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 Off-line with other private groups we have discussed the Tesla deal and it's around battery and iOS integration. Apple isn't getting into the automobile industry other than to extend iOS to it.
 **** no. I emphatically cannot stand this opportunist, schmuck.
 There never will be. Intel isn't gaining on AMD or Nvidia in terms of GPGPU and more, especially AMD. AMD is augmenting their entire line of traditional CPUs and GPUs for HSA.We just got Kaveri APU and it's just for show. The first beast is Excavator APU for both Opteron and desktop. Think of the replacement to the Nov '13 released AMD Radeon R-290X merged with the next generation Excavator CPU core architecture set running at 20nm/14nm FinFET by the end of 2014 whose...
Gotcha. I just find it repugnant these corporations exist and are ballooning Wall Street who is legally siphoning billions off of these web portal 2.0 sites.
 Not to mention not a single web site I have ever socialized has ever seen a dollar out of my pocket, through any form of advertising.
  Both facilities are fully subsidized by Apple. In essence, they own them and all the staff and equipment inside, minus the business legal obligation of managing them for Tax purposes.
 There is nothing custom with Intel Graphics.
 Only? It's an effing messaging company. Gawd damn this is another example of inflated self-worth.
 Find some other short cut for New Mac Pro (nMP): that one is just crap.
 ``I say we just go buy one giant mound of coke and just speed ball this mutha! Someone's gonna want our heads by tomorrow.''
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