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I hope they improve the color gamut of the iPad mini. It's really bad compared to its bigger brother.
I was just kidding pretty amazing what these cams can do.
I need 8K at 480fps in RAW or ProRes at least. This thing blows.
I'm not taking the bait. I don't have the time of painstakingly illustrating these points. We're grown ups and I think you're smart enough to know what I mean by reading the original article.
Well, that's like your opinion, man. Why was the author of this article so threatened he felt the need to write this questionable article? It's full of assumptions and big statements. I'm fine with that but why not label this an "opinion piece"? And why add a paragraph about device speed? Yet again to show how superior Apple is. So unnecessary and so lame. Truth is, most people who read the mainstream news will now remember the iPhone 6+ bents like crazy and haven't...
Bring on the iPad Pro!
Hey make it 8" and it will fit some slots real fine.
Would you like to have an ISIS beheading video or pee sex video (or a combination of both) in your iTunes library because it's free as well?Okay, bad comparison.Imagine somebody breaks in your house and places a gigantic pink ciramic cat. For free. If your not into ciramic cats, you are going to be mad about the fact they broke in and placed the damn thing.If you like gigantic ciramic cats, you're probably going to forgive the burglary and enjoy the content.U2 is a shit...
In respect to your first responds:H265 eventually. I was refering to acquisition benefits, not playback. Separate issues yes but true nevertheless.And about the second thing I'm refering to the conversion from 4K 4:2:0 to 1080P 4:4:4, allowing for better grading. Check eoshd.com for articles related to this technique.Further, 4K is happening whether you like it or not. 4K TVs are pushed like crazy and it's a matter of time before content providers will stream content in...
New Posts  All Forums: