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 Yes. In fact, they make a wide variety of servers, including mainframes. Bother IBM and Oracle have been dumping large sums of money expanding their R&D in CPU architectures and server designs.
 This will never happen. IBM has a long history of screwing over Apple and NeXT. This is a synergistic relationship to protect IBM from losing out in the mobile space, and thus getting shut out of having a complete solution for their backend services. Apple will be the one dictating the relationship, unlike all the past history of attempted partnerships. It's good for both Apple and IBM. IBM's partnered recently very closely with GlobalFoundries and others to position...
 There is just a small contingency of AI fans who believe Apple is a Conservative Corporation.
 Where the **** do you get the idea that > 50% of this country is Republican?
 Unless we are talking the successor to the 5c the materials are the same, even for the smaller 5c form factor and some future 6c at 5.5".
 I'm with you on #3, where Apple provides various size models and the 5.5 phased in after the initial roll out of the 4.7.
Color issues on the 5.5 wouldn't be immune to the 4.7. This rumor is out the window with reality. The 4.7" will move ahead forward, with zero color issues.
I was wondering when this would arrive.
I can't stand much about Google, but they weren't stupid when Developing Go or DART by keeping it limited to Chrome.
Everything now is in legal, but like the merging of the ARM64 branch into LLVM/Clang which is now a complete merge of all ARM branches, I would expect The Swift Programming language to be added.   It's suicide not to do so.   By the way, the run-time isn't the keys to the company. It's a run-time. The Cocoa Frameworks are the keys and those are public with private APIs. It's what you do with the tools that are the crowning jewels.   Clang would be DOA if it weren't...
New Posts  All Forums: