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The article is like most financial analysis: BS. The sell of was mitigated by the Federal reserve this September and people anticipating a heavy interest increase. Word is the Fed is undercutting their fears.
Just putting this out there. The subjective taste of these colors are greatly impacted by the failed/limited ability of your eyes to read colors correctly. The more color blind you are the less likely you'll appreciate these tints.
99% of the phones will be in a case.
Never been married before? Or your girlfriend never wanted a ring? Rose gold, Platinum, Silver, Gold, etc., all become well-versed when you have one or the other in your life.
Guaranteed their will be a stand. Of course, since it is a lightning adaptor a female version of the iPhone 6s base adaptor shown at the Keynote will be released.
So when does it go live?
You're listening to a joke like Om Malik? Seriously? Stop listening to people who have never worked for these innovative companies. Today marks a major loss of product sales for several of Apple's competitors and at least a handful of 3rd party hardware developers.Wacom is effed. Apple will release a second generation Pencil that will work with more of its product lines making inroads into other companies ideas that will eventually hope to be bought out by other larger...
I don't need extra sensitive circuitry along the shaft. My hands conductive electrical currents and sweat. I'm happy with their solution.
Definitely buying it with the accessories.
Bottom line, the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and the CIA want a secure logging port access that is not visible to anyone but them, allowing them to capture ever bit transmitted between all parties they are snooping on. Microsoft and Apple are saying **** You. I'm not sacrificing our customers for your dog n' pony witch hunts. Good for them.
New Posts  All Forums: