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Huge win for AMD and Apple.
Definitely buying the Mini.
Excellent choice.
How? These benefits come as nothing more than cosmetic point of presence staffing being restructured.
The discrete GPGPUs will have to be quite impressive.
Apple and the rest need to stop effing over the globe for profiteering only. Sorry, but these loop-holes hold back economic stability and growth for the globe.
I'm sitting on nearly 3k and I am sick of Icahn.
FYI: This disc wasn't in my music directory [It wasn't pre-downloaded for me]. I downloaded it and it's a great disc.
It's a good disc. Enjoy every song off it. Great to rhythm guitar against it.
Ebay is spinning off PayPal to insulate itself when PayPal starts plummeting after Apple's one-touch solution spreads around the globe. PayPal being banned from it is a clue.
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