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This is good news, Providence Place mall is quite landmark in Providence, and it's almost literally across the street from Brown and Rhode Island School of Design.
With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all working with IBM for their new gaming consoles, it seems that IBM will have critical mass to make it a long term CPU, player, it would seem like a very, very strange time for Apple to jump ship.
Exactly! It's time for Steve to retire again. I hear Carly Fio...whatever from HP needs a job. This time don't turn the company over to the soda jerk.
2 years on and and Apple is still selling a dual 2.0 machine and still asking $2000 for it? What kind of drugs do they think were on. I'm sorry they they chose to package the G5 in such an expensive case but $2000 for a 2 year old computer is really a joke. For $2000 I can build an Intel with a dual core 3.8 ghz chip that will run 8000 tracks and virtual instruments in Logic 5.5, and what is Apple offering? The best we can hope for is that these machines will be...
Why doesn't the ipod have an EASILY replaceable battery? The answer: style over substance. Apple should send a pre-paid battery recycling envelope with every iPod it ships just like the makers of remanufactured inkjet cartridges. Most people wouldn't go through the effort to do it, but Jobs would still come out looking like a hero, instead of sounding like a George W. defending his environmental record. As far as computer are concerned, the environmentalist are...
I still can't get Mail 2.0 to connect to my university's Cyrus Imap mail server over SSL. The WWDC version didn't work and neither did this one. Is anyone else able to use mail over SSL. I haven't tried POP yet, but POP is kind of useless for me. I really like the new mail look, but I'm not sure it will get me away from Thunderbird. Thunderbird is the first cross platform mail program that has the same options menu on Windows, Mac and Linux. As a sysadmin in a mixed...
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