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There is a difference between give us a hint and give me a hint.Example: I just asked the following question:``Siri give us all a hint.''Response: ``That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.''
About goddamn time. @mstone: Yes, I agree. We should have just called ourselves United States of North America or something else. A very stupid presumption of The United States of America seeing as that represents North, Central and South America.
First of all, Just One More Thing is contextually way out in left field compared to One More Thing. Secondly, Tick Different should end all doubt.
Nope, just reporting what they are paid to fabricate.
Tim's stepping up to call out the bs that Wall Street does to shake the tree and flush people out of the game.
How does it feel to be delusional? The entire system? They will shut down the market far earlier than that. They have ranges upon which the market will go into a free fall. This isn't 1928 and Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Rothschild and Morgan colluding together to crash the globe and buy it back pennies on the dollar.
AppleTV this September will by my first.
I use every single one of my lan ports on my Airport Extreme Base station. Laser Printer Ethernet. ADSL Switch Ethernet, Workstation Ethernet and DISH Joey which links wireless connections back to the Hopper and rest of the Joey systems. I have a solo USB port still available.So glad I had to launch Chrome/Chromium as Firefox 40 doesn't show the specs sheet via Chrome javascript; href.
Then you'll never use it.
Never heard of this company. From what I can tell its IRC on a phone using their cloud servers. BFD.
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