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  Feature parity would double the size of each app.
Us shareholders are better served with them investing in manufacturing and supplies, to R&D of new products.
You think the kid is spoiled or what?
Thanks. I'd rather buy a Macbook AIR
Then just use VLC 2.x.
Fadell was ousted. He wanted to push Linux as if it had a shot at Apple. Being from NeXT and Apple let me put it this way: MkLinux was used to get Openstep boot loaded onto Mac PowerPC hardware and that is where it ended. The fact Fadell even thought Linux over the XNU [Mach Hybrid] shows just out of touch he was and misunderstood the history of Steven P. Jobs. Yes, Scott is an aquired taste. If you thought he was abrasive worth calling out as a complete a-hole I can...
1 Infinite Torus Way, Cupertino, CA 95014
It cuts both ways. The design of the server backend and the client frontend are evolving. How it is architected will be shaped on how the needs and anticipated needs of customers shapes the direction of what they are strong on and weak on. The frameworks being developed will evolve as they address the demands of customers and goals of Apple with 3rd party devs in the areas they want made available for 3rd party functionality.
GlobalFoundries who has TSMC partnering with them will be absorbing leakage demand from Apple and other customers. For the fastest growing Fab corporation in the globe it's amazing it gets zero rumor press.
The stock isn't being hurt by legal victories. The stock is being positioned in anticipation of the Apple HDTV and it's $100 Billion revenue potential.
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