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  Apple isn't experiencing inertia. In fact, they are accelerating their expansion in hiring in all parts of the corporation. This is the start of implementing the build out of campuses globally, data centers globally, and new products. That requires 18-36 months of lead time to accomplish.
Apple stamps out hundreds of prototypes during development.
  Bulk of development would be targeting iOS 7 for said iOS Engineering positions.   Never mind the fact that OS X 10.8.3 and upcoming hardware offerings will also house an even larger core of engineering staff.
Translation: Apple is ramping up with SHARP IGZO and we out on da street, mofos.
  Targeting the bottom kills margins and profits. Samsung will eventually raise their pricing.
It's called lobbying folks. Pay the retailers to recommend your product over the competition.
  They already are looking into it. Sooner, rather than later you'll read about grand juries.
  The OS will always be split.
  Correction: Sprint doesn't own Clearwire. They are in a bidding war with DISH Network who has outbid Sprint.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/23/clearwire-sprint-dish-idUSL1E9CG8F020130123   Lots of action going on right now.
Dear Wall Street, Apple is not going to split the stock.
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