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@read oak: Check it out. Slack is great! I totally agree Siri SUCKS and is nearly useless. Hope iOS9 will improve things.
How does a product with so many issues get a 4.5 star rating? I guess because this is really an advertisement. Also, I'll start investing in smart home stuff once all communication is routed through apple's home kit app, not yet another third party app. Seems an early adopters product to me at the moment.
iOS being too complicated...I don't know. Under jobs Apple's goal was to introduce a new idea to customers who didn't have tablets / phones yet. The user matured so the operating system did. They couldn't stay behind Android which was focusing features. Features create friction with ease of use. If apple didn't change iOS android would become the operating system for power users and iOS for... Simple minded people? Yes Apple did make some mistakes, unneccesrily giving up...
so you're a four-finger kinda guy huh? Some people like to use less.
Reason is so Apple can introduce a "Natural direction for task switcher" switch in the settings menu.
Know that you can be fined and even arrested for operating a drone in cities. You need a license and insurance - rightfully so. Last thing you want is your drone malfunctioning, killing someone on the ground. Also, note to the AppleInsider drone flying video-editor: your music selection doesn't make ANY sense. At least try to use the music creatively (or upload without music). Edit: As Zoetmb correctly pointed out, government regulations differ per territory. I know...
good idea. Maybe some sort of Automator app for iOS, including simple conditions you can add to the action Siri performs. Eg do something different in the evening VS the morning when the same command is voice-input.
That's great news! Apple will surely thank you for helping them to squash these pesky bugs.
Jesus! Just read those comments.    Where's your compassion? There are thousands of hard working shop owners, people who work at hospitals saving lives, etc... These people are willing to work their asses off and they are in trouble. No more products coming in from abroad, no more customers, no way to withdraw cash to live.   Money for Greece didn't go to these people, it was meant for banks. These corrupt money printing piece of shit institutes we all had to save and...
"Gogole not only has zero respect for its users' privacy, it also has zero respect for government regulators" Gogole: Chinese knock-off Google? Pasta dish?
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