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The Fire is a clear example of the key difference between Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a great businessman AND transcendent visionary. Jeff Bezos is just a businessman.
Apple has 3 of the hottest selling items for Xmas? Uh oh...time to downgrade the stock again!
Record sales? Who cares. Let's downgrade the stock!
Really? Expound on your one word nonsense or stick to the philosophy channel.
Yes, and the stock keeps plummeting off of baseless opinion and 'business' reporting. Apple is the only stock that I know of that can outsell every competitor in its class and still get bashed on stock price. This stock really needs to be investigated, as the manipulation has gone completely off the charts, especially over the last 8 weeks. Really sick of it.
Figures as much. Jeff Bezos, in his typical "me too" attire, had to make an appearance. The guy is no innovator, and I'm not sure how much this lack of fore sight will ever contribute much to competitive leveraging.
7" form factor is too small with the growing screen size of the smart phone. I thought that I might actually like it, but it looked cumbersome on the commercials if you were doing anything outside of reading an online book. Jobs and Ive knew what they were doing when they picked the 10 inch. I think that its the minimum form factor for average sized hands to be able to manipulate a virtual device. After the hype dies down, the Fire will reduce to a color reader...
Everyone should have learned by now that higher iPad type device specs do not translate into a better user experience, not by a large margin. The hardware is just part of the equation. The Tegra 2 was a perfect example of that.
Maybe you've got a problematic unit. Mine is so bright I can't take it more than 3/4 of the brightness up, especially in a dark room.
It hasn't paid to build your own PC in years. The costs have just come down way too much and that was that platform's strength. If you could even call it that. HP has already seen the writing on the wall by getting out of the PC business altogether, and brands need to be 'cool' if they want to compete in the youth arena. A nerd sitting behind a PC box learning about jumpers on the motherboard is simply not cool. A Macbook Air with no moving parts and slick design is what...
New Posts  All Forums: