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Butt hurt already.
Google Go: A Programming language that has never interested me, just like Java.
Flipboard is slick. Just download it.
Fantastical article.
You win for dumbest business post of all time.
All up now.
Almost all charities average 85% of their donations going to administrative costs. They are all nearly scams.People go into non-profit work to get wealthy.You want your money to go exclusively for science to improve the chances of working on the human genome and turning off cancer? Then donate it to promising research, sit on the board and manage it.
Aren't tax reductions great?! Abolish all tax shelters involving Charity. Then lets see how charitable people are when they really have to invest in others.
Use Yahoo's Flickr. You get 1 TB for free.
They don't understand actually what is going on. Apple paid other providers while it ramps up its own solutions. Once they pass a threshold those contracts end.
New Posts  All Forums: