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I too think the Aussie voices sound more artificial than the current ones and they have a slight kiwi accent. The other voices sound great though. I should qualify that by stating that I don't understand Japanese and my english isn't that good either.
Its absolutely true that Pages and Numbers are not as powerful as Word and Excel. However, they are both more than adequate for the vast majority of users. Word and Excel are great tools but many of their "power features" are not even used by most users.
Agreed.   Until we find out how good the iCloud keychain thingo is it makes no sense to buy anything. If you didn't have a password manager before now, you wont be any less secure after now if you do nothing.  And you might just save your self a small bundle because iCloud Keychain may be all that you need and 1Password is expensive.  Possibly more expensive than OSX Mavericks ;)
I think, if the situations were reversed with Apple being a Norwegian company wanting too flyover and photograph Washington, that the US govt would react in a similar way.
    I would hardly call this "tipping his hand". It would be far more surprising if they didn't "have a lot more surprises in the works."
Apple pricing in Australia for products which it has 100% control of is pretty much the same as for the US. There are only slight variances which are easily, and rightly, accounted for in freight, tariffs, local taxes and the like. This is not the case for other products, such as music, movies and books which are merely resold by Apple at a mark up. Just like any other retailer/reseller, they are subject to the whims of their suppliers. There is an "Aussie" tax on...
  Absolutely, Apple and these other mega corporations are required to maximise profit for shareholders.  Its their corporate duty to do so.   Minimizing tax is just one way.
  The ATO has vast and far reaching powers, it is possible that they could make a retroactive change.  I don't think its very likely though.       I seriously doubt that you could take advantage of tax loopholes that reduce your overall tax bill to less than 2%.  Unless of course you're on welfare?       If all companies paid a "Fair amount of tax" then the pool of money would be a lot larger, and therefore the tax burden as a percentage of income could be less on...
According to the claim, not only did Apple acquire the image for comping purposes, they subsequently advised that they didn't intend to use the image in advertising. Seems to me that Apple has to cop it sweet...
    No, I don't think that is what will happen.   If a company refuses to share their patent for the purposes of making a standard,  the standards body will simply not use that technology/method and choose something else.   The company refusing to share will manage to gain higher royalties in the short term, but the volume will be much lower because other companies will be incentivised to innovate their way around the expensive technology.  Or, other companies will simply...
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