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I don't want the students doing a lot of typing. I'd want them to use the ipad as their central textbook and lab resource, with the students using their hands to write and solve problems.Sorry, but the education system doesn't improve because kids skip solving problems in long hand. Learning to write prose, etc., in long hand is a part of learning.
Who were the hand models?
I believe you meant to say, Apple Austin.
You're not going to show squat about a electron exchange coating during dipping of the glass, along the manufacturing assembly process, in a post assembled phone.
Apple will be very pleased that > 15 million 6 Plus phones sold in 1 quarter, no matter how asininely stated AI continues to infer it's not popular.
Swap Spielberg for Nolan. Spielberg will humanize it and make it memorable to all ages.
It's always been Helvetica, going back to NeXTSTEP.
Citing your years at Apple pre-NeXT 2.0 won't help this person. Discussing UNIX and HFS+ with Apple Core Engineering practices, etc., would help.
Correct, but clarify it is ~ 50 million/quarter versus 5+ Million Mac/quarter.
Correct, which means it doesn't scale worth a crap on heavy load operations and thus won't ever be stuck in a Laptop/Desktop/Workstation.Anyone thinks AMD not having Keller back and the head of AMD GPGPUs leaving Apple to return to AMD won't release a beast is truly delusional.The reason the industry has x86_64 is because of Keller and company. We'd be stuck on 32 bit if it weren't for that team he has once amassed.FYI: Jim Keller designed the DEC Alpha processor, not to...
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