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I am a trumpet player. When I was growing up I read a half dozen biographies on Louis Armstrong. I really appreciated his contributions to the world of jazz.   He also smoked pot daily and outlived five wives, many that he was alleged to have cheated on.   I can take the one and leave the other.   BR says this is impossible.   Anyone who says this is impossible is retarded and a troll.
  The problem is that they claimed water and then poured gasoline.   If you spend trillions that will cause lower future economic growth and all you have to show for it is enemic economic growth, you've just doubled your problems. Obama has made the U.S. economy the $100k indebted college graduate who just discovered their doctorate in Latina Activism Poetry won't even make them shift manager at McDonalds.
The topic is BR ranting about his DailyKos talking point of the day. I know because I get the emails.
Barack Obama has deficit spent more in one term than Bush did in two. Barack Obama has troops dying abroad in pointless wars. Barack Obama and his party in the Senate have not passed a budget in three years. Barack Obama promised us an economic recovery that has not arrived and jobs that never came into being.   However if we can get a talking point and start a thread about it every day, then perhaps none of these things will be important. People will forget...
    He should just drop the pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude and just be an asshole to everyone all the time like the thread starter. Then he could lash out at every one, dictate to them and then call them all manner of names if they didn't do his bidding.  
I support the Dream Act and support helping students and young folks like the one giving their personal story below.   Labels do create boundaries. However in this case they are describe accurate boundaries because they are discussing those who have come to the country in an illegal manner. Illegal is a negative thing. We define it as such in hopes that people will feel compelled to engage in legal acts. It's almost like we build all those jails, prisons and have those...
Memo to assholes who think they can decide who is allowed to participate and on top of that dictate to them who or what they can claim as influences....   Kiss my ass.
Movements like this are quite literally odd-ball reasoning where intent has taken the place of reality. As you note, the words they often want "dropped" are then reclaimed and used as forms of "empowerment" by the very communities that claimed harm by the word. It is a gigantic load of crap.
    I'm sorry but only in crazy Obama-defender land is a president somehow not responsible for the debt added during their term. It is called governing and leadership for a reason. The man had enough votes to pass whatever he wanted including Obamacare. The stimulus was his but as for the recession, did Bush get to excuse his tax cuts and other measures necessary to end the recession caused by the bursting of the tech bubble and lay them on Bill Clinton's feet? Were his...
You've got to count the credit cards too BRussell. Much like how some companies "purchase" marketshare with loss-leaders or by cutting deep into profit margins (see pretty much all Android phones) the numbers in isolation do not tell enough.   Obama added five trillion to the national debt. CBO has stated even within their pre-fed and doctored estimates that all we did was borrow from future growth and then lowered future growth due to increased costs in borrowing...
New Posts  All Forums: