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Not only my choice, but hard based facts. Android will slowly open source itself to death. I welcome competition, as its good competition, but making promises that the software can't keep is ingenious.
Retail sales injunctions were granted against Samsung in Australia and Germany, so I would presume that those courts of law understand what identical means. Maybe you should invest in a dictionary yourself, or at the very least, a reading comprehension class.
Still not happy with the Android performance on any of the tablets. I had a chance to play with the Sony one this weekend, and the same problems occur, from laggy interface issues, sloppy scrolling, and confusing layout. The platform is also fragmented, which is going to lead to even more instability and poor user experience. Same thing happened to Microsoft with their Windows Mobile platform. It's only a matter of time so I wouldn't waste the money until another viable...
Another moronic comment. When intellectual property rights are violated, they have to be protected. Apple has already lost millions in legal fees. If you can't see the identical nature of the two devices, then you are living under a rock.
To the contrary. Any fortune 500 company that I've worked for NEVER upgrades every year. My current company is the largest coatings manufacturer globally, and I'm still working on Windows XP and Office 2007. My company gets at least 5-7 years out of their PC's before the cost of fixing them begins to exceed the benefit of having them. Then maybe they upgrade. And when they do, the computers purchased are refurbs and again, have OS's on them that are a few gens old. Sure,...
Most people use their PC to surf the net, listen to music, and watch movies. In other words, to consume. That's exactly what the iPad is targeted for. So yes, as many articles state, the iPad is taking the place of a PC for many people at this point right now in 2012, and it will only get more divisive. It has for my wife and many others just like her.Microsoft Office is ready to launch for the iPad. With cloud computing to store my work, why in the world would I want...
Most of what you are saying is 'hogwash'. Demand for RAM is increasing? LOL...do you not read what you type. The price of DDR3 DRAM a year ago was $4.70, with prices looking to plummet to possibly $1.25 this year. A shortfall in PC demand is responsible for this price drop. PC manufacturers are actually using LESS RAM than they did before, as they try to increase profitability in the low margin PC market. This of course is not to say that RAM pricing won't go through the...
Exactly. If iPad 3 does have Siri, it will be pandemonium to get an iPad device. And I'll be right there to get mine!
$500 for the Commodore 64 in 1982. That was the shit!
^^^^ this ^^^^
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