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 Well the morons in this case happen to be Apple customers commenting on Apple products. Apple cables have been pure crap for a long time. As others have noted they constantly fray in the same way at the same points. That isn't operator error. That's a design problem. Also you sound sort of pissed about the whole proof that Apple isn't killing the Beats brand claim you made. Clearly Apple wouldn't be doing this if they planned on keeping the products and people, but...
 He should be turning over in his grave seeing entire sections of Apple accessories rated at 1.5 out of 5 stars on their own website due to terrible build quality with mostly lightening cables and laptop power supplies.
 Will you eat the drawer full of broken and battered Beats headphones? That would be much more impressive.
 I understand he isn't the greatest with his posting but the reality is that Apple didn't just assimilate the Beats brand. You go to their website and the page is welcoming the company while featuring the Beats logo. Apple knows that they bought a brand and they aren't killing it. Rather they are featuring it. Some of us might even note that no one has true proof because this is a rumor website and thus we are all speculating. As part of my speculation I will note that the...
 Why not just post your proof rather than complaining about how I won't do it for you? You made the allegation. Please feel free to support it. If you feel you've supported it in other threads, feel free to link to your posts in those threads. Do something beside complain about how I won't support your allegation for you.
 I know that people like yourself have made the claim without proof dozens of times but that doesn't count as proof. Allegations are not proof. The whole reasoning that Apple was taken to court because Amazon is evil and being ignored is unsound on its face. Repetition just makes it more so. I know what you are talking about, yes but I also know there is no proof for what you are talking about as well.
As you love to chide others, when you have the proof, feel free to post it. Amazon has not been charged nor judged to be doing anything wrong.
 I'm not saying that isn't a bit of sound reasoning and a good choice for the dollar. I'm simply noting that Apple made the choice they did for a reason. Beats is a marketing machine in addition to being fashionable and expensive headphones.
Apple has wised up here and they are doing the right thing in settling. They screwed up in the e-book market. Perhaps now they can focus on improving iBooks instead of trying to get ahead via leverage and contracts.
 Well as you note, almost every kid on the street has one now. There's that time out there when you suddenly discover you are the parent and not the child. You realize you are out of the groove with regard to determining what is cool and hip. You are the one on the outside. My son did not ask for Beats headphones but he did ask for Razer gaming headphones at $60 and a gaming mouse for his computer. I guess I got off lucky. The same arguments that are being made against...
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