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 Great question, especially when iMessage for my iPad running iOS 5.1.1 has been broken for the past 5 months.
My personal favorite all-time plug for fans to ask Apple to open up the operating system to create a clone vendor list was re-soundly and honestly by Steven P. Jobs, internally and at MacWorld.   ``We checked in on the clone business and you know what we discovered? Nearly all of the clone vendor sales took sales away directly from Apple. They weren't growing the user base.''   The reason the iPod was a success is it served a simple purpose: playing Music and later...
 iTunes IS NOT PLATFORM AGNOSTIC. It's Dual Platform (Win/OS X)
 What they have bought is a fickle base of reactionary nerds who dump and move onto the next anti-facebook or anti-whatever conglomerate when it swallows up their favorite SMS addiction app. If Facebook is willing to concede roughly 33% of Facebook accounts are bogus they only have roughly 833 million users, most of whom are 30+ connecting with their families and wasting time passing recipes back n' forth, coordinating with their social clubs, etc., but sure as hell aren't...
 Facebook just sells this data back to Google.
http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/164131  I'm so damn glad they are doing this.Shadow DOM: http://www.w3.org/TR/2012/WD-shadow-dom-20120522/ Moving it to a modules implementation where it doesn't compromise page size and performance is finally being addressed. They state it's costing 5% of overall page load time just to manage these sub trees. Mobile hitting 60fps is just added sauce of performance on the desktop/laptop space. Both Chrome and Safari branches of their...
 Horse crap. It has everything to do with this generation's blind ignorance to Social networking. The monetization fantasy they plan on about having some mythical 500 million new users to suck dry is truly mythical mathematics. When FB takes a real dump and Google ultimately drops their Thermostat investment people will down play both, when it's a case of a truly ignorant group of young kids getting to play big boy in the SV sandbox post 2000.
 Keep fantasizing. Apple is not interested in being a Car Manufacturer. What an asinine idea. Apple does not need Tesla's battery IP. It's got equivalent IP. Tesla is hosed due to the Big 3 Oil Conglomerates who patented and shelved all Lithium-Ion large scale battery designs. It's the reason Tesla has so many goddamn small batteries in their car. Teslas announcing it's 55% increase in total sales is saying they've sold a little over 30k S models. Big deal. By next year,...
 You truly don't know what Steve Jobs did and haven't a clue what it takes to be that CEO. Elon Musk is a fad.
 I'd advise Apple to put $0 investment into Tesla. Apple only invests in companies they can leverage IP to make products.
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