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Ha Ha!
Not free on the Australian app store, must be USA only :(   Was interested to try it out but not $5 worth.
Interestingly the "Overview" panel on my MBA doesn't have the "Startup Disk" line item whereas on my Mini it does.   I call fake!
Naming this guy is the wrong thing to do.  Very poor form AI. :(
Regarding the "Doled" saga:   We are very fortunate to have english as our native tongue.  Whilst not the most widely spoken primary language worldwide, it is currently the favoured language for international communication.   Speaking only english will get you by in most parts of the world.  That is a huge boon to all of us and not something that anyone else can say.   We are also fortunate in having english as our native language because it is so expressive. ...
 That's just an excuse for not being able to read or write properly.
 Regardless of where you come from "dole" means to distribute or hand out, usually but not necessarily in respect of charity.  Its does not mean "pay", as in what you do in return for good and services, which is what Apple was doing in this case. "Doled" is the wrong word for the title. At best its ambiguous. They should have used "Paid"
I too think the Aussie voices sound more artificial than the current ones and they have a slight kiwi accent. The other voices sound great though. I should qualify that by stating that I don't understand Japanese and my english isn't that good either.
Its absolutely true that Pages and Numbers are not as powerful as Word and Excel. However, they are both more than adequate for the vast majority of users. Word and Excel are great tools but many of their "power features" are not even used by most users.
Agreed.   Until we find out how good the iCloud keychain thingo is it makes no sense to buy anything. If you didn't have a password manager before now, you wont be any less secure after now if you do nothing.  And you might just save your self a small bundle because iCloud Keychain may be all that you need and 1Password is expensive.  Possibly more expensive than OSX Mavericks ;)
New Posts  All Forums: