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That's a very nice looking phone. It'll be my first smart phone. All my friends and former colleagues are baffled I have never bought a smart phone, but they knew it would never be anything but the platform we helped bring to Apple and worked/tested on at Apple. P.S. I dig the banding for the antennas. Beautiful merging of scientific design.
BS. There is no way in hell, mathematically, that half of the supported devices are A5 based. That would mean > 50% of the iPads are iPad 2 and iPhone are iPhone 4S, seeing as the iPhone 4 only had the A4.You would need > 100,000,000 iPhone 4s units domestically sold. Never happened. That alone doesn't include the iPad 2 having to dwarf iPad 3, 4, Air and Mini/Mini-Retina. Never happened.
Talk about the pot callng the kettle black. Leveraging filesystem attributes as exposed functionality you don't want to see is something Apple most certainly received requests to actually see.More importantly, It's Beta Software. Send them feedback to discuss the value or lack of value such exposed features offer.
The big changes come with Safari 8.x.
IBM is the better coupling in this partnership, hands down.
Their Scientific Spin-Off, Agilent Technologies is still top dog. http://www.agilent.com/cs/ContentServer?c=Page&pagename=Sapphire/Page/HomePage
Will all the Physical Chemists raise their hand? If not, STFU.
Or Washington State.
As Steven P. Jobs was a personal friend of Robin Williams I know my former boss would have paid a tribute on the Front Page and showcase the great talent through iTunes. Robin would expect no less.
What sort kind of a shill defends a global corporate conglomerate for data throttling, by deflecting attention to the FCC?
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