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Doesn't matter if you use Wifi or 3G/4G or not. The idea that the machine is crippled in some way is all that is needed to get negative reviews and a bad rap. Lots of examples down that road, and MS can't afford to have one hiccup if they any chance in hell of making this a success.
I think that RIM also decided to launch a Wifi only version of their Playbook. We all know how much of a steamy pile that entire situation became. I think I'm smelling it again.
PC manufacturers should have banned together long ago to get out of the Microsoft monopolistic funk. Surely, the likes of Dell, HP, Sony, and Acer could have commissioned a new OS that all of them could take part in, and throw MS to the curb. Linux could have also been a project that they could have bought into, and done the same thing. Just a couple of years ago it was reported that the PC manufacturers met with Microsoft to tell them how to make Windows 7, as they knew...
Not sure how this company AT&T remains in business, outside of the lock that it has on the iPhone. I just disconnected my long distance and internet service due to very poor service. Half the time my DSL would lock up and AT&T would blame it on my hardware. Left all of it for the Comcast triple play and everything works now as it should. Took that $70 modem AT&T told me to buy, back to Best Buy. They throttle grandfathered users of unlimited data plans, and think that is...
Very surprising. I cancelled my membership last month, as the Netflix selection for streaming movies is horrible. They only have a handful of new titles to stream, and rarely add anything new from week to week. If you like B and C movies, there's plenty to choose from, but be prepared to be scrolling through to cherry pick. It's only $8 per month, but a wasted $8 is a wasted $8.
This is where Foxconn is genius. They'v created their own manufacturing cities, where one can live at a discount, and the work place provides everything that you need from food to entertainment. These people basically live at Foxconn and are able to easily survive on their pay scale.
Disagree. Those kind of manufacturing jobs for the US are long gone, and will stay gone. The US is so far behind countries like China in this segment, they will never catch up. From a future investment perspective, the US ranks dead last in metrics such as human capital (education and training), IT infrastructure, and economic performance, among some 40 industrialized nations. If we don't get straightened out quickly, the US will not be a viable competitor in the future...
If ya can't beat em', get two of the losers together and try again.
Apple can do this because they are producing innovative products where the consumer cannot go anywhere else to purchase. If you want the Apple experience, you want the Apple experience. In LCD land, everyone pretty much has the same thing. So this will be a big opportunity for the lower end sets to begin stepping up their game and taking the lion's share of the market. Sony's reputation as being the number one set in the industry has long been tarnished when trying to...
Which of course means that investors are worrying that Apple is too big and could become unstable as they may run out of suppliers, Tim Cook may get cancer, and there is a rumor that the new TV will only be 19" large. All in all, get ready for another 12% drop in stock price tomorrow, and an even larger one right before blowout earnings.
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