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This speaks for itself! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM_MkWgbt3k
Great post Fran. The exiting years here were Apple's rebuilding years. There was one surprise after another. We watched Apple mold total chaos into what it is today
Ah, the old days. A lot has changed. For one, Apple is a strong, sound company with a well defined and expanding market. Back then Apple's end was still a valid topic for discussion. We also had the Mac/PC battles back then. The Mac is no longer a rebel machine. It is a trendy machine. Much of the excitement of the past was fueled by the rebel, underdog survivor mentality of Mac users.
That he didn't want to talk about his daughter did not bother me as much as his overall attitide throughout the interview.
He appeared as arrogant and defiant as any dictator in history. This is not a good guy. He also looks like he needs a big glass of prune juice!
BushÂ’s political powers are waning, but that makes him all the more dangerous. Look for an escalation in secret, under the table projects and missions. Bush and Cheney will do everything that they can to work under the congressional and public radar.
True Segovius. I can't say how wide this problem is out of the US, but most of the facts I hear around here are more like assumptions than facts. A few days ago the local radio conversation was about "how great it was we killed all those terrorists". No one in the conversation had or has a clue who was killed.
There are too many Chinese here for China to want to bomb.
I really don't have a basis to believe either side. The US will always say terrorists were killed and the locals will say woman and children and old people were killed. With few exceptions, who we trust is predisposed by our opinions.
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