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Irony, since Intel doesn't implement the DD3 spec correctly, the Mac Pro has to house 4 additional RAM slots just to get to 64GB, when if intel did it to spec the 8 slot could theoretically house 256GB of DDR3 RAM.   AMD designs to spec and its the reason there are only 4 slots for DDR3 DIMMS for 32/64GB AMD FM2+ and AM3+ boards.   I would love to see Intel be forced to license Thunderbolt to AMD.   It would give Apple the option for Excavator APUs : the future of...
 TextEdit.app support HTML 5, CSS, RTF, RTFD, TXT and can be used directly as a Code Editor. It also outputs Word 97, if I'm not mistaken. Voice Dictation included. Includes ODF support as well. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2523 It's been evolving over the years and even in it's NeXTSTEP/Openstep period did a lot more than just TXT files. RTF/RTFD, has been their from the beginning.
 iBooks already has PDF viewing. The Previewer would make sense if we're talking about PDF Forms. Hooking that up with iCloud, along with TextEdit.app iCloud that allows publishing standard Epub output would be great.
http://newsroom.leapwireless.com/Press-Releases/AT-T-Completes-Acquisition-of-Leap-Wireless-6b3.aspx  Seems quite clear that AI can't read. But the real deal is that AT&T is absorbing this spectrum and adding it to their coverage area. So getting on a Pre-paid Cricket plan with an iPhone 5 will be get my attention. I'll get off of Verizon for this option.
 There was a lot more than Motorola (Pre-PPC/PPC Prototype the Brick in Multiprocessor layout) and Intel. There was HP PA-RISC and SPARC 5/10.  ARM is just the latest, after PPC. We used to brand NeXTSTEP 3.3 as Quad-FAT.
TSMC and GloFo have both stamped out A57 at 20nm/16nm FinFET. That aside, it doesn't mean they would be in time for the A8 die-shrink.
 Oprah also gave away the VW Beetle before she retired. That gift was like giving away an iPhone and iPad latest to her audience. Either way, the host couldn't give a rat's behind what they're giving away, so long as you're paying them.
 If you think Samsung exclusively stamps out A-series SoC's you're delusional. TSMC, Samsung, GloFlo are all partners with ARM who together designed this 28nm, now 20nm/16nm FinFET system. SemiAccurate has a better presentation on what's going on. http://semiaccurate.com/2014/03/03/6-core-16nm-finfet-arm-cortex-a57-chips-spotted-wild/
 When you're dead last in the embedded space, jumps seem remarkable.
This report update from the consortium in NY at Malta is very reassuring: http://electroiq.com/petes-posts/2014/02/19/no-technical-barriers-seen-for-450mm/   It's quite a technical article that is light on background, but heavy on charts.
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