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Offtopic, but pertinent to readability of headlines:   This has been bugging me for 2 weeks now.       Can someone check the document processing structure to see if there is an open tag or a missing semicolon on a class or id attribute?
Sure would explain Google's P/E jumping to nearly double what is was 6 months prior: They are attempting to garner mindshare by deep cost absorption.   This isn't software, Google. Good luck with that one.
  Today's P/E for Apple is 11.46 For Google: 22.40. For Amazon: 3,594.36 For LinkedIn: 767.77 For Facebook: 277.47 For Priceline: 25.21 For eBay: 18.04
  Good for him. He's despised by anyone with clout inside Apple and was truly despised and betrayed Steven P. Jobs whose entire legacy assures Sculley can come and watch a presentation or visit the unveiling of an Apple store, but that's it.
Thank you Sculley!   Here is Apple's cue to do the exact opposite of any thing John Sculley says about Technology, it's designs, prices and target markets.
Could someone please fix your article formatting? For over a week I'm getting a bad looking font and an unclosed element tag in the second headline from the top and today that is bleeding over into the third story down [directly off of http://www.appleinsider.com] causing a fuzziness in the headline and abstract on the story. This is against Firefox 18 [In my case, Iceweasel 18], and checking the source shows the same error each time which lends to the notion a CMS issue.
  Right, except it is the sole licensor of the product as it controls the spec. Thus, they arbitrarily set pricing as they see fit.
  Citation: http://astroaficionado.net/2011/06/24/high-licensing-fees-holding-back-airplay-and-thunderbolt/   Taken with a grain of salt from 2011 an article about the high entry pricing for AirPlay and Thunderbolt. Specifically, here is the area on Thunderbolt    
Something isn't squaring with these Apple reports, relative to Android market growth:   http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/01/samsungs-copying-apple-now-extends-to-major-nda-paranoia.html   Cited from Korea's Electronic Times:     Samsung owns the Android Market. People aren't buying less smartphones. Global sales are expanding.
  This is horse crap. This is Wall Street `revising and revising' their numbers because lets face it, each time they pick a target Apple blows right passed it. This consensus being tossed around is a series of revised consensus to drive sales to absurd levels and thus force the price down because not even Apple can surpass those levels.   Wall Street does not like one company dominating any of their indices. They rode that wave with Microsoft and still keep beating that...
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