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The best announcement is the Dev APIs and Dev Tools. The UI isn't making me gush, though it beats the crap offered on Android [Give me a system wide color switch from All White to semi-transparent color of my choice and I'll be way more impressed. Dump the new Safari icon and others of equivalent abysmal appearance]. OS X improvements hit it out of the park, especially the APIs and power coming to OS X.   Base Station hit it out of the park.   R2D2 21st century...
Simply brilliant solution. Dig it.
  I'm not knocking the GPGPUs installed. I like them. I don't expect most folks want to pay for $3k worth of CAD/CAM intensive GPGPUs when the AMD 8000s coming out would have done just as well. I would have preferred an expansion for a daughter card configuration that I can plug n' play GPGPUs as add-ons or swap them out when not using this for Engineering Applications.   How this base system is < $6k is anyone's guess.
  It's your basic push-pull configuration.
  The best news was going with AMD. The worst news was only a specific subset of GPGPUs available from AMD.
  How? Any product expansion is across Thunderbolt. We already know the cost inflation on Tbolt 1. When Tbolt 2 arrives costs will increase, not decrease from third party vendors, whose present expansion options are sparse presently.   Thunderbolt is PCI-E 2.0 x4. Thunderbolt 2 is supposed to include PCI-E 3.0 support, yet no specifics from Intel.   New Macbook Air with Haswell is just Thunderbolt 1.0 today.   I don't see a single benefit from this design other than Jony...
  It's not. The heat dissipation options are at the top and one isn't going to expect much convective heat transfer across the system as the design looks like its a fuel cell.
Yes, Game Development, Engineering Design, Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Compositing, Multimedia Production, Biosciences, Physics, etc.,   It has a broad market of professional uses if it isn't just fixed with Workstation CAD/CAM only GPGPUs. More to the point, by the time this machine comes out, AMD 9000 cards will be out. And by the end of 2014 AMD is moving to Excavator with AMD 9000/10000 GPGPUs via SoC. Meanwhile, this Mac Pro is fixed on its GPGPU capabilities and...
The Mac Pro reminds me of a 21st century SGI O2 in a Beer can.
  One of the main designers at Apple designed WebOS.
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