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    Do they really coincide with them or is it the fact that some people try to take aspects of these fields and use them to discredit and attempt to take away the human rights of other groups?   See, where I'm going to take issue with you is we do have past attempts to deal with human behavior and human society via "science" and they didn't work out very well. It is estimated over 120 million people have been killed in the name of "science." We have had entire world wars...
Plus to double the stick poking, supposedly wonderful Hong Kong doesn't recognize gay marriage either.
The morality clause applies to heterosexuals as well. The same article notes the judge is likely to be overturned on appeal. I guess case law rules when you want a single judge to enforce their views regarding for gay marriage but somehow case law stinks when a single judge enforces their views against gay marriage. You're being a hypocrit. Now perhaps you understand why even though I endorse gay marriage, I don't endorse it via case law, especially when overturning...
This IRS scandal is HUGE and by the time we are done having it investigated, I'm sure we will see that this election was at a minimum, influenced and at a maximum, stolen.     This goes right to the top.   Washington Post           This is a clear and complete breach of trust. Obama's language made it clear that people who oppose him are enemies and it is clear that the federal government was more than willing to take actions against those on his list.
This scandal started at the top.       For anyone to think these actions, which happened repeatedly are all coincidence is just feeding their own delusion.   IRS Lies     What a surprise.......to no one.       See it was a coincidence that happened 500 or more times.
Apple announcing a content provider shouldn't even be an announcement. I have an AppleTV and a Roku. On the Roku I just go to the channel store and add the channel. No big deal.   Apple has a brewing problem in that Amazon Prime is working very hard to become a competitor Netflix. Netflix is on AppleTV but I doubt Amazon Prime Streaming content will ever be allowed on given the current mindset. Could you imagine how much less useful AppleTV would be without YouTube...
It's called birds of a feather flock together.
  Bug fixes so it doesn't crash is stalled in my view.       We are talking almost three years without a real update. That is ages in the technology realm. It's so long ago that Apple stock was at $250 a share.
  Updated version of all iLife apps? Most of those have been stalled for several years as well.
Hong Kong is racist.   I don't mean just a little racist. They take the top prize.     We all know proxies are fine because this is science.     So there you have it. Hong Kong is the most racist country in the world and anyone who lives there shouldn't lecture others about racial tolerance nor can they even understand where other people are coming from when talking about navigating racial discourse. They live in an intolerant place, with intolerant people. They only way...
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