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If I were just a newly graduating Mechanical Enginer with MEMS, Machine Design, Tribuluation and an emphasis on materials and machines I would never work for the big 3. I would jump at the chance to be on the leading edge with Apple, Tesla, etc.
Make it a 24" screen and the sales will fly off the shelf.
At this rate it'll take 20 years for mid-tier cities to see anything wrt transit.
Before his passing? Tim Cook worked as Steve's right hand man for 13 years. From 1998 - 2011 they were the force behind rebuilding Apple. This wasn't a before his passing stint of time.
Everyone of these films tries to make Steve Wozniak the unsong cultural hero of Apple, when he was an afterthought the moment the Macintosh was born. He's been an afterthought ever since.
Whose the Jetson's obsessor?
End to End encryption is a product of your mail servers on both ends, not the mail client.
Knowing some of the members the work on rearchitecting the product has been in play for quite some time. Richard Crandall's [RIP] group works years ahead of what they ultimately add to OS X.
All Operating Systems are a moving target. Otherwise, what would security hacks do for a living?
Your investors expect to make money off of this film, Sorkin. With a purported $30 million budget you're damn right people are expecting to capitalize on it and expect you to do the most as a writer/creator with this opportunity, you opportunist.
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