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Is Microsoft getting mocked for requiring a Windows Phone to work with it? After all, critics wouldn't shut the hell up about Apple Watch [top of the bill over them all] when it was revealed.
Nah. That virginal blood sacrifice only happens on the fabled christos birth on December 25.
One big fucking bull shit. We routinely gave huge discounts at all Steve created corporations for education.NeXT OS/Developer was $799/$7999 Retail, $299 EducationalWOF/EOF/ etc., massive discounts for education.Steve always wanted to get Apple to the point where he could shape the K-12 and University CS curriculum based around NeXT/Apple Tech and more.He never had the chance.Apple is now self-sufficient to make such dreams possible.
None of which should be authorized as itemized deductions.
Your tangential complaint isn't addressing the person's observation of ease-of-use with Apple pay. You deflected whining about chit chatting by phone users at checkout.
US corporate tax revenues at an all-time low as a % of total taxes received, with hundreds of billions of fraudulent tax filings the US Govt isn't taxing the crap out of anyone.Tax loopholes all need to be closed and large to conglomerate levels need to go up.
Not one of them I have done any business [profession/consumer] for years with one exception: I picked up some chain cleaner for my Specialized a year ago at Walmart.
Change your CPA. Your files should all be submitted in PDF secure format.
Personal computers don't kill trees.US Congress banning Hemp to be used for Textiles production, including Paper production [due to the Paper Logging joint relationship, DuPont and others] is the reason more trees have been used, via PRINTERS.
Apple should produce advertisements about Apple Pay vs. CurrentC how retailers want to data mine your information, and that if you value your privacy you'll shop at Apple Pay aware retailers.
New Posts  All Forums: