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Most of the work in the new Pages require more clicks, eg applying styles to your document. In the previous version I could simply select one from a side pane, whereas the new version requires me to select one from a drop down. The applying / updating styles got weird and unclear. Sometimes the ability to update a style is greyed out because your selection doesn't cover the entire 'range' of the style you're trying to update. This wasn't a problem in Pages '09. Emailing a...
I kinda agree the icons are a mixed bag. But that was the case before Yosemite as well.
I never understand why people can work with these kind of wallpapers. They distract immensely when working. I always select a simple solid color as background :-)
I checked the photo EXIF data and he took them with a SAMSUNG!!! OMFG!
You're watching an ad. To me it's logical they used expensive equipment to capture that band. Why do you think that Apple should use their own products to shoot a professional commercial?
This 'clown' was working at Apple since 1998, earning his way up in the ladder. You don't become a company CEO by being a clown.
Stop whining.
That's a very personal thing.I created playlists in Spotify and downloaded the songs for offline use when I consider then to be part of my 'classics'.To me, streaming is a technical difference from downloading mostly.
That's a stupid cynical responds. Try reading his post again and you'll see your reply doesn't make any sense.
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