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Completely axes anyone not on the latest past two Mac hardware revisions. I can sync on my old POS Windows box, but not on a system that doesn't support at least OS X 10.6.8.   Stupid move.  
The non-brushed aluminum band on the black is not what I would have lobbied for inside design meetings. It wasn't broken. Don't try to fix it.   This will be my first one. It's got all the necessaries especially LTE which makes it have a longer life span/performance measure.  
The iMac and Mac mini designs are Design Patented.  
Mac Sales could be helped immensely when a refresh of it's main Mac lines [non-macbook] actually happens.
  You know it's a cross-sectional view of a right triangle that is missing all the superstructure curve cylinders to show the Glass curvature without being obstructed by HVAC, Wiring, substrates and more.
  Actually, it has to do with what made Tim Cook so respected--getting all supplies and assembly structures in place and hitting on target outputs upfront with a continuous turnover adjusted on a daily basis. Apple spends billions getting the backend working first and then when they come out and present it's ready to roll off the assembly line in large quantities.
You gotta laugh at how hard Besos tries to pull of the Steve  Jobs Keynote presentation experience.
  The vast majority would be at home, on his WiFi network or at a hotspot.
  Good to know as I've been following Micron to determine when to invest in it.
I won't be surprised if Micron gets in on the action for Apple.  
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