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 When you're dead last in the embedded space, jumps seem remarkable.
This report update from the consortium in NY at Malta is very reassuring: http://electroiq.com/petes-posts/2014/02/19/no-technical-barriers-seen-for-450mm/   It's quite a technical article that is light on background, but heavy on charts.
 Don't sweat it. No one in the US outside of an extreme right-wing agenda respects the man. Even in his own country he is loathed.
 Apple can easily purchase AMD, if it so chooses. Apple can easily become an OEM vendor for AMD and with both having ARM licenses [especially Apple having access to all ARM IP] could start stamping out AMD APU Excavator based solutions. The only caveat is THUNDERBOLT.
 With a market valuation of nearly $30 Billion, the cost is not a problem. More than likely, they don't have the IP.
 Right, because smartphone glass is the leading profit center for Corning. Not. In reality, a composite of both Gorilla and Sapphire is an optimal solution for Apple. Corning going after Sapphire is just stupid from a partnership situation, never mind useless fodder when they don't disclose the carbon footprint of their own assembly processes, across the board, comparing them to Sapphire Glass.
 Clearly make you piss yourself enough to whine about my statement. Oppenheimer has never been well liked at Apple. He got the job after Fred screwed up. I saw Peter on a daily basis. Fred was a vortex of conversation with everyone. Peter was a black hole everyone ignored.
Peter's the one guy i'd send packing.
This thread is sad that people are defending channel distribution numbers with consumer end sales and calling Chromebook a success. It's an unmitigated failure. http://www.techworld.com.au/article/535607/chromebooks_one_per_cent_market_share_-_tough_road_enterprise/  Problem with this entire four statements. 2.5 Million is not 1% of the entire PC Market. If that were true that means out of 314.6 million PCs* shipped only 250 million were sold and thus 64.6 million were...
 I'm not missing the point. If you noticed, I was positing another observation. Then again Hotmail didn't invent Free Email. Email has been a free service on UNIX before 99% of members on this board took their first piss.
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