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Push the starting date out to 2035 at the earliest. The entire commuter world will fight to move to electric/hybrids and until then the AI systems won't get any traction.In short, 2020 -> 2035... 2040 -> 2055.
Can't getting infrastructure to be modernized has nothing to do with the incapacity for us to fix it, and everything to do with entrenched Industrial revolution interests keeping the system broken. If they modernize the US, including the Power GRID and more, the major conglomerations in 20th century tech become the past and see the present quickly moving out ahead of them.
Good. They all should be exposed. If they want the rights of people allowing them to lobby they deserve the responsibilities and penalties.
Read the reviews. It's a crap shoot.
Fix the goddamn chicklet keyboard keys going dead and making their value other than that of being recycled. I'm typing on a Bondie Gray USB 1.1 keyboard using a Linux Workstation. The damn thing works flawlessly to this day. My stainless steel Apple keyboard full-size/extended went tits up just over 12 months after purchase. It's a lovely looking useless POS.
I'm not talking buying Tesla. I'm talking competing against them.
They're going to build and either partner with someone like Porsche, BMW, VW/Audi or create a new brand like Tesla. The buzz about Apple buying Tesla is now really the buzz that Apple will be another Tesla but not just for fans of $100k electric cars.
I'd prefer Apple use PostgreSQL 9.5 for its backend services.
If you run an application like EasyTAG you can make sure each and every file of music has the album art embedded into it.
It's not a marquee win for Intel. It's a shot at Ericsson and the LTE lawsuit going on with Apple. http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2015/02/ericsson-goes-nuclear-against-apple-filing-7-patent-infringement-lawsuits-against-apple-with-more-to-follow.html Intel is being used as a buffer. Intel will gladly take the business while Ericsson will now have to sue Intel and I doubt they'll do it. It's all about the FRAND.
New Posts  All Forums: