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One can always write notes in short-hand and record the audio far more readily than even typing. Learning short-hand is something anyone can benefit from doing.
You can write your own in short order. The intent behind NeXT Services were to cohesively extend services to third party apps, system-wide. These stupid widgets that don't extend the system, but attempt to leach money here and there are just sad.Hell, Apple has Numbers. If it's installed they should extend a Calculator Service that processes your requests.AirMail? Write some scripts to extend Mail to mass bulk mail if it cannot currently manage...
All an absoute waste of cash.
Having iPads and iPhones in 97% of the Enterprise does not remotely mean you have 97% of the Enterprise. Apple is going to push OS X and iOS into the Enterprise, piggy-backing on Big Blue and Power8.
Yes. And the new series starts very soon on TNT.
I would never ask you to point someone out from a line up. they have nothing structurally similar.
The best part is Larry and Co don't mention that projects like Inbox that is in beta and several others are developed and architected by former NeXT/Apple engineers who after about a year leave Google and have absolutely no interest in returning. The principle designer for Inbox is a fellow NeXT Alum who wrote DBKit [and of course didn't leave on good terms by fucking us on a project called Soups which was true collaborative editing just now seeing some promise around the...
The man offered Apple's services to run President Obama's campaigns. He helped Clinton's campaigns. Sorry, but you misplace business practices with Social/Political views and it's giving you the impression he was a Libertarian. Sorry, but the guy has always been a Democrat, like his wife. His views on Education aren't Libertarian.Steve Jobs hired the brightest minds in the globe, most of which came from European Socialist Democratic nations. His personal view on Education...
It requires one to have Health Vault via Microsoft Health and if Microsoft weren't the dead last player in the market it would require one to run Windows only. Its tied in with Cortana for full use: Windows Phone only. It's instant Text Messaging is not available between the iPhone and the band: makes sense as they want to move you over to Windows only.To get all features within this platform, you must have the Windows Phone.Apple makes it clear: The Apple Watch is part of...
If you cannot handle Apple's leader is openly gay, then you don't know nor never have known Apple and its founding principles. Steve Jobs was a life long Liberal that built the most successful Corporation on the Planet. Bill Gates is also Liberal. Both are life long Democrats. Deal with it.
New Posts  All Forums: