks, when the AMD APUs post Bulldozer architecture will crush any Intel iGPU and the SMT structure Keller is putting in for SP/DP makes the cost of the Intel product a waste of time.Your best bet is Apple helps AMD roll out their architecture for late 2015/early 2016 and forces Intel to drop their CPU pricing or lose a massive customer in Apple. Apple invests ZERO in...
Look, Apple would most certainly prefer to install the upcoming AMD K12 based APU or FX that Keller and company are developing than they would cripple their Macbooks or Macbook Airs with ARM solutions. The real question for both the ARM and AMD options is whether Apple has the license to develop it's own compatible Thunderbolt Controller to interface with PCH freeing it to use either AMD or ARM. Without Thunderbolt licensing, Apple either has to convince AMD to use...
If I sell 50 million phones and 25% want the 6 Plus that means 12.5 million people wanted that size. It's nothing to feel vindicated at or otherwise. It's sales.
When some idiot puts on a GoPro and starts spying on people being nude, having public sex, etc., then people will figure just one angle about how come these need to require a commercial class license.Hamm radios require a commercial license and I don't see anyone with a pulse objecting to it, or should I say anyone with higher reasoning skills.
Store on the ground floor, Engineering and Testing above.
He's a fundamentalist Lassie Faire Ideologue. Vacuous is a more appropriate term.
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