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Hong Kong is racist.   I don't mean just a little racist. They take the top prize.     We all know proxies are fine because this is science.     So there you have it. Hong Kong is the most racist country in the world and anyone who lives there shouldn't lecture others about racial tolerance nor can they even understand where other people are coming from when talking about navigating racial discourse. They live in an intolerant place, with intolerant people. They only way...
Apple is stupid to continue to pursue this. They were caught read handed. Screaming that they are justified because Amazon did something evil that no one can prove, no one has prosecuted, Apple hasn't acted on and that exists only in their minds is pure bullshit.   Apple needs to get their act together. Their press is being generated by being sued instead of new products. We are in MAY and the only thing they've introduced this year is bad press.
  Hey anyone chirping about how being right about the Obama reelection made them so brilliant, it isn't brilliance when the fix is on.       This is why we are supposed to endorse more regulation? So that leftists can shut down and quiet the people on their enemies list? I'll take a pass thanks.
http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-may-13-2013/barack-trek--into-darkness   Barack Obama's administration is so bad that all Jon Stewart can do is repeat mother f&cker over and over.   He makes a very good point though that when those who believe the government can do good for others defend this, they undermine the systems and beliefs that help their premise.
I think the concerns are valid. Apple against the world is a bad business model. Google is not only producing updated software at a faster pace, they are releasing all manner of API's for use on the iPhone and undermining Apple services.
  Why someone might be crazy enough to suggest the entire site is geared toward rumor and innuendo regarding a certain company.   On the actual thread topic though, has anyone here actually figured out what Obama is responsible for after being in office for four and a half years?
  The rest of the rant I'll ignore but as SDW's predictions for Obama were the same as Steve Job's predictions for Obama.   Steve tells Obama you're heading for a one term presidency.     So stuff it yourself.
  I understand that you have no desire to look at the Obama outcomes. That's fine but using your own analogy, when the man hired to clean up the shit smears shows up with a bucket of shit and creates a smear twice as large in half the time, you don't say he is cleaning up a mess. You say he is making one.   That's the point. Obama hasn't made things better and people are declaring they aren't good enough. They are worse.
  You do realize that you can't really complain about someone starting a war when the next guy has continued those wars, the policies associated with them and started additional actions right? Obama has been in office longer than the Civil War, the Korean War and a year less than all of WWII. His leadership could and should have altered all bad policies from any prior president with regard to war.   Also suppose you were right and declared that Bush started a war so his...
  Nope, but thanks and try again.
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