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Not to mention H.265 is already here. Whether x.265, FFmepg, and apps like Handbrake, VLC, MPV2, etc.
However, Implementations are unique and the hallmark of Patents.
Other than the talent working at FoundationDB I'm trying to figure out the reason for acquiring it. NeXT and later Apple created Enterprise Object Frameworks and Craig Federighi and Jeff Martin were two of the principal architects. My friends are now one Senior VP of Apple and Jeffrey left Apple early to found ReportMill.A lot of the top architects from NeXT and later Apple left to work with Bertrand's Cloud project still under wraps entitled UpThere.The lack of genius in...
I wouldn't be surprised if the A8 is actually Dual A8s.
With new Toshiba 256 Gb NAND they could just go 64, 128, 256. http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/company/taec/news/2015/08/memory-20150803-1.html
There is a difference between give us a hint and give me a hint.Example: I just asked the following question:``Siri give us all a hint.''Response: ``That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.''
About goddamn time. @mstone: Yes, I agree. We should have just called ourselves United States of North America or something else. A very stupid presumption of The United States of America seeing as that represents North, Central and South America.
First of all, Just One More Thing is contextually way out in left field compared to One More Thing. Secondly, Tick Different should end all doubt.
Nope, just reporting what they are paid to fabricate.
Tim's stepping up to call out the bs that Wall Street does to shake the tree and flush people out of the game.
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