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The stuff `just works' because of the iOS Cocoa Frameworks, not because Google works harder on iOS/OS X. Sorry, but it is a monetary fact that the financial benefit of this partnership has been significantly one sided.Google's future is to diversify from competing directly with Apple or its valuation will keep dropping.
I got my answer. They are crapping the bed inside.
It's Neue.
Go back to Arstechnica and stroke it with all the myopia that doesn't realize Spotify, Pandora and Tidal are all screwed.
What's the point of using CAPS for San Francisco and lower case for Helvetica? Do a split for both lower and upper.
If I'm Sony, BMI and more I'm shitting my self.
Butt hurt already.
Google Go: A Programming language that has never interested me, just like Java.
Flipboard is slick. Just download it.
Fantastical article.
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