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  Because WebKit 2 isn't fully implemented yet is the main reason Safari isn't joinly leveraging GCD and OpenCL correctly across the GPGPU and CPU. OS X 10.9 clearly points to a massive improvement on both these fronts.
What kind of crap is this? Text editor vs. full blown word processor. That word processor dumps to hundreds of MBs in an instant when you actually use it more than typing a Dear Mom letter. The memory is being stored due to the shared frameworks being pre-loaded. More importantly, those Core Data Frameworks are shared across the system of OS X. Please just stop while you're all behind in understanding shared resources.
Verizon wants it to happen because it owes a buttload of money to Apple, specifically on those phones.
S | A | C is finally being gutted, brick by brick for insider trader, money laundering and more. It's a good day.
  Not a chance.
  Bingo. Any one who thinks Google plays defense only is either a shill or an ignoramous.
  Most TVs don't automagically turn on.
If you think this product will compete with Apple TV then you don't understand the goals of Apple TV. Seriously, businesses are buying Apple TV systems for conference streaming events, multi-display Kiosks, etc.
And in a few months the highest will be knocked off its pedastal by the new iPads whose ecosystem dwarfs Google.
Once again, Apple hits the target and everyone else is caught looking at Apple's test answers to replicate. Pathetic.
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