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I'm referring to the industry as a whole. Instead of just straight USB-C to USB they now have to have an adaptor to goes from lightning-> USB which just adds $20+ to the price. Considering the price bump and a .50 cent USB port, not to mention the neutered keyboard layout even for the arrow keys, it just does nothing for me.10-Key, no 10-Key, Apple keyboards don't last nearly as long as they once did. Designed obsolescence is common. I cannot and never have stomached the...
iMac sales are well past 1 million, quarterly. Sorry, but your idea this space isn't growing is not substantiated. What is not growing is the external high resolution market space. That will change when their price target ranges nominally fall between $399-$799 for 4k/5k IPS based solutions from 27"-40" and no I'm not talking about HDMI 2.x monitors.
Next year is the HBM2 year for GPGPUs. I have no desire to buy any AIO system when < 12 months later HBM2 Memory up to 32GB becomes reality. I'll just pick up a new Mac mini for novel writing and wait for a real system based GPU that is coming. The AMD Radeon Fury Nano makes it clear that GPGPUs are going big, while their total surface area is shrinking rapidly. 2015 is the wasted year in traditional computing. That goes for desktop, laptop and workstation options.
Looking forward to the new keyboard. Not now. Having multiple systems with different Operating Systems the lightning port is a DOA. Logitech is the only option for me. Same for the mice. I could careless about the glide/force touch pad with or without the lightning port.
Autonomous vehicles won't be here for two or more decades. Too many problems with infrastructure, never mind the solutions are garbage. And anyone who thinks standard vehicle mirrors are offsetting the built up drag surface area that starts with that front end of most cars is deluding themselves.The cost of integrated systems to deal with electronic cameras that are extremely expensive to replace and non mechanical reminds me when everyone in the '80s thought electronic...
60 hours didn't bother me. I added up maximum vacation very quick. I was never bored. I spent 2.5 hours in traffic. That made each day a drag.
I'll put it to you as a Mechanical Engineer, the rear view cameras fail and you must still remain the same Factor of Safety all automobiles must exhibit. All mirrors must still be adjusted even when the servo motors fail, by using your hand.Rear end view cameras to back up are effing dumb. Always have been. It makes driver dependent on technology that will fail.
Work conditions at Apple were phenomenal. Musk hasn't a clue. I worked 12 hour shifts and it flew by. I worked 12 hour shifts at ATT Wireless and after 3 hours I wanted to shoot myself.
Lenovo's growing? It's declining YoY. You wonder how come they have absorbed other businesses, until these results, it's consolidation of options in the enterprise and federal markets for certified vendors.
The 21 stopped being perfect when the 24 became the baseline across the industry. The 27"-35" are the large screens today.
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