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  I don't recall such questions when Google spent a year driving an AI car around.
The larger iPad will see massive bump in 2013 with the tech going under the glass. The iPad mini will see a solid bump but not like the iPad.
More stock manipulation.
Considering after the merger Evangelists got the boot it should be clear Motorola is desperate to hire one. Guy wasn't around to see Apple rebuild.
What a complete crock of s***.
This will never be a solution until you can tap into an overlay of the optic nerve viewport. on the side of the temple with a minute device that using MEMS can activate and deactivate with a touch.
He is not a salesman, nor showman nor visionary. He couldn't make a sale for a john in a brothell.
  Then you're less astute than you get yourself credit for being. Steve has kept the same vision since he founded Apple. Quality products will drive healthy profits allowing Apple to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of the information industrial revolution. Apple was Steve's chance to drive this through in a balanced, more pragmatic approach, while not compromising on quality and vision. NeXT was the experiment to push the boundaries too far. Apple today is...
  Then we have a contradiction in terms. With 69% of the mobile profits, Apple is acknowledging a finite resource: Profits. Growing and diluting their profit margins to pamper to an idea that this finite resource will manifest into orders of more profit and thus make these shareholders even larger sums of money is a mathematical fallacy.   By putting this falsehood of cheap phones == market share == profits to rest for the embedded world of computing Apple is steering its...
"Obviously we're looking a new categories," Cook told shareholders. "We don't talk about them, but we're looking at them." I'm betting he said, ``looking at new categories,'' ...
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