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Publishers don't have to sell their books to Amazon. They can focus on Barnes & Noble and cut deals with other online retailers and eliminate their contracts with mobi formatted books via Amazon. No one can stop them. They'd be wise to strike a two phased book print/digital print strategy with B&N and only offer the books in ePub 3.x format. Amazon can then be limited to a used book store.
  And it's back to $514.14.   CitiGroup has/had a huge short on Apple, hence the manipulation in pre-market trading.
Top Google Finance story running before tomorrow's opening:        
CitiGroup? Really? The stock that's been a disaster for the past 5 years and you think they are still respected? Try again.
How does one person manage your total vote count in such a short amount of time, especially on a technology site?   I can understand if this was purely a place to disseminate high school gossip, but seriously, you and a few others around here spend an awful lot of your life streaming every petty little thought you can muster on sites like AI.
FWIW: Every person I know who has bought the iPad Mini also has either the 3rd or 4th generation iPad, the iPhone 4s or 5, a MacBook and/or an iMac. None of the product lines are cannibalizing other lines. They are augmenting them.
I've used both. You're out of your mind if you swap a Retina 9'7" for a mini. They definitely serve different purposes, but to choose the mini to replace the full-size makes me glad I'm not anyone who would make that decision.  
A simple journal app is app of the year? Truly sad.
What's breaking is if Google Maps for iOS app is now released it means a major revision for Maps.app is coming.
  Which will be a golden opportunity for Apple to decimate them in an ad that shows the pattern of bs from Samsung.
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