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3D Touch for the gas pedal, swipe to change lanes... Just don't get the 16gb version.
Will be or may be?It's not a weak 'cons' list at all. Appleinsider needs to review the product as it is *right now*, not what it may become in the future.Software makes up a big portion of the features and user experience. What if apple doesn't create an iOS remote for another 3 years? We don't know, appleinsider doesn't know either.It doesn't really 'redefine' it, rather 'enhance' it. And compared to the competitors out there, AppleTV is quite expensive without being...
That is true but the "technology to human interpretation" doesn't work like that in a litteral sense. Even though the human brain/eye has limits in detecting 10 bit colors, it does make a difference. When you're looking at a photo you always focus on a specific area at the same time. Within that area you only see a subset of the photo's total color spectrum. There, a difference between an 8 or 10 bit image significantly matters.
How lame. What I don't understand is why Apple didn't design a proper app. Not a remote, but actually an application showing a special version of the current screen on your TV. The original remote app sucks. Apple tries to mimic a classic controller with cursor keys in an iOS app without really leveraging the phone's standard abilities. For example, if your Apple TV is showing the main menu, a mobile app could show the same icons of the installed apps and channels in a...
The real reason is nobody wants to go to a Steve Jobs movie? It sounds harsh but his death was given lots of attention, right now everybody is fed up with it. But it's still in people's mind being recent history. It's both too late and too soon for success.
I hated every Apple mouse so far. For serious use in pro apps you need a second mouse button. Although you can turn that on, you can't actually feel the 'right' mouse button being pressed, and it doesn't responds when the pointy finger is resting on the left side of the mouse. It's also too big. My company is 90% iMac but all my employees requested Logitech mice because they are ergonomically superior. Meh.
I still miss the old styles browser and updating styles using the old method. What also lacks are Automator actions. It used to be possible to create a folder action, converting Pages files into PDFs
There are so many available gestures now that a wrong gesture is easily triggered. Gestures I really hate are the back/forward swipes (we now got edge-deep-presses too!) as well as pull down from top VS pull up from bottom (which sometimes need to be done 4 times before the damn thing responses). Anyway what would really make sense but isn't in isn 'pull up from bottom" to show the wifi/Bluetooth toggle buttons. Pressing these long or 3D-pressing them then opens a list...
Apple removes competitor products on their website as well. Big deal.
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