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I want a 38mm iPad Pro an a 12 inch watch.
So now it's released, can anyone explain me what the watch offers except being an extension/second screen for the iPhone?
"Geared towards video pros"? Don't think so. They geared it towards video enthusiasts. No pro gives a rats ass about 3D text. It's corny. Most of the changes is about playing catch up with user requests but many, many stuff hasn't been addressed yet. It's a shame because I heavily invested in FCPX (time spent), and Resolve 12 (also released yesterday) now provides a much more complete and professional package. But... it's a steep learning curve.
Hi,   my battery is draining super fast. App-wise, Photos appears to be using 58% of my battery life. Is there a way I can disable this process and only make it active when Photos is open? I can't seem to find a way in settings.
It's much less even. If you compress a high quality h264 video for streaming in 1080p your video ends up around 7gb or so (depending on the contents of the video itself).Bluray movies net around 20gb, but they are compressed less extremely (and less efficiently by current standards).
No it does not require 300gb of storage. Where did you get that from? 1080p H264 videos on Netflix for example are more close to 4 gb of storage. In theory 4K video would net around 4 times as much but this isn't the case since the codec is more efficient when the resolution scales.Now h265 does reduce the required bandwidth around 40% or so, so I can imagine content providers will both serve h264 and h265 versions to cover all possible devices out there.I'm also not sure...
Nice advertisement
That's a ridiculous idea. So should he stop making money in China because of the Internet government restrictions as well? Or in Australia because these pesky kangaroos?Retailers would simply get their products from another state and still sell apple products anyway.Don't mix business with subjects like homosexuality and discrimination.
That's a lot of cash for a lot of shit content. I hope the subscription will be variable in the sense that you're only paying for the channels you choose. Then again the concept of 'channels' is old fashioned anyway.
Right now - and that perception may change over time - I see traditional watches being true jewelry whereas the iWatch is a mini computer. I like the analogue mechanical nature of traditional watches more. I still don't see the added value of a smart watch when you are carrying a phone.
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