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 You're not alone. I prefer the solid form factor of the 4S over the 5 series. Hopefully, Ivy gets off his asinine ultra-thin kick and puts some solidity back into the product [you'd think so with an edge-to-edge rumor].
I'd be glad to help someone with a 4S just collecting dust send me it. I prefer the 64GB Model, non-white.
To the manufacturing twits who know nothing about Advanced Manufacturing, they built a factory that China can't match to make this goddamn machine. It's demand is solid and the system is state-of-the-art. No number of extra cheap laborers will make the product go faster.
 What the hell for? Honda has decades of lead experience in this field.
 Perhaps one day governments will legalize murder under the guise of ``maintaining optimal consumption patterns'' and people can trade in lives, eh?
And suddenly the stock leaps nearly $12/share? IF you don't call that stock manipulation then you're a freakin' tool of Wall Street.
 What a prejudicial crock of horse crap. Sell your slop somewhere else.
 Describe the showstopper bugs you're eluding to; and have you tested the WebKit Nightlies of late? The huge gutting of the trunk has purged a lot of crap from Google and company.
 Speaking of Arizona, the proper name of `Tew-Sahn' (Tucson) is `Tewk-Sun' and the only person to ever say it correctly is the chief representing the natives in that area. Then there is `War-sheeng- tun' DC, instead of `Wah-sheeng-tun', DC.
 60%+ of all High school graduating seniors routinely can't name Washington D.C., as the capital of The United States of America, nor find it on a map. I've always wanted to see a weighted distribution mapping cause I'd wager some parts of the US are heavily skewing this metric.
New Posts  All Forums: