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  You are talking about averages with homogenous populations in a monoculture. That is not the U.S. and although this has been explained to you dozens of times, until you can compare apples to apples, no one is going to listen to you.   The U.S. is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country right now. The fact that not all cultures are equal in terms of their values and also given the fact that regardless of what platitudes we want to believe, numbers deal with...
  How many more countries do you think we spend more on with regard to teaching kids how to using a crosswalk and promoting walking and biking to school? I'd bet it is pretty much all of them.
  Well two reasons, one there are the federal dietary guidelines which have made us increasingly fatter every year with their recommendations about how to stay slim. The recommended daily allowance of massive carbs is a gigantic sugar bomb and the desire to steer clear of proteins and fat make us weak and of course ever more fat. However the government must know what is best in their recommendations so regardless of the fact that said dietary guidelines read like a giant...
  Our GDP is much larger than almost all countries as well. Percentage of GDP is the best way to look at it. Complaining we spend more when the economy of California is larger than most of those countries is just silly nonsense.
Wait...someone isn't trolling us witht the BR account? That's a real person?
Yes and the article, and the problems with it were discussed, but who gives a crap about that at all.
Circular reasoning and a self-reinforcing delusion clearly demonstrated here by BR and boy is it funny.   For his next trick, he will tell you he can fly and as proof, link the the prior post where he said he could fly.
I'm pretty sure it isn't evidence to the contrary so take THAT.   Owwwwwww.... you just got told so bad!!!!   Bill Maher thinks you are stupid, and an asshole! Unicorns just raped your mom because you are so dumb!
RCPolicy   We could look at this as a prime example of a place where agreement could occur about the type of cuts the Federal government might be able to make in order to start getting their spending house in order. However our leftist friends cannot allow such discussions because of their very sound reasoning related to programs like this. Let us example that reasoning here.   Cuts are AUSTERITY! Any cut to any program anywhere, for any reason is just an attempt to harm...
  Irony kills. Apply this reasoning to your own pretty picture graph and claims related to it. Try hard but not too hard because you actually might complete a thought.
New Posts  All Forums: