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It is still Boeing Employees Credit Union. They just opened it up to all Washington State residents and anyone who works directly or indirectly with Boeing.Certificate Info:Website: www.becu.orgOwner: Boeing Employees Credit UnionVerified by: Symantec CorporationSSL Client CertificateIssued ToCommon Name (CN) www.becu.orgOrganization (O) Boeing Employees Credit UnionOrganizational Unit (OU) IT Network SecuritySerial Number...
A lot of legal cases will get victories for Municipalities sitting on a crap load of fiber just itching to offer Gigabit service. I'll be thrilled to consolidate on it.
I'm enjoying the dividends and steady expansion.
Where is brlawyer to bitch about how crappy Tim Cook is doing as CEO? AAPL: $115.40 in after hours trading.
``Despite declining sales, Cook continues to characterize himself as "bullish" and "optimistic" on the platform. He said he doesn't expect to see a "miraculous change" in year over year sales in the short run.'' iPads are not a platform. iOS is the platform. iPads are devices to run the platform.
Apple gained the Tennis Channel and I don't recall reading about it, outside of the Australian Open.
iCloud services include iCloud Pages. You have a hard time connecting the dots. This site has been obsessed with iCloud Photo web service in an almost obsessive manner, as if another Narcissus service is something valuable. Meanwhile, my former colleagues at Apple Engineering have been sitting on their collective asses and not getting Pages, Keynote, Numbers and more with more parity to their client full apps; simple features that should have been part of the Inspector...
Wake me when iCloud Pages.beta gets Table of Contents for in-document and out of document link supports, back citations options and more.
They now sell well over 5 million Macs per quarter. I wouldn't be surprised if it's 6.5 million this quarter.
You're missing the point that the power curve has the frequency low to keep battery performance high. Battery performance nose dives if it raises the frequency towards to 2.0Ghz and above envelope.
New Posts  All Forums: