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This is a buffer/stop gap for analysts when the numbers come in and they can cite this as them being ahead of the curve: Apple is going to expand over all the competition and they've already gotten channel numbers to make this a trend.
  Cause it's a pile of dung and Apple doesn't invest billions when it takes over any company. By design and practice they buy small companies for specific and unique technologies, not a portfolio of some good and a bag of hurt.
``Apple as vice president of technology'' He's taking a demotion to work for Apple. He needs to earn it.
Never heard of it.
  Seriously? Who blew their job on that head line?
  Polycarbonate BPAs using CO2 as a feedstock instead of petroleum reduces the overall carbon footprint, but until that's fully enforced a lot of manufacturing will just use petroleum based polymers.   Solid Report on it: http://chemical.ihs.com/PEP/Public/Reports/Phase_2012/RP285/RP285_toc.pdf   To get the whole report it costs money: http://www.ihs.com/products/chemical/technology/pep/index.aspx
  Yes, there is a large prevalance of ignorance on this forum and very little Manufacturing Engineering in their backgrounds.
  I must have seen you implying it came with the Rogue 6 already, in which to my original comment I stated, ``Incorrect.'' Chalk it up to late hours. And yes, the Rogue 6 series is the direction for the next generation iOS devices.   http://www.imgtec.com/news/release/index.asp?NewsID=686   The real question is how Apple differentiates between the iPad Mini and iPad and the choice of 6 series being based upon the number of cores for the GPGPU.       I'm betting the custom...
  How many minutes is your plan?
Quality sound today is rare. The choices of materials upon which to pass sound waves off and through is the single biggest differentiator to quality sound fields.   THX had a golden opportunity to make it big but Dolby took it from them.   Hoping to cash in on that patent is not a good sign for the independently run THX. It's a sign that its days of glory are long behind them. It reminds me of SGI being the darling of Mountain View and now just a relic.  
New Posts  All Forums: