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Holy crap. The total space captured by these actually useful apps is probably less than the Facebook app. People need to get lives.
Sure. People can measure the difference in grams.
As a NeXT and later Apple engineering alum, no one at Apple was thrilled when dozens of the top talent which made Apple possible left to start NeXT. The idea of a partnership dissolved immediately. There would be no offer to invest with NeXT.
I have dozens of employees who left with Steve after the board voted no confidence and stripped him of his position. Steve Wozniak is a coward and a chickenshit who gets $120k/year for life doing nothing for Apple.
Pull your proverbial out of your bum. It's an exaggeration to make a point: Show me someone without a case and I show you an idiot complaining their phone is scraped. I dare you to sample 1000 people with a simple Yes/No.This survey from 2 years ago says average % is 75%.https://www.npd.com/wps/portal/npd/us/news/press-releases/one-in-four-smartphone-owners-dont-use-a-case-to-protect-their-phone-according-to-npd/I dare say it has only increased significantly. But more...
The article is like most financial analysis: BS. The sell of was mitigated by the Federal reserve this September and people anticipating a heavy interest increase. Word is the Fed is undercutting their fears.
Just putting this out there. The subjective taste of these colors are greatly impacted by the failed/limited ability of your eyes to read colors correctly. The more color blind you are the less likely you'll appreciate these tints.
99% of the phones will be in a case.
Never been married before? Or your girlfriend never wanted a ring? Rose gold, Platinum, Silver, Gold, etc., all become well-versed when you have one or the other in your life.
Guaranteed their will be a stand. Of course, since it is a lightning adaptor a female version of the iPhone 6s base adaptor shown at the Keynote will be released.
New Posts  All Forums: