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I have the same issue with my Garmin, as at times, it has me going around and around but never reaching the destination, which is very aggravating. Not a whole lot of speak around that in the media. That said, I agree with Woz, as I've used the maps application to go from Belcamp Maryland to West Palm Florida, and the origination and destinations were fine, and so were the turn by turn directions in between. Now Siri, that is another story. I've always had great service...
Google Maps wasn't in its present form when it was launched. Took a few years to get it to its current maturity. Google is just upset that Apple has moved away from its dominating piece of software, and are trying to cash in on its immaturity before it has a chance to get off the ground. That said, in the long run, Google should be thinking about some major competition in the future, so get it while they can.
If you can't beat them join them. Unfortunately, that club is very expensive from a legal perspective. Looks like HP should have stuck with their initial plan and got out of the PC industry last year.
Kind of early to start partnering with MS. Might find themselves tied to a dog and then lose Google as their BFF.  
If they aren't going to release numbers, why not swing for the fence? Should have said 45 or 50 percent.  
Most say that they don't need it because they've never experienced it. 4G coverage for the majors like Verizon and AT&T sucks as a whole across the country. Even a major city like Miami still does not have the coverage. Perhaps if people have used it on a regular basis, they would have a benchmark for which to compare.  
The iPhone 5 is preparing to launch, and the holiday season is upon us, and this guy wants to cut staffing? Sounds like Browett is just another suit selling widgets. He doesn't get the Apple culture, and Tim Cook better send him packing before he does some real damage.  
  Not really. You will most likely never invent anything in your life, so the protection of that invention is a moot point. That said, if you ever happen to buy a device from Apple or Samsung, then you may end up paying a premium price in order to pay for these lawsuits. And of course just the idea of a foreign company violating patents of an American company shouldn't get you riled up either. So again, don't worry about it. Wizard 101 will continue to play no matter...
Right down to the cardboard finger hole packaging. Amazing that Samsung can even tread water in a case like this.  
Disagree. Tax doesn't matter really. If I were buying a $2K television, and the price was the same as Amazon with $65 additional in taxes, I'd still buy at Best Buy. $65 is a drop in the bucket if something is wrong with the set. Having to box it back up, arrange to send it back to Amazon, prove that I was not the one who did the damage, and not having a replacement for two weeks, is FAR more annoying than simply taking it back up the street in 10 minutes and having a...
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