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  You didn't think they were going to avoid a 32bit to 64bit transition, right? Yes, the future in embedded is 64bit.
  Patch Set Author: dino@apple.com   The reviewer: Sam Weinig.   As a NeXT/Apple alumni I'll put it bluntly: All commits to WebKit proper are for WebKit proper and originate for WebKit proper. The team was very clear that if and only if they decide any source from Blink is interesting enough that makes sense they will consider it.   Google and Apple aren't sharing code in their respective WebKit trunks.
  You're welcome for our Military.
It's not just a face lift. There is more functionality and it is far less sluggish, even on Firefox 23.
  No this is not what this artilce is referring to.   It's referring to WebKit proper, NOT Blink, Google-forked WebKit.   http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/153624 http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/153733   https://www.webkit.org/blog/2910/improved-support-for-high-resolution-displays-with-the-srcset-image-attribute/   These are Apple commits.
  Well stated and you're not alone on wishing WOF/EOF/ObjC would be restored.
  Correct on both of your comments. Icahn is a drain for any corporation. His near take down of Yahoo ultimately had him cash out and Yahoo has been climbing ever since.   Apple already has a strategic plan in place for the next several years. Icahn will dump his shares when APPL reaches between $550-$600.
Icahn always knows how to insult the rank and file of a corporation. You don't talk to Tim Cook about buying back more stock. Apple's CFO is the man you speak to and the man Tim Cook relies on.
  Because the Flag ship phone won't have the same specs, across the board.
  We at NeXT were very pissed off at Isaacson's Biography of Steve. He dicked over NeXT and PIXAR as if they were brief interludes. Without NeXT Apple is history.
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