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  They've announced mirroring second screen extension to iOS.
Sony went with the AMD GCN based SoC Jaguar [Bobcat Low Power APU with a 7800 series GPGPU]. Very nice. Jaguar is a 28nm SoC APU structure.
  The same reason they are waiting on TSMC/GlobalFoundries to stamp out 20nm FinFET on those SoC APU solutions.   Lots of wafer production starting in Q3 2013 from GlobalFoundries: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/GlobalFoundries-7nm-processing-Common-Platform-14nm-XM-10nm-XM,21050.html   They've already produced their roadmap down to 7nm FinFET in 2015.   Tons of information pertinent to Sony, Apple and other SoC systems:...
One doesn't have to look far to understand that Steven P. Jobs was special. The man was Willy Wonka and his presentations were a true show. I've yet to see any Keynote speaker remotely touch his abilities. Public Speaking is an artform and requires a person who can own the stage like a rock singer with charisma, or a politician who is a virtuoso maestro at conveying their ideas.   These folks just don't have it.
  All the tech rumors include the XBox 720 also being a custom built AMD APU. To acquire 2 out of 3 of the big game console vendor contracts for those parts [if correct] will be a big win for AMD.
With game developers who hold names like Jonathan Blow you know the gaming world is an interesting lot.  
  It's a custom Bulldozer APU with shared 8GB GDDR5 Memory.   Can game developers produce non-dystopian games? From the live feed it's clear Sucker Punch can't. The Speaker's hyperbolic speech made me laugh.
Big day for AMD.
I'm not impressed.
  Real Estate industry and other such industries use it.
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