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So much for all the geniuses against the Rose Color Gold. Glad Apple ignores rumor sites.
Those emoticons are not flat certified.
If you can find a way for Notes to not have words become keyword triggers for Calendar it would be greatly appreciated. Words and Numbers like on a clock that include: tomorrow, today, yesterday, 12:00, etc., all get bold yellow and when you select the services panel slides up with options to add to Calendar. Definitely a bug or one feature that should be note to note configurable.
We've had the internal tools to detect legitimate copies of binaries since NeXTSTEP.
Not hard to see this site is overkill.
Depends on where you live. My house hasn't been white in two years and Google's latest image may say 2015 from space, but it's street view update is from 2011.
Speaking of Maps, which I like very much, the roll out of Routes for transit mid-size to large size metros will be critical to adoption.
Eventually, the aggregators will have to restructure contracts as yes any aspect of a website can be blocked with Adblock. Eventually, these massive drains on a web site to load won't force companies to charge because they know that's a dead end. It means advertisers will actually have to think and do more than target click patterns. They'll have to brand with web sites and within the content of videos and other immersive info leverage that, not a bunch of stickers all...
They ultimately will be forced to build out their own infrastructures and not rely on third party linked in servers. They don't want to invest in it.
Downloading: iPhone Software Update 600.0 of 1.81 GB - 27 minutes remaining
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