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 They've fixed that and it's in the beta notes. ObjC/C/C++ won't be replaced, no matter how much they try. Lattner would have been better releasing ObjC 3.0 with what they are calling Swift, and stop the stupid idea of having your headers and implementation mixed together. Go is another ``better than C/C++'' option by Google. It won't go anywhere either. Apple will try all they want but entrenching ObjC/C ObjC++/C++ marriages into the frameworks since iOS 1.x and of course...
 Agreed. The icons are complex, but clean. The menus/fonts are all consistent and clean. The UI is consistently hidden until needed. This is a beautifully and minimalistic UI. Steve would be proud of the many NeXT philosophies in 10.10. Keith Ohlfs would be proud. Note: the Settings icon is done correctly, unlike iOS.
Katie Cotton is the exact type of PR Executive I would hire. She was a kind person, on campus, always with a warm smile and a quick wit. She learned to pick up the NeXT style very well. When we merged and took over Apple she got on board, arms open and mind wide open. She soaked up what it was to be part of NeXT and now Apple.   She will have left a top of the bill staff to take over for her. Best wishes to her, always.
 Filemaker Inc. is a subsidiary. http://www.filemaker.com/company/legal/ 
 Where do you get board member? He gets to work for Apple, period.
This is an ignorant pile of thought. With just over 300 regular full-time employees, world-wide, Apple gains a world class Operating System for the Consumer to the Federal Govt., decades worth of technologies that are the heart and soul of Apple today.   Sorry, but please don't speak of NeXT, unless you were an employee at NeXT. You paint yourself a fool to do so.
Apple will phase out Beats Music service on Android, by  staggering functionality leads for iOS.
 He'll probably structured to focus on new artists, and certain regions of the world, reporting back to Cue. I assume this acquisition is an Apple subsidiary so neither guy will have a position in the Apple Executive Team. As for the rest of the ``Beats Music'' executives, I see them paid a price and walk away as they won't be running much anymore.
 He's high if he cannot find a quality pair of headphones under $1000k.
 Ive has free reign, and Cook knows it. It was part of the deal with Steve and the Board. I believe Dre and Iovine will realize they aren't that important in decisions, especially when they really invest time in the engineering meetings, only to discover they don't know jack shit about the tech side.
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