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  I consider that to be translucent. I want true transparency to the level that I can see full detail of everything behind the keyboard.
  Wow, what a rude and dismissive post. I suppose when that's all you've got to support your point you use it though. The irony of claiming someone is paranoid and ignorant while exemplifying it is just amazing irony.   You haven't added anything beyond that so there really isn't much to address. Try again and perhaps when you add something beyond "You're a stupid poop head" we can have an adult discussion.     You are engaging in a classic strawman. The name was...
  They could try a strategy where they don't take the two year old design and components and replace them with a new design with year old components and then move to a low cost version that removes some of the year old components thus leaving it as an outdated solution that has been intentionally crippled.   See if the iPod Touch had current components, as was the case when Apple was building share, then it would have the same processor as the iPhone 5. They the "gimped"...
  Hey, some of us are Raider fans AND Laker fans. Just take it easy on us. We can't all afford enough wine to hide the state of disappointment for our teams right now.   I mean if I could afford that much wine and disappointment, I'd be a 49'er fan.
  Paul Krugman is a pretty well known and specific example.     If you looked into CPI, you'd note that over the long term, they've taken out the items that tend to show the inflation. What good is a statistic if you keep changing the factors that determine it? (Examples taking out food and energy costs) It's sort of like saying when you don't like what you weigh, you just buy a different scale. Also remember that governments will print and buy their own bonds when the...
It's almost like some crazy people out there keep mentioning that debasing a currency lowers the purchasing power of that currency and thus causes inflation.   Those people are crazy though. That would never happen. That is all just evil Republican, Tea Party, religious nonsense.
  In my opinion it was a terrible move. Apple clearly can meet the lower price point including the camera. LG makes an entire Nexus phone with profits for $300. Apple could surely find a way to make an iPod for $230-250 and still include the camera.     My sons never use Facetime however they do Skype with everyone while using their computers and playing Minecraft. They tend to use Skype more on their iPod Touch as well.
You know even if they don't want to own the guy and his actions, they could at least own up to their own actions and posts after that election. They spent a bunch of time telling everyone they were fools and idiots all while something like 8 million fewer people voted for Obama but somehow didn't show up for Romney.
  I own the iPad Mini and it is profoundly usable. In fact I've already told the wife that the second it gets released with a retina display the money will be out of my wallet the second it is available. I can't stand how heavy the full size iPad is and how awkward it is to use.   I'd really like the option of a transparent and split keyboard though. Here's to hoping iOS 7 brings that to the table as well. I transparent split keyboard along with a retina display would...
The magic number is 118.       118 visits and yet completely out of the loop? Our president must believe everyone is really that stupid and he must think he is just that smart.
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