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He's accurate with the ruler because the arc/line are pre-snapped so any idiot can draw a perfect arc or straight line.
You have a free hand and yet Adobe isn't seeing the value in it. I imagine a simple triple tap with the off-hand bringing up the circular menu of tools is far more intuitive and ergonomic than stopping looking at the pen and clicking it again. They should have implemented more touch interfaces. Then again Apple has patented what I just described so they are working around it.
  TSMC co-developed with GlobalFoundries who is growing much faster. ARM/AMD both contract to TSMC and GF. Both are stamped out certified for ARM. AMD based APU/CPUs are only stamp certified for GF. The > $8 Billion being invested in Malta with IBM is a lock for the most advanced wafer scale downs for both ARM and AMD.   TSMC and Samsung were both partners with GF. They all compete against one another.   MEMS markets are exploding and that requires those most current with...
  Xeon chips will never be in Mac Mini, period.
  Most likely Apple and the precursor to HTML. It sure as hell wasn't MVC OO Programming and the NeXT Paradigm. We weren't that delusional.
I honestly don't see the interest in a Google Android based smartphone if my ecosystem runs OS X and iTunes. Sorry, but Android is going to hit the wall sooner, rather than later, due to that embarrassing software ecosystem.
  I can see the parody now, ``You're marketing it wrong.''
  I always chuckled it had to have been one helluva  a quick solo seeing as they bumped for a few seconds.
Seeing as DISH Network owns Blockbuster and may soon own US Sprint/Clearwire then I won't be surprised if they are working hard with Apple to partner against NetFlix.
Very simple to check. All a Developer needs to do is set up a dev iPad/iPhone slave it off their dev box, run Wireshark and see what sorts of background threads are running that should not be running, which use CPU/GPU cycles, even WiFi connectivity cycles and they can find out just how these apps are really working.
New Posts  All Forums: