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FYI: This disc wasn't in my music directory [It wasn't pre-downloaded for me]. I downloaded it and it's a great disc.
It's a good disc. Enjoy every song off it. Great to rhythm guitar against it.
Ebay is spinning off PayPal to insulate itself when PayPal starts plummeting after Apple's one-touch solution spreads around the globe. PayPal being banned from it is a clue.
Apple can buy out their IP and continue manufacturing.
So how much money do they want US Tax Payers to front while they profit in new accounting classifications while they restructure [fully solvent] as a slightly different entity?
They don't want to feel left out seeing as Global Foundries with IBM, and more have targeted > $20 Billion in the Malta Complex.Global Foundries is buying IBM's Semiconductor business for $2 Billion and it appears the Burlington VT Manufacturing [4k staff] is going to add more resources to GlobalFoundries Fab options.http://blog.timesunion.com/business/ibms-vermont-fab-wont-die-with-globalfoundries-deal/61929/GF is going all in on the Malta 1400 acre Fab 8 site:...
Intel paid AMD $1.05 Billion in a settlement to admit no fault, when they bribed the entire industry and collected tens of billions during the process. Guess what? Intel's innovations are running thin and the new management and industry heavyweight talent amassing at AMD [being treated like a seasoned start up] is going to pay huge dividends.Intel will never have Apple's mobile business and will eventually lose its desktop/laptop/workstation business.
Which current dGPUs have H.265 decoders/encoders built-in?Adding the A8 SoC onto a custom board should not be a problem. We already have AMD Opteron + ARM Seattle chips server motherboards being tested by OEMs.
Apple has enough petty cash to sleep through a decade or two of downturn.
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