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Store on the ground floor, Engineering and Testing above.
He's a fundamentalist Lassie Faire Ideologue. Vacuous is a more appropriate term.
Zero leadership skills do not result in the list that is factually apparent. Just the opposite.
Here in the US we've subsidized ATT, Verizon and the rest of the fabricated free market competitors to several hundred billion and rising, but what we get is piss poor results.Reagan gave us a broken regional monopoly for the Telephone, a broken Cable solution where each monopoly agrees to not compete against each other, in the same markets, beyond bull shit advertising about how one is worse than the other.Telephone isn't running fiber to allow TV Services. Cable runs...
Top is built into all UNIX Operating Systems. What value does getting rid of Activity Monitor serve?
One can always write notes in short-hand and record the audio far more readily than even typing. Learning short-hand is something anyone can benefit from doing.
You can write your own in short order. The intent behind NeXT Services were to cohesively extend services to third party apps, system-wide. These stupid widgets that don't extend the system, but attempt to leach money here and there are just sad.Hell, Apple has Numbers. If it's installed they should extend a Calculator Service that processes your requests.AirMail? Write some scripts to extend Mail to mass bulk mail if it cannot currently manage...
All an absoute waste of cash.
Having iPads and iPhones in 97% of the Enterprise does not remotely mean you have 97% of the Enterprise. Apple is going to push OS X and iOS into the Enterprise, piggy-backing on Big Blue and Power8.
Yes. And the new series starts very soon on TNT.
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