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The term "price point" has been one of the most over used term of the past 10 years, BUT $500 is a legitimate price point. I doubt that Apple will move the iPad over the $500 threshold, They'll do whatever they can to keep the $499 model. Even if it is not a top seller, it still gets consumer interest
Come on people READ the article. Apple is NOT talking about a new jack, they are talking about ports that take up less space so people can user standard 3.5mm jacks. Also stop worrying about devices being too thin. For the most part (iPhone 4 being the exception) devices are thicker in the middle but thin on the edge. The edges are where the 3.5 mm jacks need to go. On the other hand it would be a neat feet of magic to plug standard headphone into a credit card.
All I need is to run VLC on it and stream movies that are stored on my shared drive . . . Then life will be grand!!
But you still can't create a ringtone and save it on your iPhone. You have to sync with a computer that is dedicated to syncing your Apps. This a big limitation, since it mean you can only do it from the 1 computer that you sync with. If you create a ringtone on the go, you still have to go back home. Also why can you only sync your apps with 1 computer to begin with?
Sure I don't agree with Murdoch on anything politically, BUT the Fox Network is more than just Fox news. Murdoch is visionary, much like SJ. When I was growing up in the 70s and early 80s there were 3 TV channels and you called IBM when you needed to manage data. Murdoch and SJ play huge roles in changing that landscape. Right now SJ want to increase his role in content distribution and Murdoch runs one of the largest content creators in the world. Sorry people, but...
My 3GS never dropped calls in my office or house. My 4G does ALL the time unless I hold it in some freakishly unnatural way. Anandtech already demonstrated that the 4G loses 10DB more signal than the 3GS when held tightly. It's true all phones loose signal when gripped tighly, the 4G just looses much MORE signal. Sorry Apple, but making a heavy object out of glass encourages people to hold it tightly.
It's all just a part of the religion of the free market. When you value the market above all else individuals are expendable.
Still can't really get internet access on my iphone at a Phillies game. Have to switch my 3GS to Edge to get a connection. Yes I realize that 11,000 iphones in one spot might be a bit of challenge, but it's just that, a challenge figure it out ATT before we hit you with a Tazer and then puke on you!
Absolutely ridiculous! HTC patented a flow-chart? I wonder who has the patent for flick switch -> light goes off . . . flick switch -> light goes on
These are all ridiculous lawsuits. No one is making an exact copy of anyone elses phone, and all the cross-competition just makes all phones better. All these lawsuits do is divert money from R&D into legal and potential jack up prices for consumer and slow down new features from getting into phone. All those those patent troll companies in East Texas are bad enough but Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and HTC need to leave eachother alone and just focus on outdoing eachother...
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