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  The performance bump isn't from the CPU it's from the leverage of those Dual FirePro OpenCL 1.2 compliant box that have 4096 shaders on it that OS X 10.9 will everage heavily. Apple's OpenCL 1.2 stack is highly optimized, scalable and efficient. More and more of the OS is leveraging the GPGPUs and even the new Intel designs are waking up to the fact they are falling behind AMD's APU approach.   When AMD comes out with Steamroller (FX and APU) the Intel weakness will be...
  Actually you overestimate its value. Until Tbolt is actually PCI-E ready with an x16 or even an x8 lane of bandwidth it's functionality is far less encompassing then you imagine it to be.   It will take Thunderbolt 3.0 before that even happens. 20Mbps (20 Megabits per second theoretical) is nowhere near PCI-E 3.0 126Gbps bandwidth. By the time TBolt 3.0 arrives PCI-E 4.0 at 252Gbps will be out.
  This whole deal wreaks of FCC needing to do its job.   Clearwire is being targeted by SoftBank which is using Sprint-Nextel as a middle-man to buy Clearwire whose shareholds won't agree to a direct SoftBank buyout.   SoftBank wants both Clearwire and Sprint-Nextel.   DISH came and wisely jacked up the cost which is now stressing out both Sprint-Nextel and SoftBank by several billion more.   In the end, like McCaw Cellular was to ATT Wireless Clearwire is to...
  Strawberry Fields - The Beatles meets LSD.
That keyboard is just butt ugly. If I wanted a frosted glass table top which that keyboard depicts I'd buy coffee tables with that look.
The old iPhone and the iPhone 4 were superb designs in your hand. The iPhone 5 is a step back from the 4 in form and feel, for my tastes.
  Just buy the damn report and then comment: http://www.ifpi.org/content/section_resources/rin/rin.html
  Sorry, but the tradeoff with the Single CPU is we finally get Dual FirePro GPGPUs and together those retail for > $3k. Even if AMD cuts the price by $500 you still have $2500 in GPGPUs now.   This Mac Pro will most certainly cost much more than today's current and underpowered single socket Model at $2500+. Instead, this 12 core without the FirePro would be around the midpoint between the $2500 and $3800 models with old GPGPU technology. In short, $3150 + the new GPGPUs...
You folks are delusional if you think Intel's Xeon processors have jumped in performance to trounce the 2010 Mac Pro. They haven't. Intel has hit a wall and is already rearchitecting their CPU systems to follow AMD's path.
  Has nothing to do with this news. The Fed discussed easing off their investment as the economy is now able to walk and a bunch of tax free loading hedge fund managers dumped across the board.
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