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 You mean NeXT and Apple Alumni? Yes.
The Levi's wall is creative. That is butt ugly. it looks like the afterbirth of Han Solo's frozen state.
 Shader Cores Cluster == 192. Unified Shading Cluster Array. Same 192 area Nvidia touts about their Tegra next generation, but this will stomp all over it. http://withimagination.imgtec.com/index.php/powervr/powervr-gx6650-redefining-performance-mobile-192-cores 
Freddy Kruger called? Buttugly.
 They're not interested in Tesla beyond iOS in the car. Apple is leveraging all automakers willing to create iOS in the car.  Musk is leveraging a routine business meeting into benefiting his company by not denying any asinine rumors, other than to use language such as, ``highly unlikely,'' which keeps you thinking ``highly likely.'' Musk knows it never was an option.
 Right, but it's power draw is 1/50th+ that of a discrete GPU. Compare the power draw of this GPGPU for the Mobile space to the discrete GPGPU of the desktop space and it is clear that more resources have been going into bringing the immersive quality of high-end graphics to the smartphone/tablet than has been going into the Desktop/Laptop paradigm. Make the desktop/workstation GPGPU as efficient in power usage as the embedded space and we would truly have mind-blowing...
 Great question, especially when iMessage for my iPad running iOS 5.1.1 has been broken for the past 5 months.
My personal favorite all-time plug for fans to ask Apple to open up the operating system to create a clone vendor list was re-soundly and honestly by Steven P. Jobs, internally and at MacWorld.   ``We checked in on the clone business and you know what we discovered? Nearly all of the clone vendor sales took sales away directly from Apple. They weren't growing the user base.''   The reason the iPod was a success is it served a simple purpose: playing Music and later...
 iTunes IS NOT PLATFORM AGNOSTIC. It's Dual Platform (Win/OS X)
 What they have bought is a fickle base of reactionary nerds who dump and move onto the next anti-facebook or anti-whatever conglomerate when it swallows up their favorite SMS addiction app. If Facebook is willing to concede roughly 33% of Facebook accounts are bogus they only have roughly 833 million users, most of whom are 30+ connecting with their families and wasting time passing recipes back n' forth, coordinating with their social clubs, etc., but sure as hell aren't...
New Posts  All Forums: