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I hope a future update will ditch the silly floating palettes and implement a single window design where windows can be docked/undocked. Even Apple ditched the "floating palettes on top of the desktop" long ago. Pixelmator is great but they need to up the ante on some of the outstanding UX issues, including this one which has been requested for over a year. Other than that... Awesome app!
You are clearly not the target audience for a BETA.Stop whining and wait for the actual release.
The content could come from everywhere, eg Netflix. Or maybe I'm not understanding it? :-)If H265 is utilized as a codec, it could largely compensate for the increased data bandwidth required. This codec can deliver the same video quality with 30-40% less data compared to H264. 4K doesn't neccessarily mean data is multiplied by 4 (2 times the horizontal and vertical resolution) since the codec compresses differently.I'm recording footage on my Panasonic GH4 with 100mbit,...
unfortunately both things weren't resolved in this update.
Another well written piece of AI propaganda. Since when is downloading something from the Internet 'essentially the equivalent of jailbreaking your iPhone'? What a joke.
No one ?
That's short sighted. What if the developer doesn't want to share 30% with Apple? Or what if the software is very specialized, or some plugin to a host app? What if it's business software, ie. for internal company use?This wouldn't be supported through the App Store.The fact Apple wants us all to use their ecosystem, a desktop OS has always been about the freedom of installing and configuring whatever users want to do, unlike iOS.This is why Apple still allows us to...
Problem with Spotify is, no musician makes any money. I definitely prefer the streaming service over iTunes after using it for a while, but at least the iTunes model was more transparent and attractive for artists.
I've been playing around with Pages 5.5 because it looks like a pretty major upgrade. However I do have some problems: 1 One thing that I find confusing is copy/paste styles. Let's say I create a style by changing the font size, line distance, turning them into a bullet list with custom bullet style. Then I apply that look to my custom style "hello". Now when I want to apply that style to a paragraph of copy, I select that paragraph and select "hello". For some reason...
Plus it's imposible to share your info based on a single username and determine what info is part of your public profile. It's more anonymous if you want it to be
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