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Lucky for us Victor Davis Hanson wrote his recent piece in a manner that reflects someone denying all the Obama scandals, practicing his favorite tu quoque fallacy, and of course the customary ad-hom.       Those four points are called reasoning based on facts. They are not blanket denials with personal attacks thrown in.     Don't say everyone does it, because it hasn't happened in this manner before and you are dismissing it before the facts are even out. The facts are...
"That we are aware of....."   I'm not digging that.   Tabbed Finder is awesome. I really like the small bit of nationalism with the naming of after places in California. Multiple docks, multiple menus, amazing. Apple is killing this.
Really nice opening video. Black and white motif clearly signifies something.
It is indeed a great day to own an Apple TV.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/nsa-phone-records-verizon-court-order   The problem is still obviously the government not regulating, controlling and monitoring enough.
It's not coming from the analysts. It's coming from the fact that most of their software solutions and large amounts of their hardware is long in the tooth.
Awesome correction and that moves Hong Kong from most racist to among the most racist. The tolerant countries had 0-5% so being at almost 27% is still terrible.
  This statement in no form or fashion supports the contention that Amazon was selling their e-books at a loss. If the prices were higher before the agreements with Apple then that would mean they were selling them for more profit, not at a loss.
Their terms of service expressly ban the streaming of media. They will tell you point blank that is why you were throttled. They have at times admitted to a soft cap of 1.5 gigabytes. After that you are throttled. I have even had some customer service reps declare that the throttle isn't removed even after a new service date.I personally used to find crazy deals and add three months of service all the time. Now I won't even auto-renew with them because their terms and...
  Certainly you can do better than that.   Here is the reasoning often presented here. You've presented it as well.   Apple colluded with publishers to force Amazon and the rest of the industry to adopt the agency model.   Retorts include......   Amazon was going to control everything. Amazon is selling all their books at a loss and acting in a monopoly fashion. Amazon wasn't playing fair because they are forgoing present profits for future monopoly status.   Provide some...
New Posts  All Forums: