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Because it's all about content and power over content, not the 'cable' [quote name="AjbDtc826" url="/t/162030/comcast-to-purchase-time- warner-cable-future-apple-tv-partnership-uncertain#post_2471434"]Why on Earth would Apple even partner up with a cable co? Hulu I could see but hard line? Nah, everything will be cellular soon enough- cable companies will die out in a decade (including remote cities once LTEA goes live).[/quote]
I hope ios 7.1 will allow me to: A - change Siri's/maps voice to another language without affecting the phone local settings. I'm stuck with a robot voice but could deal with English as alternative, which I can't right now. B - (somewhat related) disable voice dictation button on the keypad, without the need of turning off siri. Since I am required to switch languages, my space bar is smaller because of the switch-language icon, but with siri dictation the space bar...
ThanThanks for sharing! New information for me. Shame the article has no sources to back up the story 100% (just a couple of letters) and therefore could be fiction (same as my original assumption), so 'the truth is somewhere out there'.
I hope they won't go for a 30/70 split for mobile payments ;-)
 Yes, Apple had the GUI sooner; Commodore released their Amiga almost 2 years later. Steve was smart enough to 'lend' its GUI from Xerox Labs, and managed to make it more user friendly. Memory protection wasn't available on Amiga and it indeed sucked. However, classic MacOS didn't have memory protection as well. In fact, MacOS 1 to 4 didn't even had the ability of running multiple apps at the same time.  I agree from a general point of view. To me personally, both the...
my post got deleted without any reason. I told to me Apple changed the world since iPod and iPhone, not the Mac. Why, because the Amiga to me was the real game changer. Actually, Apple was "scared shitless" when it was released (quote).   If my post was deleted because of the above, then AppleInsider has a reality distortion field when it comes to having different opinions/experiences. 
The Commodore Amiga was released in 1985 and was much, much more advanced compared to the Mac. It had pre-emptive multitasking (something that was introduced on MacOS X!), 4096 colors and was a true multi-media computer. Apple was scared shitless when the Amiga was introduced. Their Mac could only do 2 colors and had beep-sounds. The Amiga and its OS kicked ass. The Amiga was much cheaper as well. I owned the Amiga 500, 1200 and 4000 and these computers to me changed the...
Proof! :-) ...Says the guy who gets emotional over everything and never ever backs up his stuff with sources/proof himself.You might have found an article on Google's (most likely inferior) codec, h265 hasn't been properly tested yet and in the end requires a subjective, human review of the resulting image. I have a Panasonic GH3 which can record footage to a 200 mbit intraframe version of h264, however after seeing a recent implementation of h264 at CES 2014 for their new...
When using small/large caps on the keyboard they use dark or a light grey color to indicate the caps state. It sucks. It's hard to see the difference. A great UX change would be (the option to) actually see the letters change to small/large caps when pressing 'shift', as with Android. Here, usability clearly suffers from design aesthetics.
Great for Whatsapping your wife while having sex.
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