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Fall Quarter is WWDC. Winter Quarter is Back to School. Fiscal is different than calendar quarters.
 Stock is rebounding and all the Bears who bet on failure are crapping themselves on CNBC.The buy back is great news as it weakens the media's leverage on price manipulation. The future is well managed with this leadership for ten or more years to come.
54 more patents granted today. Apple R&D is really ramping up. It's IP numbers for 2013 are set to nearly double those granted in 2012. At the rate they are going they will eclipse 2000 granted patents for 2013.
 Sorry, but Wall Street follows the hundreds of lawsuits going on and projects damages accordingly.
 Moto Mobility was split out to avoid the massive blood letting of Motorola proper. Its IP Portfolio is junk and was told by many experts to be junk. Google is using those junk patents in an attempt to stall Apple through legal channels while it pushing hard on its R&D/IP to catch up.It's not working. Samsung is doing the same and both are not working. Apple has doubled and will triple it's R&D/IP developed Patents in-house this year alone from two years ago never mind the...
And Apple's stock will start rebounding. People have been wondering how is it this stock is taking a beating. Wall Street has been betting the lawsuit victories for Apple would be few and far between. They bet wrong.
In short, here is where all the false propaganda from Apple sales slowing down originates: from faulty manufactured products returned and replaced.
I like the silence from Apple. It is indicative of focus.
 $5 Billion for 13,000+ campus with R&D complex, on-site, underground 5 story parkade, 8,000 trees added over a 150 continuous acre campus which equates to 45 days of profit. Yes, I sure am going to be upset. You folks are pissed off that Apple has ZERO DEBT. They have nothing you can leverage so you pump and dump the stock, instill fear, pump and dump and force others to join the ride. Then you buy it all back over the next quarter making a tidy profit.
 Steve was in charge at Apple starting in early 1998. The iCEO was a moniker in name only. Removing the i in 2005 meant no difference to who was running and when I worked for him I always knew he was the CEO, period.
New Posts  All Forums: