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 Swift incorporate the dynamic run-time capabilities of ObjC.
 NeXT bought ObjC from Stepstone Inc and improved it tremendously. Then we created the Openstep Initiative. Then Apple bought NeXT and the next major revision was ObjC 2.0.
 Can't create your own intelligent assessment? People who rely on John to discuss the vast changes of OS X really strike me as inept with its technologies.
 Metal only has to do with the A series SoC, no more, no less.
 The APIs are definitely long overdue to be released. NeXT/Apple tends to take 5  years of internal baking before they spring it on everyone. The list they've done is very exciting. I haven't bothered to study the Physics APis added for Gaming, but I would have preferred Apple Frameworks be an extension of the forthcoming Bullet 3.0 Physics Library. I'll have to see if they can be leveraged within these new Physics frameworks, without basically doing the heavily lifting...
 No. It could mean Apple's new motherboards have an M7 DSP co-processor successor M8 or something similar that the Touch ID encryption can be stored.
 I read all the same stuff you have in the Swift Programming Book. I'm just irritated Lattner isn't bridging a strong-hold for 25 years of ObjC, but instead is hoping his cherry picking of ObjC/C++ and calling it Swift will have everyone abandoning decades: it won't. He also did nothing but select snippets of code he already prototype, tested and debugged, so he could show the Demo. These demos are really a poor man's NeXT Demo back at NeXTWorld or ObjectWorld where senior...
  It's available. I downloaded it. I have it on my Mac and my iPad. Scott was one of the principle Architects of AppKit, to be more precise.
 They've fixed that and it's in the beta notes. ObjC/C/C++ won't be replaced, no matter how much they try. Lattner would have been better releasing ObjC 3.0 with what they are calling Swift, and stop the stupid idea of having your headers and implementation mixed together. Go is another ``better than C/C++'' option by Google. It won't go anywhere either. Apple will try all they want but entrenching ObjC/C ObjC++/C++ marriages into the frameworks since iOS 1.x and of course...
 Agreed. The icons are complex, but clean. The menus/fonts are all consistent and clean. The UI is consistently hidden until needed. This is a beautifully and minimalistic UI. Steve would be proud of the many NeXT philosophies in 10.10. Keith Ohlfs would be proud. Note: the Settings icon is done correctly, unlike iOS.
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