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 Lattner knows jack squat about ObjC [he's admitted consistently on the LLVM/Clang threads. He also knows squat about Clang and how it's put together, though he's well-versed in C++ and knows C. His expertise and thesis is centered around architecture and implementations of Compilers, and LLVM is a product of it.Someone he would have relied heavily on are the likes of Federighi, Forstall, Peter Graffagnino, several Cocoa experts at Apple, outside language experts like...
 It doesn't have the performance of C or Lattner and Federighi would have put up the sorting and other graphs to show it. It doesn't have the added overhead of ObjC 2.0 [they've put the magic into the compiler] but it sure won't match C11/C99. The Python comparison was obnoxious.
 We have a long way to go before that happens. 5nm is already being worked on and then we start into the picometer range. The laws of physics don't break down until we scale down past Planck's Constant and that won't happen until this species has mastery of the Laws of Physics, on a galactic scale.
Apple has the manufacturing infrastructure to offer the current form factor and these upcoming factors, period.
 It only `works' on the A7 as the A7 is the most recent and first 64 bit processor design for the iOS platform systems. When the A8 arrives, Metal will be leveraging it as well. Metal will not be in OS X. You have 3 major GPGPU vendors, none of which will come together and incorporate with Apple a standard API for Metal. We have OpenGL for that. Apple moving the entire system for OS X to OpenGL 4.4 and/or 4.5/5.0 makes for a lot of legacy cruft removed and thus a large...
 Swift incorporate the dynamic run-time capabilities of ObjC.
 NeXT bought ObjC from Stepstone Inc and improved it tremendously. Then we created the Openstep Initiative. Then Apple bought NeXT and the next major revision was ObjC 2.0.
 Can't create your own intelligent assessment? People who rely on John to discuss the vast changes of OS X really strike me as inept with its technologies.
 Metal only has to do with the A series SoC, no more, no less.
 The APIs are definitely long overdue to be released. NeXT/Apple tends to take 5  years of internal baking before they spring it on everyone. The list they've done is very exciting. I haven't bothered to study the Physics APis added for Gaming, but I would have preferred Apple Frameworks be an extension of the forthcoming Bullet 3.0 Physics Library. I'll have to see if they can be leveraged within these new Physics frameworks, without basically doing the heavily lifting...
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