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``Learn from US politicians how to screw their own US Businesses, small or big! Even if Apple along with other companies gives all of its cash to US government, still this country is in huge mess so its better that companies hide the money out of US! Good that guys like Ben are printing their @ss out to keep the markets higher which helps the sentiment lol'' Spoken like a Randian.
  That's the biggest con of all. If that were the case, the massive effective tax rates on the auto industry during the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson period would have seen all commodities, luxury items raised out of sight.   Try something with real facts. What has changed is the effective tax rates these jokers pay and the incentives they have to off-shore their wealth. Cut those out and level the regulation playing field, to denying large consolidations in any...
The single greatest change in economic fortune in the US was post WWII when effective tax rates for corporations were in excess of 50%. Then again, CEO pay was 378% less and corportions came to Congress to raise tax rates and allow internal R&D increases and much more. The country grew the Middle Class and then came the precursor to the Reagan years. By the time Reaganomics took hold the raping of the nation's wealth was in full force. Bush 1.0/2.0 just amplified it.
That photo is cringe worthy.  
  A numbnuts responds to a short-hand comment about an dereliction by the Op-Ed most certainly misusing concept of the Laws of Physics and you get pissy that a Mechanical Engineer calls him an idiot for its misuse. Deal with it. The Laws of Physics have not a damn thing to do with the Theory of Economics and Financial Markets.   Only an idiot equates the two together. You might misconstrue the use of genetic algorithms and applied mathematics that can be used within the...
  Save your myth for someone who cares.
  Right. He fires most of MobileMe and reinvests and produces iCloud and more. He showed through experts that this antennae gate was bs that 99% of users never experienced. Who in the hell apologizes for that? You seem to make it clear you want to, so bend over if it makes you feel better.
``While pundits and analysts like to focus attention on how Apple is now appears incapable of growing at the same historical pace simply due to the laws of physics....'' Please just don't include subject matter you clearly don't grasp, especially when it's insulting to those that do: ``...due to the laws of physics...'' is obnoxious. Money is a man-made construct, not a universal physics construct. P.S. The rest of the Op-Ed is solid.
NeXT was fully automated with just a handful of staff to keep the system stamping and assembling pizza boxes and cubes.
Rome wasn't built overnight. CW is a great start.
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