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Apple doesn't wait for Skylake for 5K. The upcoming FirePro/R series baseline GPGPUs come out of the box with H.265 hardware based encode/decode and 5K support.Mac Pros aren't waiting on Intel for 5K.
AMD's APUs are on 28nm, the FX is on 32nm as they haven't changed since Vishera [Piledriver]. Steamroller and Excavator FX are scrapped. The replacement, Zen FX is coming in 2016.Excavator APUs Carrizos are coming this year already being tested in OEMS presently. They are being stamped out by Global Foundries 28nm.http://www.sisoftware.eu/rank2011d/show_system.php?q=cea598aa98af9ba391b7d0edc0f1d7a598a88ee7daebcda598ad8bf3ceffd9bcd9e4d4f281bc84&l=enEarly 2016 second...
Intel has a license for ARM IP and has had it for as long as Apple has had it. Intel never bought into the smartphone revolution, never mind the iPad/Tablet revolution. They are a wait and see corporation. Steve did something this time he never did prior to the iPhone/iPad. He invested in bring bumper-to-bumper hardware/OS development in-house and it has paid hugely. Intel will never convince Apple to use their Atom based mobile chips. Moore's Law is about to implode...
I stopped counting the people I've converted in businesses, and amongst friends years ago. The best part is they are still OS X and iOS loyalists.
If you don't know about the Seattle SoC from AMD already available for 6 months to OEMs I can assure Apple is already testing them, along side new Opterons and Carrizo APUs.http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/server/opteron-a-serieshttp://www.amd.com/en-us/press-releases/Pages/2015-ces-2015jan05.aspxApple will soon have a new line up of FirePro cards to draw upon from AMD and have an APU for the Mac Mini to the iMac that would reduce the cost, but if done correctly [using a...
You do realize that no language touches the precision of Fortran for Numerical Analysis.
World wide there are over 2.5 million books on the iBookstore. I've got a 200 million user base. Why the hell do I need exposure from Amazon and use their mobi format? I'd prefer straight up EPub 3.0 or customizations with the .ibook format.
Objective-C++ provides a bridge between C++ interfaces and Objective-C. We wrote it back in 1989 for Lotus Improv. It's evolved ever since.
Personally, independent authors should publish their books on the iBookstore exclusively, if they expect a better royalty result.
The 9370 FX is for enthusiasts. The standard FX-8350 that I'm using is a TDP max of 125 W. The APU Excavator core of their last Bulldozer line is 30W-45W with a Radeon R9-300 series GPGPU SoC on it.The Zen project is Keller's return and a complete move in a direction that will merge his experience creating Apple's A4 with his vast experience from DEC Alpha, AMD and more.
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