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Did Apple consult any women when naming the device? Doubt anyone but SJ was 'consulted' on the naming. Find three women that thing iPad is good name. I've yet to find one.. . seriously.
So this guy says once he found out about the illness he didn't disclose it "because of the uproar it would cause." Isn't that the same reason Steve Jobs didn't disclose it? Either they are both guilty or neither are guilty.
Of all the things that "Droid Does" The only thing i wish my iPhone did was have a flash with the camera. Well I guess I would also like IM+ to be included in the standard built in apps as well, but really that's about it. The iPhone is just about perfect
Have any of you SF, people tried to use 3G at Niners or Giants (when Lincecum or Cain is pitching) game. Here in Philadelphia AT&Ts 3G network is excellent. I rarely leave the city, but throughout the city I have great download speeds even on campus at the University of Pennsylvania where it seems like about 50% of the students have iPhones. However at Phillies games 3g on my iPhone is usually dead. It simply doesn't work. I have to go into settings and disable 3G and...
6 Compatible with iTunes v8.2. Compatibility with future versions not guaranteed. Within wireless coverage area only.
Okay I have had 4 Treos, and iPod touch and currently use Samsung WinMo Blackjack 2. (Way cheaper than iPhone with MediaNet plan). Anyway I tried the Pre for about 15 minutes in Sprint store and really I just couldn't figure it out. it seemed both slow, awkward and confusing to use. Very dependant on precise finger placement which was very difficult and that's from a person used to typing on the iPod Touch keyboard. It seemed to have none of the PalmOS intuitiveness. ...
What they (tune hunter) are talking about is http://www.radiobookmark.com/. Only I guess NPR doesn't have deep enough pockets? Or they are scared to sue NPR?
A Blue Ray player that could potentially also download movies . . . I'll give that a thumbs up! Also since I generally rent I don't care what DRM they come with.
Simplify Media already lets you stream the music portion of your iTunes library to an iPhone, iPod Touch or any other Mac or (Win-Linux pc). I have an iPod touch (with which it works perfectly), but I also loaded the Simplify Media Mac client on my work computer and then tethered my Windows Mobile phone (Samsung Blackjack II) and streamed my music from home perfectly. So whats the big difference with Sling. Is it just video vs audio?
Let me see on my Mac media center I need... 1) Radio receiver for my gyration (wave you hand in the air) mouse 2) Printer/Scanner 3) USB 2 Backup Drive (cheap than firewire and don't need the extra speed for backups) 4) Camera dock with Card reader built in 5) open port for pluging in the occasional flash drive or iPod Pretty easy to see how an average "digital hub" user could want 5 ports
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