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That's a ridiculous idea. So should he stop making money in China because of the Internet government restrictions as well? Or in Australia because these pesky kangaroos?Retailers would simply get their products from another state and still sell apple products anyway.Don't mix business with subjects like homosexuality and discrimination.
That's a lot of cash for a lot of shit content. I hope the subscription will be variable in the sense that you're only paying for the channels you choose. Then again the concept of 'channels' is old fashioned anyway.
Right now - and that perception may change over time - I see traditional watches being true jewelry whereas the iWatch is a mini computer. I like the analogue mechanical nature of traditional watches more. I still don't see the added value of a smart watch when you are carrying a phone.
How can I filter a list of photos that haven't been assigned to an album yet? Basically the album "unassigned"? This way I can make sure all my photos end up in an album. I miss album scrubbing (moving mouse over album to see multiple photos)
MagSafe wasn't very effective on my 11' MacBook Air anyway. It's so light that it disconnects too late when someone trips over the cable. I totally understand they left it out. They had to anyway considering the concept behind it.
Turn off the artificial interpolation to get true 24p or 25p. You are most likely experiencing the tv's software adding frames in between, some tv's even end up with '200 fps'. It looks absolutely horrible.
The BMPC has been released around september 2013 and is most likely going to be replaced with a new version in a month at NAB; I wonder why AppleInsider is reviewing this camera - and why now? There are far better resources to check the camera's capabilities. The biggest cons of the camera: 1. the super-16 sensor but the micro four thirds lens mount, which makes it hard to shoot with wide angle lenses. 2. Like stated the shitty menu structure and cumbersome navigation to...
Which is a pretty great photoshop alternative, not aperture.
It'll sell like crazy but looks like an unnecessary product to me.
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