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There isn't a single reason for me to buy Ford, GM, Chrysler, Chevy, etc. Cannot stand the business decisions that knee cap style and interior quality for cheap.
They're not gutless. They created a lot of vibe for doing this. Pay attention and see what is happening. Apple Music will bring Independent Artists to a whole new model, where they can remain independent and make a lot of money, without any Music Cartel.Apple Music will do the Music what the iPhone is doing to the Telecommunications industry. The difference being that Apple is removing the need for an actual Record Label to market and brand your music.
Eddy Cue just announced on Twitter that Apple will pay the artists during the Free Trial period.
Apple will pay the royalties for the 3 months after negotiating a large contingency of artists [including Taylor] sign on and you'll see a huge bounce in the stock.
Data Centers are being strategically deployed on a global 24/7 grid. Putting another center in Cali doesn't cut it.
They do. It takes months to modify security architectures to incorporate these end cases. These end cases take years to exploit and people crap the bed when they are discovered.
Drop the screen capture. It gives a really poor impression, compared to the video.
About effing time the 140 character limit is killed.
If you follow WebKit-Dev you understand how come it took so long.
This was the point of the keynote 99.9999% of viewers missed. I leaped out at me.
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