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I've been playing around with Pages 5.5 because it looks like a pretty major upgrade. However I do have some problems: 1 One thing that I find confusing is copy/paste styles. Let's say I create a style by changing the font size, line distance, turning them into a bullet list with custom bullet style. Then I apply that look to my custom style "hello". Now when I want to apply that style to a paragraph of copy, I select that paragraph and select "hello". For some reason...
Plus it's imposible to share your info based on a single username and determine what info is part of your public profile. It's more anonymous if you want it to be
That's cool, but dangerous. What if the sender didn't intend this? (since this process is all done automatically in the background)
Not using iCloud unless they add the following: - browser filetype viewer - set expiration data and password for sharing link to files - sharing files with a team - choose how your team can share files and what happens when you remove them from an team - th ability to exclude folder(s) from syncing to save storage
How do you set an expiration date for the linked files? Or does iCloud store your files for ever until the recipient (or all recipients) download the file?
You'll love Spotify (great song discovery features).
*duck* Apple TV update (developers can submit Apple TV apps).
Gender equality is bullshit. Males and females aren't equal.   Females have a vagina. Males have a penis.   And there are more differences, hell yeah, there are.   Females are not 'designed' to get babies at the age of 45. It's wrong. Recent studies showed that sperm quality degrades with age as well.   So.... let's focus on gender racism instead, which is something else.
You know, I kinda agree. I've been using it since the first developer preview release and it's not really an improvement. It's very white and unbalanced overall. However I do think they needed to change the overall look a bit because the design was becoming a bit outdated.
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