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They're expanding resources, not just starting the project.
The signal is radially broadcast. It's not line of sight. If they are discussing interference with mountains or valley's that's just an insurmountable dampening mass impeding the signal.
I listen to the FM channels every day. Sorry, but it is sheer idiocy to think Talk Radio is just going to be streamed. I can't stand it, but I do enjoy my music and not just the stuff I've collected. It's nice to be outside enjoy the day and having a nice radio playing and not have it be an iPod attached kind.
Steve used to drive two powder blue Porsche Boxters to work.
Butchering the English language is how come we to work out ass off everyday.
Clarification: Pearson is a huge conglomeration in a once diverse market of publishers including Addison Wesley, Prentice Hall, and many more high quality technical book publishers.Conservatives allowed consolidation in publishing and prices quadrupled.Then there is Cengage and McGraw-Hill.Where the hell is the real competition? There used to be 50 high quality professional/technical publishing houses. Now we have 3 major ones and 3 minor ones.
I was just about to point out the same problem. More to the point, Samsung and Global Foundries are on the same system. You don't split it up. Yields are high at GF.
Wasting time once more on an alternative UI is not a sound use of time.
I'll take the one that Apple provides.
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