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This 'clown' was working at Apple since 1998, earning his way up in the ladder. You don't become a company CEO by being a clown.
Stop whining.
That's a very personal thing.I created playlists in Spotify and downloaded the songs for offline use when I consider then to be part of my 'classics'.To me, streaming is a technical difference from downloading mostly.
That's a stupid cynical responds. Try reading his post again and you'll see your reply doesn't make any sense.
That's a valid thought. Apple is so unpredictable that I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped FCPX and Logic even though they have seen major improvements.
What a strange question. Ofcourse that's not possible.
Well written press release to put out the fire, you gotta give em that.
Wow, did he slept with your girlfriend or stole your Oreo cookie?Anyway to answer: Pages still lacks a lot of features from the old version (4.x) and the usability of managing images and setting/getting styles is horrible.Other than that it's a nice but simple word processor.
then buy an iMac, or a Macbook (Air, Pro)... Seriously, the Mac Pro is a waste of money if your not doing professional graphics work. iMacs are very fast when you don't need the GPUs.
Paying 2% of taxes while 'normal' companies pay so much more is ridiculous and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It's morally wrong.
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