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 I don't see why you would say that. Most of them are MVNO's who are sub-leasing the major networks. Especially if you can get your phone unlocked or just by it unlocked out the door, as I did with my iPhone 5, then what would be the problem?
I used Straight Talk for a couple years with no issues. Then they went through a period where they started throttling people with no reasoning assigned to it. You couldn't try to figure out what caused it. You couldn't track your data. You couldn't do anything about it. The customer service would make all manner of promises and engage in all manner of lies.   I unlocked all our iPhones and took them to Tmobile. $130 a month gets everyone unlimited talk/text/data with the...
 The point though is that you know and understand that they are broken. The people who don't realize that or perhaps are even gaining from the broken state don't care to fix it and will fight you on changes. At some point you choose the variables you can control and leave to others their own decisions. If that means they drive off a cliff, then they drive off because they were busy arguing about cliffs, gravity and what cars do off of them. Maybe you can't leave the car...
 How would that be the implication? Is the rhetorical question you are suggesting really that one must join the EU or endorse anarchy? People can endorse a bad solution and end up with a bad outcome. If you endorse the bad solution long enough, the outcome at some point can be irreversable in terms of consequences. That doesn't mean something new cannot arise out of that bad outcome. It just means that the bad outcome is a foregone conclusion after a certain point from the...
They should but like most things lately, it is probably too far down the road to turn around and try to fix it now.
 I'm going to ask you to elaborate. The term is so broad in this instance as to be useless for shaping discussion.
Rest in Peace jragosta.
Huffington Post  Of course this barrier to confirmation existed not just during the Obama administration but during all administrations. We can also call this the future "tyrannical Republicans hate you and are nominating extremists that will harm and kill you using the very same rules we used to do the people's work" thread. Per Wikipedia the Republicans were just giving the Democrats the same medicine they had dished out. Of course they couldn't take it and of course...
No of course the Communists did it.
 I'm pretty sure most disppasionate observers would note that -mandating that everyone purchase the mechanism returning huge profits to insurance companies rather than health outcomes Would improve cost and service how exactly? Poor grannies are covered by Medicare. Disabilied ex-servicemen are covered by VA hospitals and services. You really need to try harder.
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