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You'll be lucky to see the Core i5-6500 at the highend for either the Macbook Pro or the iMac 5k, and the Core i5-6400T for the Macbook/Mac mini.
Like hell they will. The iGPU on the Skylake are absolute garbage. Does anyone follow how pitiful their resulting benchmarks have been?If you want to see Macbook Pro sales go into the crapper stop shipping a discrete OpenCL 2.x certified GPGPU.If you'll notice on AMD's website the R9 370X Mobile is already listed for the Mac. What they need to announce is the R9 Mobile 390/390X variants this September 9th, in conjunction with AMD.Personally, I'd love for Apple to start...
Just my opinion but Bill Simmons is a douchebag and I've had my fill of Top Gear's cast.
The day it is news is when Apple releases a line of home safety sensoring products.
How is this pertinent to Apple news? No one gives a frack about Google.
Not to mention H.265 is already here. Whether x.265, FFmepg, and apps like Handbrake, VLC, MPV2, etc.
However, Implementations are unique and the hallmark of Patents.
Other than the talent working at FoundationDB I'm trying to figure out the reason for acquiring it. NeXT and later Apple created Enterprise Object Frameworks and Craig Federighi and Jeff Martin were two of the principal architects. My friends are now one Senior VP of Apple and Jeffrey left Apple early to found ReportMill.A lot of the top architects from NeXT and later Apple left to work with Bertrand's Cloud project still under wraps entitled UpThere.The lack of genius in...
I wouldn't be surprised if the A8 is actually Dual A8s.
With new Toshiba 256 Gb NAND they could just go 64, 128, 256. http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/company/taec/news/2015/08/memory-20150803-1.html
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