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 HP's share dropped from 27.3% to 26.5%Dell's share increased from 19.7% to 22.8%Apple's share increased from 9.9% to 13.7%Lenovo's shared increased from 8.6% to 9.7%Toshiba's share dropped from 7.8% to 7.2% Entire market space dropped from 27.3% to 26.5%
 I missed the /s tag. My bad.
 Considering AMD wrote the bulk of their OpenCL acceleration for Premiere and more I don't see them lagging too long.
The thickness on these circuit boards harkens back to a time before personal computing. Very thick and durable.
That $699 Dell is what you can characters as one big POS. the Ultra 24" for $1299 is the only 4k to look at under $2500 worth wasting money on.
Go buy an actual electric guitar. Pawn shops runneth over with high end gear for dirt.
  Ideas are as bags of fertilizer. They provide the spark if one can see the genius in them and implement a means to utilize them. If not, they lay wasted in the recesses of history like so many great `ideas.' The idea for a horseless carriage was considered a myth until it was manifested into reality. No one whines that someone `stole that idea' and therefore isn't original, yet you and those who find Steve's comment to Carte Blanche the man's vision as nothing but...
 Please keep your mouth still while in those stores, because us folks who get sick and tired of every moron calling their spouse for how much an item costs or which item did you want again instead of planning ahead, unless of course it's just to say hello to someone in the store.Nothing is more annoying than hundreds of idiots at a large store like Costco or a Barney's walking around calling their loved one about item purchases.
Straight forward example of making technology non-intrusive and enhancing your daily grind. This is just another example that separates Apple from all the `me-too' poser companies.
New Posts  All Forums: