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Disappointed. Scaled down for all the wrong reasons.
Anki Drive: We've reinvented AFX race cars for the 21st century. Yawn.  
Apple has zero interest in expanding applications onto Windows and it should not waste resouces doing so. Apple has absolute interest in expanding applications on OS X and iOS.   Nothing is stopping 3rd party iOS apps from expanding onto OS X. That's up to third party devs.
Showing Facebook and Google accounts without showing their monetization is a waste of time.
AI should stop with the Political threads. The amount of ignorance that is spread via political blogs on tech journals should be a reminder why most tech heads are legally and politically illiterate.   If you think recording phone number nodal relationships is new, then you probably never heard of Ma Bell. Grow a nutsack and understand this is a fear in search of a problem.
This is the NSA. We've been running surveillance on supercomputers and prior to that mainframes ever since they were invented. Dear Ireland, Your ignorance is showing. This crap was expanded after 9/11 when a moron was in the White House. Furthermore, this is standard practice since the 1950s. We've just gotten better technology to do it today.
  Yes, we ran nightly builds of OS X with specific AppKit/Foundation Kit changes against other builds to ease targeted SQA testing and later merged changes back in to a main branch. Been that way since NeXTSTEP 1.0 to OS X present. Specific teams have custom builds made to test changes before they roll the update back into the mainline, etc., etc.
  Before moving into Professional Services at NeXT and later Apple my primary role in Software Quality Assurance was to manage, trouble ticket and escalate workarounds/code fixes to be staged in the build process by the build Engineers for Openstep/Openstep for Windows, EOF1.x/2.x, WOF 1.x-3.5., PDO, D'OLE. Myself and one other colleague who later joined the Interface Builder Team handpicked all third party devs under NDA who were given access from the earliest builds...
There are always third party developers who under NDA get access to OS X long before WWDC, as its going through the early to mid late build stages.
Are you both myopic in thought? How in the hell do you think the Apple iTV and Service Provider contracts will ever arrive without Advertisements?
New Posts  All Forums: