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In respect to your first responds:H265 eventually. I was refering to acquisition benefits, not playback. Separate issues yes but true nevertheless.And about the second thing I'm refering to the conversion from 4K 4:2:0 to 1080P 4:4:4, allowing for better grading. Check eoshd.com for articles related to this technique.Further, 4K is happening whether you like it or not. 4K TVs are pushed like crazy and it's a matter of time before content providers will stream content in...
Not true. All recent 4K cameras have a much better compression rate to compensate for more data. The real benefit of 4K is the ability to crop-stabilize, scale down to 2K for a very crisp image without aliasing (and a 4:4:4 color space).
I bet there's not enough space in the 'standard' iPhone6 to accommodate optical stabilisation. It requires space for the sensor and/or lens to compensate for movement. 
The alternative name they came up with was iFap
Hopefully the iPhone 6s will introduce the Mini version; 4 inch. I don't want a 4.7 inch device in my hands (and pocket). Battery life is also not very special so I'll have to again purchase a Mophie, making the device even more clunky.
I love the iPad mini. For me it's a better size than its bigger brother. I personally don't see the need for the iPhone Plus, but I guess it's one of these devices you need to hold first before you know it 'works'.
So.... basically this watch requires you to have an iPhone to do cool stuff. Which makes it a fancy wireless extension of my phone (but with sensors that tell me to move my ass and get back to the gym). I just don't get this product.
I was hoping there was a bit more focus on the device being a jewelry. I'm not fond of the design. A watch is a much more personal choice. The design looks as if they wanted to please everyone, and doing failing in doing so. From a production standpoint it's logical to have 1 device of course. I personally like round watches, but it would have been near impossible to produce both a square and round one, interface wise.
Well the news is now history, in that sense you could say it's historic.
I would laugh so hard if Apple would just announce a 'speed bump' for the Mac Mini and then leave the stage.
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