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For this to work you're going to need data. My data connection is always very poor in any packed baseball stadium. I guess this won't be a problem for the Mets, Marlins, White Sox etc, but just try this in Detroit, Boston or Yankee Stadium...
This really sucks for schools lots of online skill building software such as Reading Plus is written in java. Yes, these programs are never pretty but they are cross-platform and they generally achieve their educational objectives, school teachers have enough challenges Apple, in the words of Tracy Morgan "FIX IT", and stop playing corporate politics with kids.
I haven't bought a legit Apple accessory since I got my 3G and I would plan to start now. I mean $20 for a cables, I can buy 10 cables for $10, sure some may break soon, but I'll still come out ahead. And its not like the original apple cables are something special, I mean 1 year in a car or backpack and something will happen to them. I seriously wouldn't be able to afford an iPHone if I just bought Apple products.
iOS 6 Maps Navigation go me to climbing gym in warehouse district 9 miles from my house today, and I didn't have to take my eyes off the road. This is the easist fix for Apple, bring back Google maps and leave the new map, 2 mapping apps isn't overkill, they each have they're own strengths
That thing labelled "Cathedral of Pisa" is actually the bell tower next to the Cathedral of Pisa. Hurry up, start up a Tumblr: Google45DegreeGoofs, call the WSJ, put it on Yahoo's front page!
If you look at the map, it looks like Minne/St Paul is listed as a coming soon LTE city.   Also cities that already have LTE: LA SF Miami/Ft Lauderdale/Palm Beach Houston Dallas/Ft Worth Atlanta   ...and btw I pay about $125 a month for 2 phones, unlimitted data (of which I usually use between 2 and 3 gb per month).  Haven't seen a no contract plan that compares
I don't think any corporate logo should be a fixture in a courtroom.  No furniture, lighting or technology should advertise its brand in a courtroom.  
There are no accusations of any wrong doing.  Apple has structured it's business to minimize taxes just like every other company.  Last time I check there is no duty to pay more taxes than you owe. Maybe the story is that laws need to change.  Apple would not be acting in the best interest of it's shareholders if it ignored the advise of it tax lawyers and accountants.
XLD is perfect for this. I just converted at 45 minute flac album to apple lossless in about 30 seconds. XLD can even automatically add to iTune. XIPH is great except all that does is let you play music in quicktime/iTune, you still can't copy flac to your iPhone.
The link to the freeware program XLD, is broken. Good news it's on macupdate now. http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/234...ssless-decoder here's the current developer site: http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html
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