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Great idea. If Samsung was making the set, and it had an integrated iTunes, Apple TV, and perhaps a hard drive for internal storage, I'd be all over it. I like the current Apple TV's, but finding a place to mount it for free hanging televisions sucks. Apple wants to rule the household entertainment experience, and this is right on par with that goal.
This...good point.
Apple researched it all right. If there is one thing Apple is good at, it is in the legal department, no matter which side of the fence that they are on. First off, iCloud Communications did not trademark their name or their logo...oops. There is no record of them doing so in the USPTO. That's pretty piss poor for a company that is self proclaimed as 'global' and has been in operation since 2005. Apple filed for 11 trademark patents for the iCloud name on 6/1/11. So...
Problem with MS, Ballmer, and Windows is that they don't have a consistent record on anything. Their OS is all over the board, and has major design changes with every release. This is problematic, as you constantly have a variety of strains of Windows across the spectrum, and they all have their inherent problems. Whereas Apple builds and improves upon the same platform over and over again which is great for increased stability and familiarity with every release for the...
You don't seem to understand the gravity of the problem. While these '3rd party' tablet makers are trying to get the basics down in a large variety of categories, the iPad continues to grow share, prominence, and most importantly, the app infrastructure continues to solidify even harder, while earning the confidence and loyalty of the developers. Without this sub-culture of apps, all of these tablets are doomed to fail. I think they made a big mistake in marketing, in...
So out of your long winded post, you don't like Cramer, you spout off something about Benny Hinn, and attempt to be condescending without offering up anything remotely related to the initial question. Some people just like hearing themselves talk I suppose. Either that or jealousy should be one of the 7 deadly sins.
Yes, and Microsoft stock was up .50 a share today, while Apple was down again at -$3.50 a share. Not sure what's going on with Apple stock, but its ridiculous. How can you have the earnings and innovation that this company has had over the past straight two quarters, and they are only a couple dollars over stock prices way back in January. Something is amiss. Although 'Boo Ya' Cramer says to "be patient", and remains a strong buy.
These guys must have been in a race to see who could file first. Two New Yorkers (I highly doubt that Vikram Ajjamper is from Florida) vacationing in Tampa couldn't wait to get home in order to file as they might miss the window of opportunity. I say who cares unless you worried about being tracked for something illegal. Being from New York, maybe they have a point.
Good move on Apple's part. Especially if they plan to go to war with Samsung over design infringement of the iPhone.
Guess I'd hate to be the CEO that loses a 7.8 billion dollar customer over the design of a smartphone that they had to know going in would ruffle some of Apple's feathers. And to react with a counter lawsuit tells me that Samsung thinks that they are the only game in town for the components Apple needs. However, I'd have to guess that Apple has some kind of contingency plan to replace Samsung if needed, prior to coming out with this lawsuit. Might have some ex-Samsung...
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