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You are really getting ahead of yourself and should do more than read headlines. This is a ridiculously narrow decision.   You do realize you just celebrated the Supreme Court affirming that it is just fine for 32 states to legislate against gay marriage.   You are quite the piece of work BR.   DOMA didn't go down. Read more than a headline. Section 3 was overturned. Section 2, the part that governs reciprocal recognition of rights, was not challenged and...
I want translucent plastics and several crazy colors.
I don't want them to just keep adding channels all over the place. I want a channel store and the ability to add or subtract channels as I desire from that store.   This isn't rocket science Apple. Make it happen.
I owned one for a while. I also owned a Samsung Galaxy s3. It seems like every Android device deteriorates in performance after a while, especially if you load a large number of apps on them. I've sold them all on over time because I hate lag and do not enjoy dealing with the issues that seem to crop up in a short timeframe of a few month.   Android really reminds me of early Windows in that people developed a whole routine to deal with the manner in which the...
Lucky for us Victor Davis Hanson wrote his recent piece in a manner that reflects someone denying all the Obama scandals, practicing his favorite tu quoque fallacy, and of course the customary ad-hom.       Those four points are called reasoning based on facts. They are not blanket denials with personal attacks thrown in.     Don't say everyone does it, because it hasn't happened in this manner before and you are dismissing it before the facts are even out. The facts are...
"That we are aware of....."   I'm not digging that.   Tabbed Finder is awesome. I really like the small bit of nationalism with the naming of after places in California. Multiple docks, multiple menus, amazing. Apple is killing this.
Really nice opening video. Black and white motif clearly signifies something.
It is indeed a great day to own an Apple TV.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/nsa-phone-records-verizon-court-order   The problem is still obviously the government not regulating, controlling and monitoring enough.
It's not coming from the analysts. It's coming from the fact that most of their software solutions and large amounts of their hardware is long in the tooth.
New Posts  All Forums: