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FYI: One doesn't dynamically change their live web site. You having staging servers, even at home. Someone screwed up the update and most likely won't like work today.
 Are you coming to kill me, K-K-K-Ken?
``Someone must love me! Really love me! Please? Okay listen up folks, we got steamin' hot watches that need to go before we go belly up. Know what I mean, Jean?''
I can bet they won't want to access CalDAV for iCloud, DropBox or other cloud services, and will force a tie into their cloud services only.
For those with zero Material Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering backgrounds stop proclaiming amorphous metals cannot be RF enabled. https://www.cst.com/Content/Articles/article232/Ylonen_Amorphous_metal_Extended_abstract.pdf   Just read.   MEMS will become the defacto for Radio designs.   Amorphous SiC as a structural layer in microbridge-based RF MEMS switches for use in software-defined...
 I cannot believe someone actually proclaimed a device does not need a radio antennae because they are only wifi enabled.
 All Cellular is hard-lined, in the end. The entire backhaul hard-line connects for redundancy and power.
Give me a break. I have no problem with a modest amount of consolidation, but I want access to competing tech equally. I can't get Verizon FIOS because of monopoly contracts by Comcast in Eastern WA, but they can continue to eat up their competition? Eff them.   So glad at least I have DISH or DirecTV and CenturyLink [who needs to make a FIOS option equivalent sooner rather than later].
http://liquidmetal.com/properties/the-science/ Liquidmetal Technologies has participated in the ongoing development of bulk metallic glass for decades by supplying materials and technical input to a vast array of different research projects, including, but not limited to: Fundamental materials research Next generation shaped charge liner development Neutron scattering experiments Micro-molding and micro-machining research Energy harvesting research Thermoplastic forming...
 Or how about handing it down to family who being on the family plan don't need the latest. I agree on the back up. Hell, have 2 back ups from the 4 series, especially if someone works in the outdoors of any kind.
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