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 Yes because if it isn't want the government wants, then clearly it is misinformation by default.
 Perhaps they sound more like each other but the pool is bigger and there are now four or five performers that fill each of the archetypes of "performer" that would have been filled in the prior generations. As an analogy I'll use fast food which I'm sure most people would never consider high culture. In the 80's McDonald's sold the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and regular burgers. Each restaurant had their variations of that. However now you many different types of smaller...
 Don't be such an old man (and I say this as a 43 year old man who was certainly around in the 80's.) Every era has some innovative music and then it has a bunch of copycats. Look how many completely forgettable hair bands came from that era and have promptly been forgotten. I'd love an Oingo Bongo/Talking Heads reunion tour as much as the next guy but it isn't going to happen and there is plenty of new and interesting stuff now as well.  It is easier than ever to find...
I bought the album this morning. It's pure bedroom music and not to be crude but I'm not into deep philosophy while executing the outcomes from said bedroom music in said bedroom.   A lot of the tunes are nice-midtempo numbers. They are funky as hell. Plus Beyonce cooing in your ear makes it pretty easy to get ready for round 2,3,4.
Double post
 MVNO's are not being subsidized. They sub-lease the lines and still make money even at the much lower rates.  The reality is that phones like the Nokia 520 are being offered for about $80 total. They certainly are not in the same league as the iPhone but they can call, text, allow use of several smartphone apps and can act as a very nice wi-fi hotspot for the iPad. It isn't as easy a transition but the nearly 700% savings probably will soften the blow.
Others have mentioned T-mobile and it is clear they are doing some serious damage out there with the Uncarrier initiative.   Smartphones are pretty near saturation levels. Part of the reason things need to change is that even if someone has a subsidy line available for a new phone when discussing kids and phones, they will often take it for themselves or leave it unused while letting the child use an older phone because kids are a bit theft and drop prone. My children...
Apple really needs a channel store and to provide a means to pay for quick non-iTunes content via an Apple TV while taking their cut of it.   It isn't hard. They could do it right now. Sure maybe they don't have the major content providers ready yet but that doesn't matter, the smaller players will fill the void.   There is someone out there with an Angry Birds for paid content just waiting to happen. Maybe right now they are not making enough money while letting some...
I'm not of the view that funerals have to be dire affairs where everyone does nothing but cry. Part of missing someone in death is celebrating life. I'm sure President Obama acted appropriate during the funeral. This was a huge affair. I'm sure it took substantial time to get everyone in and out. I don't see anything wrong with what he did.
 I don't see why you would say that. Most of them are MVNO's who are sub-leasing the major networks. Especially if you can get your phone unlocked or just by it unlocked out the door, as I did with my iPhone 5, then what would be the problem?
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