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Ow I connect the dots, it's just that this thread is about Photos. But I completely agree the web versions of Pages and Numbers are lagging behind (and I personally think both the web and the client versions have serious UX issues not present in the previous version + lacking features present in the old versions).
A) whine "not sure your opinion holds" without actually knowing much about the subject (not backing up your words with arguments)B) original poster explains with long post including excellent arguments, respond with single sentence ("okay then") which basically means "I was just whining and my post was just to try to be superior but I really don't care and know about the subject so here's my one line sentence to shut you up"Nice
Wrong - Flash games use the Flash plugin, Unity games use the Unity plugin and H264 has nothing to do with the plugin themselves; it's a video codec Flash happens to support as part of its spec.Also browser makers are deprecating Unity web player alongside all other plugins in favor of HTML5, which is why Unity is working on HTML5 as build target.
While you're discussing other software in this thread, could you perhaps tell more about your hobby's and favorite food as well?
So, if they'd sell a breakout box then it would be okay. E.g: USB 3.1 to: - 2x USB - SD card reader - Thunderbolt - Ethernet If the USB port is used for charging the MacBook, I would like to be able to hook up the breakout box to the MacBook, and powering the breakout box itself. Probably not gonna happen :-)
Seriously? Wow what a weird decision. Love to read more about the subject.
Nice comparison but apples and oranges really.Car seats are easy to count and are easily visible - it's physical space. Phone space is abstract; you can't walk into a store and easily see the net storage available unless you have a demo phone and know how to get to the phones settings and check net free space.Even then, can you expect the customer to know how much of that is compulsory operating system data and how much are apps and demo data (preinstalled media)? The only...
Oh yes the color palette is floating but that's because it's technically a plugin of some kind. Apps can invoke the color picker and get the selected color value returned from this plugin to the host application.But Pixelmator in its entire is a floating pallet paradise, which isn't really necessary. I also think they should use their own color picker btw.
Because my iPhone 5 died and I love iOS. It doesn't make sense to me to invest in an older model as a replacement, since I don't expext Apple to return to a smaller form factor anytime soon.
I hope a future update will ditch the silly floating palettes and implement a single window design where windows can be docked/undocked. Even Apple ditched the "floating palettes on top of the desktop" long ago. Pixelmator is great but they need to up the ante on some of the outstanding UX issues, including this one which has been requested for over a year. Other than that... Awesome app!
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