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The entire slide began with the Alex Guana downgrade, and has never recovered despite other securities stating otherwise. No matter how many iPads are sold, court cases won, or signs of new products on the horizon, nothing seems to get the Apple stock moving which is ridiculous.
From a business perspective, given past track records, anything that Ballmer touches turns to a giant steamy pile. So go the opposite direction, and you'll make money. Again, they need to stick with perfecting their OS. It's only been 26 years since its launch, and yet its still a POS. MS thanks the digital Gods each day for monopolies, or they would have gone the way of the Zune and Windows phone a long time ago.
Now all 30 of the Xoom buyers will go ape on this board, citing that they could care less about proper rendering, but would rather carry around part of the cardboard Xoom retail box in their back pocket to show how highly spec'd their $800 POS is.
At 3 to 5 million Xoom pads annually, versus 40 million of the iPads, guess we know where developer time will be spent. Another reason why its a bad idea to buy a Xoom. They are just too late to the party and do not have the infrastructure to support the device. The longer it takes to get there, the more they've lost not just the battle, but they've missed the war completely.
Agree with this. In addition, now that Verizon has the iPhone, you will see lots of business Blackberry users convert, resulting in an even further slide for RIM's smartphone market share. Once they lose Blackberry support as consumers go to other alternatives, this Playbook might as well have been vaporware. Of course, they also lost the launch window advantage as well. With Apple having supply issues to keep up with demand, now would be the time to have an alternative...
Love it when these kind of exaggerations appear. Unless you have a sensitive eye condition of some kind, the iPad at 132 pixels per inch, is very close to the Kindle DX at 150 pixels per inch, and its made for reading books and not much else. Your eye conditions shouldn't factor into commentary.
Now which CR test person gets to do the iPhone? Is it the guy who just did a jet ski review, or the one that reported on bad tomatoes in Heinz ketchup?
Stephenson didn't seem to care when luring new iPad buyers into an AT&T unlimited plan, and then once purchased, pulling the old bait and switch. I think I also remember him legally threatening any one that sent him a derogatory email because of the bait and switch. Now he wants to do what's 'right for the consumer'. Yeah...what a jack off.
A fool and his money are lucky to find each other in the first place. Microsoft is proving this every day with the type of poor business decisions that they are making. Are they thinking that they can somehow save Nokia by offering up an OS that hasn't done that great to begin with? Another anchor on that sinking ship is not going to provide any additional buoyancy.
When your entry level starts at $800, that's a problem in itself for Xoom. Some families will buy more than one, and many won't need the additional memory and won't want to pay for it. So they will remain with one product across the board and buy Apple. Forcing the consumer to purchase one month subscription to activate WiFi is completely retarded. What were they thinking? The $20 is not even the point. The hassle of signing up, paying with my card, and jacking me for...
New Posts  All Forums: