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 Well commoditization isn't exactly a new concept. Apple is trying to keep their products unique and the question will be whether their innovation and ecosystem are enough to command a premium price that garners profits. At some point when all the prices of the parts that make the phone are reduced though, Apple either has to pass that on or include some new parts that demand the higher price. It has been noted that the profit margin on the "S" versions of iPhones is...
I've tried this but the Google Voice app already allows me to make cellular calls and since I have unlimited minutes I don't care about making wifi calls. It doesn't allow you to receive your sms messages from the same number within the app so it is pointless. Then on top of that I'd have to ignore the 600+ people I have as friends on FB with whom I message through that app and go try to hang at Google+ which is a ghost town.
 If the U.S. were getting for it's dollars what the U.K. was getting for it's pounds, there wouldn't be much of an argument.  As you can see there, the U.S. public spending on health care is more than the U.K. and is in fact more than almost anyone else in terms of pure spending. For that the public gets absolutely no NHS. We get no public health hospitals. We get no public health system of any sort. To imagine the U.S. situation you'd have to imagine all the spending for...
 I'm struck by how Berger doesn't actually reply to anything that is posted to him. He wants us all to be outraged yet can't even muster the energy to reply to valid concerns about his claims. He wants us to care when he can't bother to hit the reply button.
 Aside from the fact that the U.S. already spends nearly that much from the federal government per capita now and we get no health care for it, and the fact that the NHS is always broke, provides daily horror stories for the newspapers and now denies care for any number of reasons, you may have a point.
 There is a strong correlation between media centers and Democratic performance. There are also several studies that show that the media creates a significant drag on Republican election performance often in the range of 2-3 points. I'm pretty sure it is possible to go to the source himself on this. 
 I'm sure they will find someone else to readily do half a trillion dollars a year of trade. What exactly is China supposed to propose? Perhaps they could start by letting the yuan float freely rather than at the "relaxed" peg they keep it at right now.
 First you doubled you link rather than having the two links you wanted. How does Larry Klayman saying that Obama is bowing down to Islam or declaring he is Muslim somehow prove animus or racism for the entire Tea Party? It is a terrible logical fallacy and horrible reasoning to draw conclusions about a group from one person. To claim you are fighting stereotyping by engaging in it is just pure stupidity. Also perhaps try another news source. I seem to recall demands for...
None of these items are newsworthy Frank because they are all from racists who hate the President! Anyone who has any criticism only has it because of racial intent.
 Gee, that's really surprising. I mean who would have thought they could write opinion pieces in Japan as well. I would have thought that the foreign community and Americans would have been much more aghast and embarassed by the $6 trillion in borrowing Obama did in his first term and the complete lack of economic growth along with endemic unemployment.   That piece makes people who worry about birth certificates or people who think we crashed our own plans into the WTC...
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