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  Citation: http://astroaficionado.net/2011/06/24/high-licensing-fees-holding-back-airplay-and-thunderbolt/   Taken with a grain of salt from 2011 an article about the high entry pricing for AirPlay and Thunderbolt. Specifically, here is the area on Thunderbolt    
Something isn't squaring with these Apple reports, relative to Android market growth:   http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/01/samsungs-copying-apple-now-extends-to-major-nda-paranoia.html   Cited from Korea's Electronic Times:     Samsung owns the Android Market. People aren't buying less smartphones. Global sales are expanding.
  This is horse crap. This is Wall Street `revising and revising' their numbers because lets face it, each time they pick a target Apple blows right passed it. This consensus being tossed around is a series of revised consensus to drive sales to absurd levels and thus force the price down because not even Apple can surpass those levels.   Wall Street does not like one company dominating any of their indices. They rode that wave with Microsoft and still keep beating that...
  Already knew a variant existed, but alas its lattice structure doesn't compare to the science fiction of Star Trek IV. Imagine the press statement talking about the ability to withstand the volumetric force per cubic centimeter akin to that in ST IV by demoing its ability on a scaled down geometry with two sumos standing on an apparatus that applies their combined line of force on the phone, without any compression issues and the phone still dialing.   Meanwhile, the...
I'll go to the end of absurd and call it, ``TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM.'' They'll call it their Greenpeace Model and it'll allow one to fold spacetime in the 5th dimension.
Don't confuse engineers with business men. Finance Majors/Business Majors know nothing of Engineering nor Engineering Economics and yet when is this country gonna wake up and send most of the Business majors packing to work at a Starbucks before people sell their fortunes on their next pack of bs.
Shocking! I mean, we don't want to be factual.
In short, ``I'll take a demotion to join Apple.'' Smart person.
The purchase of any phone requires one to spend tens of hundreds of dollars. The story was bs.
Early in January, Apple has received 71 new patents. The company is kicking it to high gear. I'm trying to figure out their patent totals. Latestpatents.com [via USPTO] shows 1293 patents granted for 2012 [if you add them up on your own].
New Posts  All Forums: